How Do Dab Pens Work?

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What is a dab pen?

The definition of a dab pen is as follows, a device used purely for the consumption of tiny concentrates of THC known as dabs. A dab pen is very similar to a vape pen and works in a similar fashion.

What does a dab pen look like?

Dab pens actually look very similar to traditional writing pens, only the chamber that usually holds ink instead holds the THC concentrate. Dab pens are a bit bulkier than traditional writing pens as they also must have a battery and a port to charge the battery, a mouthpiece, and buttons to control the pen.

How do dab pens work?

Dab pens work by heating up the THC concentrate and turning it into a vapor. The concentrate – or dab – is heated with a battery-opted coil that you can recharge. To breathe the vapor in, you press a button on the dab pen. Though there are different types of dab pens on the market and each work in slightly different ways, the main mechanism of THC vaporization is the same. Dab pens are similar to vape pens such as those sold by Vessel. Vessel sells the best rated vape pens in a variety of styles and materials as well as vape pen accessories including chargers, cases, and cables. Though vape pens are slightly different than dab pens, those who enjoy one type of pen tend to enjoy the other type as well. It’s important to note that dab pens utilize THC, which is only legal in states where recreational marijuana is legal. Vape pens on the other hand, vaporize liquid that does not contain marijuana. Though you can usually buy dab pens legally throughout the United States, they only work with dabs, which are are illegal in all states without pro-recreational marijuana laws.
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How do vape pens work?

Vape pens work much in the same fashion as dab pens with a heated coil, battery, and mouthpiece from which you inhale vapor. The difference between dab pens and vape pens is that instead of placing dabs of THC directly on the coils as you do with a dab pen, you place vaping liquid into the vape pen where it is sucked into the heating element, turning it into a vapor. One of the main components of a vape pen is the vape pen battery. The battery is needed to transfer the power needed to vaporize liquid to the atomizer. Vape pen batteries are more complicated than traditional batteries because they have a circuit board that allows the user to control how much of the liquid is transferred to the atomizer, which in turn controls how much of the liquid is vaped and delivered through the mouthpiece. When looking for a vape pen, it’s important to buy only from reputable companies such as Vessel. Buying vape pens second hand, from individual sellers, or from companies that do not have a good reputation can result in buying products that are faulty or even dangerous. Always do your research before selecting a company to buy your vape pen and accessories from to stay safe and to ensure good customer service.
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