How Do You Use the Whizzard by Whizzinator?

How Do You Use the Whizzard by Whizzinator

If you want to pass your drug test with flying colors, plus have an extra toy to add to your sex kits try the wonderful Whizzard by Whizzinator. This realistically looking, long bad boy is a synthetic penis accompanied by a pee bag, fake urine, urine, and a strap-on. But, how do you use the Whizzard by Whizzinator?

Whip this majestic-looking man-piece on your next drug test, give it a few pokes and watch the whiz take flow. With the new Whizzard, even the most experienced of cops won’t suspect a thing! The baggy is filled with medical-grade fake pee, convincing enough to fool any lab testing! 

The device is also extra quiet, with a flow system pretty self-explanatory. Give the fake penis a touch and watch fake wee magic happen! It’s so easy that you’ll only need one hand to do it! 

You’ll finally forget about the golden flask fiasco and have your own portable drug test passer, wherever you decide to go! 

To understand how this Whizzard, that’s simultaneously a life-saver for any worried stoner, continue down below! 

What Is The Whizzard and How Does It Work?

The Whizzard is a fake urine and penis kit, used often to trick cops during drug tests. Besides having a pretty creative name, the Whizzard is very practical. This means that you can take the pouch wherever and however you want and you’ll have fresh fake pee to provide for whenever the police decide to come knocking. 

These Whizzards are so lifelike that they resemble an actual penis, with a hole meant for peeing. There’s also a plug within the flexible penis, which many first-time users forget to pull out before they need. If you remove the plug, all you need to do is press the tip like realistic pee time would require and watch the magic unfold! Purchased only on Whizzinator’s official website, the kit contains a few items: 

  • The Whizzard penis (available in different colors and lengths) 
  • Refillable pouch 
  • Synthetic urine 
  • 2 Heat pads
  • A syringe 
  • A guide manual 

The Whizzard is used for individuals who have police officers following them to the bathroom before a drug test. They just whip out the fake penis from the underwear and touch it to whizz. It is a magic wand fit for a wizard, believable enough to trick even the most suspicious cops. 

The basic difference between the Whizzinator and the Whizzard is their flow. The Whizzinator was also first advertised as a wet sex simulator or golden shower sex toy. However, that isn’t the only use as more than one customer used it to pass their drug test. 

The Whizzard is most often used because of its reliability. It requires a single press on the tip and the urine simply flows. The Whizzinator also comes with a construction that resembles male underwear, while the Whizzard is connected to an elastic waistband. 

There’s also a key difference between the prices of the two, with the Whizzinator costing up to 120$ and the Whizzard reaching up to $88.99. 

How Do You Use the Whizzard by Whizzinator

How Do You Use the Whizzard?

To properly use the Whizzard, you’ll need to first safely secure the belt, fill the pouch, use the syringe and add the warming heat pads. To get a clearer perspective follow this step-by-step analysis. 

Making the Fake Urine 

You’ll need a glass of lukewarm water, similar to body temperature. Next, you’ll need to fill the syringe up to the 30ml mark by pulling the handle upwards. Use the powdered urine in the vial and put it in the water cup from which you draw into the syringe. Wait until bubbles show up and smell a very realistic stench, and yes fake pee smells just like regular pee. Fill the syringe with the pee and get the belt. 

Secure the Belt Kit 

Fill the pouch using the syringe, and don’t rush as it could spill. Withdraw the syringe and secure the lid. Make sure the temperature strip on the belt is 98F. The buyer usually sets the temperature depending on the water they used with the syringe and cup. 

Adding the Heating Pads 

The following step requires you to remove the bag from the pads and shake them. This will activate the warming feature. They will maintain the pouch at a temperature of 98F. 

Put on the Belt 

Remember to secure the belt oppositely so you can read the temperature strip. The penis should be facing like your own. 

Attach the Whizzard 

Don’t forget to remove the plug within the penis of the Whizzard so you can have a free flow. When you need it, squeeze the tip of the penis and watch the synthetic urine flow. For a realistic flow make sure to press on the pouch. 

What’s the Cleanup Process after Using the Whizzard?

Like all things contaminated with fake urine, the Whizzard needs to be thoroughly washed with soap, water, and antiseptic. Remove the penis, wash it on the inside. Take the pouch and wash it with antiseptic and sterilize all items you used, including the syringe. 

Using the Whizzard kit more than once is not recommended, and if you want to be extra safe you’ll need to purchase a new kit. 

The Whizzard by Whizzinitor: Final Whiz 

The Whizzard is a new edition of the Whizzinator made specifically because of its reusability and ease of use. 

It’s much more secure than the Whizzinator and it’s smaller. The customer can also order whichever size they prefer. Although some use it during kinky time, others use it to make sure the police get off your back. Whatever needs you to need to be fulfilled, Whizzard is one superb and stylish way to pass your drug test. Not to mention you’ll feel like a true wizard helped you have the police believe that that’s actually your urine. 

How Do You Use the Whizzard by Whizzinator

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