How Many Shrooms Should I Take

How Many Shrooms Should I Take

Are you looking forward to trying shrooms but don’t know where to start? You’ll begin feeling the psychoactive effects of these fungi at a specific dose. Going higher than this dose means the psychedelic abilities of magic mushrooms intensify, while going lower won’t provide the mind-opening psychedelic trip. What shroom dosage will give you the best experience?

It depends on what you’re preferences are. Based on these preferences, you can choose the right potency of shrooms. 

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What Are Shrooms?


Have you ever heard of the term ‘hallucinogen’? These chemicals alter how one views the world through their senses and change their thinking patterns. Shrooms are a type of mushroom that is a natural source of a hallucinogen called psilocybin. Over 180 species of magic mushrooms are scattered over the Earth’s surface. However, they’re much easier to find in Europe, Mexico, South America, and the USA.

Shrooms got discovered in 1956 when French Botanist Roger Heim identified a sample of mushrooms brought by the Wasson's from Mexico. 2 years later, Swiss Chemist Albert Hoffman extracted psilocybin from these mushrooms. 

What is the best way to differentiate a magic mushroom from other types? To ensure that you’ve picked a shroom, check the color of its spores by taking a spore print. What is a spore print? How can you take it? A spore print shows the color of a mushroom’s spores. 

To get a spore print, you must first cut the mushroom’s stem and place the cap on paper. Next, add a drop of water on top of the shroom’s cap, allowing the fungi to release its spores. Then, cover the mushroom’s cap with a paper cup or glass and forget about it for at least a day. After a day has passed, remove the cup, and you’ll be able to see a spore print on the paper. If the spore print is of purple-black or purple-brown color, you’ve got a magic mushroom.

How Can You Take Shrooms?

When it comes to using shrooms, you can find various options. Which option fits you depends on your preferences. 

  • Smoking 

To smoke a magic mushroom, you must dry and grind it into a fine powder. Once you have shroom powder, you can roll it up with dried hemp, tobacco, or without any of the two into a joint. Smoking shroom joints will give you a faster onset time with psychedelic effects of weaker intensity. 

  • Eating Dried Or Raw Shrooms

Magic mushrooms taste bitter and earthy, making them difficult to eat plainly. You should only eat dried or fresh shrooms if you can handle their unpalatable taste. Consuming fresh or dried magic mushrooms directly will make you feel the psychedelic effects within an hour. 

  • Using Magic Mushrooms In Your Favorite Dish

One of the best ways to mask the bad taste of magic mushrooms is to incorporate them into your favorite dish. You can chop a mushroom into slices and add them to noodles, salad, or any other meal. Remember, never cook magic mushrooms because heating them can destroy their psychedelic properties. 

Taking a magic mushroom with a meal gives them an onset time of around 60 minutes. 

  • Dipping Shrooms Into Lemon Juice

Dipping shrooms into lemon juice shortens their onset time because some of their parts get broken down by it. Moreover, the lemony flavor masks the bitter taste of shrooms. Eating a shroom dipped in lemon juice makes them kick in within 20 minutes. 

How Many Shrooms Should You Take?

Do Dispensaries Sell Shrooms

The amount of magic mushrooms that will work for you depends on the strength of the psychedelic effects you’re looking for:

  • Low Dosage Range: 0.5g - 2g

Are you a beginner at taking shrooms or have a low tolerance for them? Start with a low dose of between 0.5g to 2g of dried shrooms. At this dose, you’ll experience the mild psychoactive effects of shrooms, allowing you to get comfortable with how they work. 

  • Medium Dosage Range: 2g - 3.5g

Need a psychedelic trip that will enhance your senses and provide a moderate high?  You should take a dosage between 2 to 3.5g of dried shrooms. This dosage range isn’t suitable for those with a low tolerance to shrooms. 

  • High Dosage Range: 3.5g - 5g

Only experienced shroom users and those with high tolerance to psilocybin should consider using a high dose of dried magic mushrooms. At this dosage range, psychedelic trips become more intense and may help make deep and meaningful connections with the inner self.  

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Are Shrooms Legal In The US?

Are Shrooms Legal In The US

Magic mushrooms at the national level are illegal in the US. The hallucinogen psilocybin is a Schedule I drug classified by the DEA. Similarly, many states and cities besides Colorado and Oregon prohibit using magic mushrooms recreationally.

5 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is The Cost Of 1 Gram Of Shrooms?

A gram of magic mushrooms costs between $5.00 to $12.00.

  1. Can You Store Shrooms In The Freezer?

If you’re not going to use shrooms soon, keep them in the freezer. Otherwise, store magic mushrooms in an airtight container and keep them in a cool, dark place. 

  1. Can You Add Shrooms Into Chocolate?

After drying and grinding magic mushrooms into a fine powder, you can sprinkle it into molten or solid chocolate. 

  1. How Long Do Shrooms Stay In Your System?

Psilocybin mushrooms may take 24 hours or longer to exit your system, depending on the dosage of shrooms and your body’s metabolism. 

  1. What Is The Shelf Life Of Magic Mushrooms?

If you have a fresh batch of magic mushrooms, they may last ten days if stored properly. On the other hand, dried shrooms have a longer lifespan of around 12 years.

Where to find the best mushroom products? 

Shrooms may be illegal, but mushroom supplements are a legal gray area. Supplements will give you a little psychedelic experience, and although it’s not as strong, they can still benefit you greatly.

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Takeaway - How Much Shrooms Should I Take?

There’s no specific dose of shrooms that works for everyone. It depends on the type of psychedelic effects you want. A low dose of magic mushrooms may work if you’re looking for an energizing psychoactive buzz that improves your mood. However, if you need a psychedelic trip that opens the mind for self-reflection, use a higher potency of magic mushrooms.