How Much Does a Bong Cost?

How Much Does a Bong Cost

Bongs are undoubtedly one of the most popular smoking tools ever. They come in all shapes, qualities, and sizes.

Buying a bong, especially for the first time, can be a hassle. You might think it is pretty easy to scroll through the internet and buy the one you like. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as it sounds and involves many technicalities.

If you are trying to find bongs online, you can quickly come across dozens of online stores with bongs for sale, but their sizes, qualities, and prices vary, making it difficult to choose the proper apparatus. The real problem arises when you compare online rates with smoke shop prices. There may be a considerable price difference. So, how much does a bong cost?

Stay with us till the end of the article, and we will:

  • Provide the most authentic information.
  • Explain the types of bongs available in the market right now.
  • Make it easy to pick and choose the bong that you believe will suit your needs the best.

Let's get going.

What Is a Bong?

Before we start, let us look at what bongs are and how they work.

A bong is a smoking tool that allows you to smoke cannabis after filtering it through the water. That's the simplest of definitions.

There is a wide variety of bongs available online and in smoke shops. However, buying a bong online can sometimes be a little more complicated. But as they say, there is a bong for every occasion, so it is best to consider the bongs you should be looking at to match your unique lifestyle perfectly.

What Should You Look Out For?

So there are a few things you should consider before buying a new bong.

The Material of the Bong

First up, you have to know what a bong is made of. This is because not all bongs are made of the same material.

Out of all the materials used to make bongs, glass is hands-down the most popular. Therefore, you will find glass bongs everywhere.

Glass is a resistant material that does not contain or release any harmful toxins. But, no matter what bong type you use, there is a risk of contamination. Toxins are found even in the legal dry herb.

Another benefit of using glass bongs is that the glass can handle extreme temperatures. However, even glass bongs vary since some are made of simple glass that cannot withstand or take on extreme temperature switches.

So make sure to buy a glass bong made of high-quality glass so that you can even ignite your bong without any fears of breakage. Among glass bongs, two of the most popular ones are silicone bongs and acrylic bongs. They are durable and work best for people who are adventurous smokers.

The Size of the Bong

As already mentioned above, bongs come in all shapes and sizes. So you should choose one according to your needs, for instance, if you are looking for home use, you might think of buying a small bong.

Small bongs or mini bongs come in handy and are easily portable compared to larger ones. With great portability, a mini bong can be the right choice.

Similarly, larger water pipes can be way more expensive and far less portable for water pipe bongs. Also, the larger the bong is, the bigger the hits will be, but you need a pair of strong lungs to inhale and take advantage of them altogether. Small bongs, on the other hand, cost less but make smaller hits.

Your Budget

Another important aspect will be the cash you have to buy a bong. Since there are loads of options to choose from, you can pick something that can be expensive.

Size plays a huge role in the price of bongs, and if you are thinking of going for added features like percolators or other smoking add-ons (such as bong accessories), that will affect your overall budget.

On the bright side, tons of cheap bongs are available too. However, you have to be sure about a few things mentioned above.

How Much Does a Bong Cost
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What are the Different Types of Bongs?

Now that you have an idea about what's going on let's look at the types of bongs you can find.

Straight Tube Bongs

The first and the most basic bong is the straight tube bong. Evident by the name, straight tubes are made of a straight tube, a bowl, and a downstem.

However, you may find some variations, like some might have a flared rim on the base for extra stability; while others can consist of multiple percolators and ice catchers.

Beaker Bongs

You can also call it a beaker base bong. These bongs consist of a broader base that narrows down to form a tube-shaped neck. With the weight of added water and gravity, these bongs can be pretty stable.

Another thing about these bongs is that you can add more water to the water chamber if you're looking to filter smoke. Added water in the water chamber not only enhances the filtration level but also increases the cooling effect.

That's right, the more water in the water chamber, the cooler the process will be.

Honeycomb Bongs

These are strongly built bongs that have a glass disc in the tube. It is named Honeycomb because of the pattern of holes the disc has. The purpose of having the disc in the tube is to provide an extra layer of filtration to the smoking sesh.

Percolator Bongs

When there's a glass contraption in either the tube or the chamber of your bong, it is called a perc bong. There are lots of holes in a perc bong and that's the secret to its next level filtration. It forms smoke and bubbles as water passes through that gadget. As a result, smoke is diffused, which means you can start expecting every single hit to be a super clean and smooth hit.

There are a lot of popular percolators like:

  • Inline percs
  • Tree percs
  • Disc percs
  • Showerhead percs
  • Matrix percs
  • Honeycomb percs

Ice Bongs

An ice bong is a bong with a few ice catchers at the base of the tube. They are made to hold ice cubes, and that's a great way to get cool smoke because nobody likes hot smoke. The sight of thick white smoke swirling around the ice cubes looks fantastic.

