How Many Terp Pearls Should I Use?

How Many Terp Pearls Should I Use

Have you ever noticed that after you dab, the bottom of your banger has some sticky residue left? That is because the oil didn't get a chance to be heated properly and evenly, leading your flavor to be not the best. If you're looking for a solution, that's where terp pearls come in!

This guide right here will tell you every detail there is to know about these little balls known as terp pearls, from how they help distribute your concentrates to how they can be used, and most importantly, how many terp pearls you should be using.

What Is a Terp Pearl?

You may have already noticed that some of the dabbers you know have a few small beads in their banger. Do they look amazing? Absolutely! But they serve a purpose beyond just looking visually pleasing.

Also known as banger beads, a terp pearl is a small ball that aids in dabbing. "Terp" is short for terpene, and in layman's terms, terpenes are what smell and taste are based on. Where do you think your concentrates and herbs get their smell and taste that you love so much? Terpenes!

Terp pearls help the wax concentrates to be vaporized properly at a low temperature. They come in different sizes and different materials (such as borosilicate, ruby, ceramic, and quartz). Figuring out which terp pearls you should use is important before buying pearls so that your beads are compatible with your banger and your concentrates.

How Many Terp Pearls Should I Use
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Why Do I Need Terp Pearls?

You may be conflicted between whether or not you should use terp pearls, and that's okay. To put your worries to bed, we have listed below the many benefits of using terp pearls.

Distribute Concentrates Evenly

When the dab pearls spin around your banger, they make sure that all the concentrates are properly spinning with them too. This is the best way to properly distribute every bit of concentrate around the banger, which leads to clean and even dabs.

Distribute Heat Evenly

If you're interested in the science side of dabbing, terp pearls are basically accessories that help you increase the surface area inside your banger. Thus, the heat that would normally only be at the bottom is distributed evenly throughout, making sure that the temperature in every corner is the same, instead of the bottom of your banger being too hot while the top remains cool.

Better Flavor

This is a little debatable on the type of terp pearls you use, however, it is generally widely accepted that since pearls distribute concentrates evenly, they also help with the flavor being much more clean and smooth, which leads to you enjoying dabbing much more.

Looks Pleasing

Little beads spinning inside the glass banger look absolutely beautiful, and depending on the color of your dab pearls they can look super cool too! So if you're trying to impress someone who has a knack for dabs or if you're simply trying to make sure your personal experience is the best, you should know that spinning a pearl or two inside your rig will get you that.

How Do You Use Terp Pearls?

Using terp pearls is pretty easy. You don't need a lot of accessories, all you need is one of those bangers with a bucket and a carb cap that will allow your beads to spin easily.

Step One: Check Your Carb Cap

Some carb caps are specifically designed to spin pearls, so if your carb cap is one of those, you're in luck. If not, you may want to look into changing your carb cap so that your terp pearls spin well as you dab.

Step Two: Drop the Terp Pearls

Drop a terp pearl in your banger, just a single pearl. Let it spin for a bit and then add another if you want, but sometimes one does the job well enough too.

Step Three: Let the Terp Pearls Heat

Don't add any more pearls when they are heating up. This is important so that the pearls in the banger heat up evenly and properly, and so that every pearl has more or less the same temperature, so they vaporize your concentrates evenly.

Step Four: Let the Terp Pearls Spin

Once they are heated, proceed with your dabbing as you normally do, and enjoy a smoother flavor with no residue left.

Step Five: Keep Your Accessories Clean

To make sure the terp pearls spin properly and do their job well enough, you have to be sure that the surface of the terp pearls is squeaky clean. Also, your banger should be clean too, with no residue left from any previous dab, for the pearls to spin properly.

How Many Terp Pearls Should I Use

What Size Terp Pearls Do I Need?

There are many sizes of terp pearls on the market, but the most common ones to choose from are 4, 6, and 9 millimeters. Each size has its pros and cons, and just because you can buy one doesn't mean you should. You need to take into account which of the carb caps you have, which quartz banger you own, and other factors too.

4 mm Terp Pearls

If you have a portable banger, it probably has a small bucket. This 4 mm will be perfect for a small-carb cap, and thus if you have a battery-operated device, 4 mm is for you.

6 mm Terp Pearls

If your banger is "normal" sized, not too big, and not too small, a 6 mm terp pearl is the ideal choice you should go for. This size is ideal for joints ranging from 10 mm to 18 mm.

9 mm Terp Pearls

This is a relatively large pearl, and you don't need it unless you have a huge banger that can support it. It looks amazing, but it is for bangers that are around 30 mm.

So, depending on which banger you own, you can buy a certain size. Be sure to not buy a bigger pearl than you need as it can risk ruining your quartz banger.

How Many Terp Pearls Should I Use?

Short answer: One. You don't need more than a single pearl if you make sure that your pearl is appropriately sized for your banger. It is easier to spin a single pearl than it is to spin multiple, as two or more pearls may slide instead of spinning properly.

You can use up to two or even three pearls, but it highly depends on the size ratio of your banger to your pearl. For example, you may be able to spin multiple 4 mm terp pearls in a standard size or a 30 mm banger, but you will absolutely not be able to use more than one 4 mm terp pearl in a small portable banger.

So, how many terp pearls should you use? Ideally, one. But depending on your taste and what your banger can afford, you can experiment with more.

Are Terp Pearls Worth It?

If you're considering using terp pearls, buy them! Terp pearls dab better and make your dab rig look super cool too. Using quartz terp pearls can drastically affect your dabbing experience, but using more pearls will not necessarily make your experience better. In fact, it may make it worse if you use too many pearls. To know what size you need, check what size banger you have.

Regardless of material, if a pearl is marketed as a certain size, it will not take up more space than it claims to. Big beads take up more space but are ideal for bigger bangers. You do not necessarily need more small beads, just check the size of your banger and get a bigger bead that will spin properly.

Just be sure to do research before buying, and enjoy your dabbing experience!