Does Synthetic Urine Expire?

Synthetic Urine
Synthetic urine is popular among those who want to use it to conduct scientific or other experiments. Buying the right type of fake pee and knowing how to use it properly is key in making sure you achieve your goals with synthetic urine. Here are some frequently asked questions about synthetic pee and their answers that will help you buy the right kind of fake urine and use it effectively.

How Long Does Synthetic Urine Last?

Golden Flask synthetic urine, made by industry leader ALS that also makes the popular Whizzinator, can last for up to two years if it is stored in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. To last this long, the container needs to remain unopened. Twelve hours after the fake pee in a synthetic urine kit from ALS is opened, it will begin to grow bacteria. That’s due to the fact that Golden Flask synthetic urine is preserved using radiation to best mimic the chemical makeup and normal reactions of real urine. Other brands of fake pee use a preservative called biocide in their fake pee. While this prevents it from growing bacteria and may make it last longer, a lab can tell the difference between fake pee using biocide and real urine. If you are using fake urine to pass a drug test, the biocide could be detected and you could fail your test.

How Do You Keep Fake Pee Warm?

To best mimic real urine, fake pee needs to be at the same temperature as the urine that comes out of your body. There are a few different options for doing this. The first is to warm the fake urine in the microwave in a microwave-safe container. However, this method can easily overheat the urine or cause it to boil, which could alter its chemical makeup. Another method is to use a traditional heating pad. Synthetic Urine These are usually cumbersome, though, and not easy to take with you if you need to keep your fake urine warm on the go. The best method is to use the small hand warmers included in a synthetic urine belt kit from ALS. The convenient warmers will heat the urine to the right temperature and keep it that way until you need to use it. The warmers are small and easily portable and the kit also comes with temperature strips so you can guarantee your fake pee is the correct temperature.

Can You Reheat Synthetic Urine?

Many people wonder if fake pee in a synthetic urine kit can be reheated. The answer is yes, provided that it is never overheated to the point where the chemical makeup of the urine is changed. If you warm your fake urine with the included heating pads and then find you don’t need to use your fake pee for a few hours or days, you can let it cool down, then heat it again before you need it. As long as the fake pee is not heated above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, its chemical composition will remain the same as real pee and it will retain the correct smell and foam. Just remember to store the fake pee in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight until you are ready to use it again.

Shop the Best Synthetic Urine Online

The best fake pee on the market is Golden Flask synthetic urine that can be purchased as part of a synthetic urine kit or as a refill. It’s made by Alternative Lifestyle Systems (ALS), the top name in the synthetic urine, and the fake urine accessories market. In addition to making fake urine, fake pee belts, and cleaning kits, ALS also makes The Whizzinator Touch, a fake urine system that includes a prosthetic penis in a variety of lifelike colors. ALS has been making quality fake urine and accessories for more than 15 years. Their fake pee is as close to the real thing as you’ll ever get, making it ideal to use in fetish play, or for any other uses where the quality of the product is important. Synthetic Urine You can buy fake urine online at ALS’s convenient website and your purchases will be shipped directly to your home in discreet packaging. Though you are unlikely to have any issues with the high quality and thoroughly tested products from ALS, you will have easy access to their dedicated customer service team if you have any questions or issues. No matter what you need fake urine for, buying Golden Flask synthetic urine and accessories from ALS guarantees you are purchasing the highest quality, safest, most believable products on the market.