The notches are designed to catch and hold the ice cubes, which means if you have a bong that doesn't have any notches and you're using ice, you've got to be careful.

One thick ice cube can easily fall into the chamber and crack the downstem.

How Much Does a Bong Cost

What are the Different Bongs Materials?

Let's take a look at the material that's used to make bongs.

Glass Bongs

If you're looking to buy a glass water pipe, make sure it's a high-quality bong.

A glass water bong is expected to keep the flavor from the terpenes that are in the herb. That's one of the biggest reasons most smokers prefer glass bongs over other material bongs.

When choosing a glass bong, prefer going for a bong made of borosilicate glass as it is much more durable than regular glass bongs. It's not only that, borosilicate glass bong is heat resistant and scientifically made differently. It is easy to clean because it does not let resin hang onto the surface of the glass.

Ceramic Bongs

Although there are other bong types like a gravity bong, you can even go for one of the metal bongs; nothing can beat the good old ceramic bongs.

These are the types of bongs that date back thousands of years. Even today, they are heavy-duty, durable, and hold the unmatchable smoking experience.

They might be an excellent choice for people who are looking to buy something that does not only tastes amazing but can also stand a lifetime.

Silicone Bongs

Silicone bongs are another popular choice. What's unique about silicone bongs is that they are heat resistant and BPA-free.

Not only that, silicone is unbreakable and bendable, you can easily carry your silicone bong along even if you're planning to go on a trail.

Additionally, silicone bongs are non-toxic bongs and come in exciting colors and designs. Not only are they appealing. but they make a convenient option that will give you smooth hits.

Acrylic Bongs

These plastic bongs are considered best for starters as they are pretty durable, easy to clean, and most importantly, cheap. Although the sort of smoke an acrylic bong produces and its taste might not match that of the glass bongs, it's always a great option if you are still learning how to smoke a bong.

Using acrylic bongs first will give you a proper insight about how to properly use and handle a bong before you spend on the expensive bongs.

Bamboo Bongs

Here's one of the most natural ways to smoke your herb. Using a bamboo bong has its satisfaction. They are incredibly durable and non-toxic as well, but since they are sealed using beeswax, you have to be careful while cleaning them. Due to the natural material used in making these bongs, customization is almost impossible.

That means that there would not be any fancy percolators, but bamboo bongs will give you the most natural of smoking experiences.

How Much Does a Bong Cost
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Look Out for Joint Sizes:

While scrolling around, you might have seen a term called joint size. It's something significant as the joint size will determine that the accessory you're looking at will be compatible with your bong.

Bong's joints form an air-tight seal with the accessories to correctly work. In other words, the diameter of the joints (bong and the accessories) have to be compatible with each other.

Standard Joint Sizes:

Usually, you will find three different joint sizes, i.e. 10 mm, 14.5 mm, and 18.8 mm. These sizes indirectly mean how much you're willing (or can) to inhale. Of course, size matters.

For example, 18 mm (big bongs) will give you much bigger hits than 10 mm bongs. The bigger the size is, the bigger the hits will be. So it's essential to go for a bong that you think will be the best for you.

But, How Much Does a Bong Cost?

Now that you're aware of the basic bong facts, you must have realized that buying a quality bong can be a one-time investment because you do not want to keep buying the cheap alternatives every other day.

How Much Does a Water Pipe Cost?

The original question 'how much does a bong cost' can now be answered. You can start small by buying a bong that costs $10.

Let's make things a little easier by letting you know what sort of cash can buy what sort of a bong.

Can You Get Anything Under $50?

The answer is yes. Some people don't feel like spending so much on bongs or their accessories, and that's completely understandable. If you're one of the frugal sort, don't worry. There's a good chance that you will find anything decent.

Yes, cheap bongs exist, and they are entirely functional as well. You can easily find a decent bubble bong in this sort of price range. That will be a standard water pipe bong (with a base) and a carburetor.

There are different varieties, including glass and plastic, and the bong prices can differ, depending on the material used in the making of those bongs.

What Kind of Bong Can You Get for$50 to $100?

As bongs cost increase, you should expect better quality and refined aesthetics even if you buy a bong online. In this price range, you'll be looking at ceramic ones. If you see something with a much higher price tag, there's a fat chance that a well-known artist makes it. And sometimes, you want your bong to look like a work of art.

For Bongs Over $100, You May Enter Another World.

From $100 and above, there are many options to choose from. However, the percs usually cost something around that, and they are known to give a super cool smoking experience.

Bong pricing can be funny at times. You might even find something that costs $500 or even $1000, but the point is to go for something that gives you a smooth hit and fits your needs the best.

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