How Long Does Synthetic Urine Last Once Heated?

How Long Does Synthetic Urine Last Once Heated

Whether it’s for an upcoming, unexpected drug test, or you’re a consumer who likes to play safe, synthetic urine can save you from a whole lot of trouble when the police come knocking. Although not the most pleasant of ideas, keeping fake urine is a must-do if you want to pass your drug test without suspicion or just simply want to be prepared. 

If you have an upcoming screening scheduled for this week, or you’re just worried the cops might pop in and test you whenever you might need to stock up on some fake pee. If you already know the trick of providing fake urine and you have some stash leftover, you might want to rethink its shelf life and expiration date. Like all liquids, even fake urine has an expiration date. 

You might also be wondering whether the fake pee will be detected in the lab if you’ve already heated up in the microwave. Whatever it is, here are some interesting facts you need to consider before convincing yourself you’ll pass your next drug screening! 

How Long is Synthetic Urine Good for?  

Depending on the reputation a company enjoys, fake urine can have a long shelf life. If you purchase products from The Whizzinator, your synthetic urine batch can last up to 2 years. This is not determined by how many times the customer has pre-heated or cooled the urine. 

So, if you’re looking for quality fake pee, that will definitely pass your drug test, trust manufacturers who have the most experience and have the most positive reviews. If your manufacturer is top-notch, the ingredients within the fake urine will not be tampered with regardless of how many times you cool or heat it. It’s just important to not heat it using a microwave if you want to reuse it.

Usually, synthetic-urine-selling companies boast that their fake pee can last for two years, however not a minute more past the expiration date. After this date, the creatinine and Ph levels in the pee will diminish, resulting in the lab guys figuring out your trick. Don’t be fooled and think that you’ll pass even if it’s past the expiration date, as you will most certainly get caught. 

Reputable companies will have the expiration date listed on the products, while others have them written as codes. 

How Is This Determined?

You can secure the longevity of your synthetic urine as long as you store it correctly. You can store your fake pee properly if you keep it far away from sunlight, don’t get it in touch with oxygen, and don’t reheat or cool it more than twice. 

You should also keep it away from extreme conditions such as keeping fake urine in the freezer, and somewhere near the kitchen where it can get heated. It’s best to store your golden flask in a room where the temperature ranges between 68 to 75 degrees. 

How Long Does Synthetic Urine Last Once Heated
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What Temperature Should Synthetic Urine Be?

An acceptable temperature for fake urine is between 90-100°F, or if you’re using the metric system 32 to 38 degrees Celsius. Anything below or above will get you caught. Other factors might influence how you’ll pass your drug test as well, things like if you feel feverish or if you’re too hot or cold. 

So, if the fake urine isn’t at the temperature required, or warm enough you’ll be asked to bring another sample, or the lab guys will get suspicious. 

The fake pee also needs to be accompanied by the popular yellow color and should resemble the stench of real urine. Synthetic urine usually gets its yellowish color due to the presence of B vitamins in it. If the lab practitioners notice any of this, they might reschedule you for another drug test or ask you to provide another sample. 

How Long Does Synthetic Urine Last once Heated?

Synthetic urine can last as much as the expiration date sets on the product. You can reheat the fake urine more than once, however not in the microwave. If you place it in the microwave, although it’s the easiest way, it will destroy key ingredients the lab guys need to determine if it’s real pee. However, there’s an alternative to microwaving and this includes hand warmers that usually go along the product. 

For instance, hand warmers will keep your fake pee heated somewhere between 90 to 100 degrees for at least 5 hours. So, to put it lightly, you can reheat the pee as many times as you want only if it was never used. Some reputable companies promise the fake urine won’t expire in the following 18 months of its production. 

How many Times Can You Reheat Synthetic Urine? 

The best, but most disgusting thing about fake urine is that you can reheat it more than once, depending on which manufacturer you purchase it from. Some customers claim that they have been reheating the same package of fake pee for a whole year, while others do not recommend you reheat the fake urine more than twice. 

Most of them agree that urine can be reheated more than once, just not in a microwave and as long as it has never been tested. This means that you can micro it only once, while hand warmers can do the trick for a longer period. 

How Long Does Synthetic Urine Last: Final Word 

Like all products that your life might depend on, you should buy your synthetic urine sample from a reputable company if you want it to save you from unwanted issues. One such provider that could give you both synthetic urine, dust urine, and even artificial penises is Whizzinator, the best fake pee the internet has to offer. 

These guys understand all you need to get out of that pesky drug test as freely as possible, with synthetic lifelike penises, pee pouches, and even belts that will have every and all cops fooled. You can even try their newest edition called the Whizzard which will completely mask the fact that it’s not your urine at all! 

All you need to do if the cops want to make sure you’re not doing any funny business is whip it out, give it a press and watch the magic urine flow! Visit Whizzinator and leave your drug test worries behind you once and for all! 

If you’re out of cash, have a sober friend pee for you and store his urine! With that in mind, let no clear, clean pee go to waste! 

How Long Does Synthetic Urine Last Once Heated

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