How to Buy a Dab Rig Wholesale

Dab Rig Wholesale

How to buy a Dab Rig Wholesale Price?

Are you looking into buying your first bong but slowly getting discouraged with all the crazy prices? Or maybe a simple collector, always looking for the best dab rigs at the most reasonable prices? It’s tough finding the right pieces with all the online and walk-in smoke shops that won’t break your bank. Luckily there’s a way to get these dab rigs at the same price as all these sellers, imagine choosing whatever dab rig you want and being among the first to ever see and use the design? That’s where wholesale comes in.

What Is Wholesale?

When you buy something “wholesale” it’s not just buying certain items in bulk, but you’re also getting them at a discounted price and you’re in contact with the seller directly. Most smoke shops will purchase from the seller, jack up their prices to make a profit, and the consumers will never even know they paid up to 3 times more than the actual price of making the product. Wholesale means you’re not susceptible to increased prices and you get it at the actual price that it took to make and manufacture a wholesale dab rig. It means that some of the most expensive and creative dab rigs like a shredder silicone dab rig aren’t so unattainable anymore, their prices go down exponentially when it is wholesale. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy items in bulk, that's where we come in. Slyng offers the best price on your favorite smokeware. Dab Rig Wholesale Take Slyng’s very own bell dab rig. If you look at any other website, you’ll find thousands of rigs just like the bell dab rig, made with the same material, same design, maybe even the same manufacturer. If you look at the prices, you won’t find it for anything under $125 and at our whole prices, we have it at a fraction of that price.

Wholesale Dab Rig Prices

Prices on wholesale dab rigs may vary according to each piece. The complicated and unique ones may be up to two times cheaper than the seller’s price and the less complicated ones can be up to three times cheaper.
Dab Rig Wholesale
One of our most popular dab rigs, the Grav Milk Carton Dab Rig, sells for over $100 in other smoke shops due to its unique design and brand. Since Grav is a popular brand, you wouldn’t have trouble finding the milk carton dab rig, but you would have trouble finding one for our price. Finding the right distributor is also a big factor when it comes to pricing because you want the best quality wholesale dab rigs and not suppliers that cut corners to be more efficient. It’s important to do research and find the best distributors that not only make the dab rigs at a reasonable price but also use the best materials to do so. When doing research for buying wholesale dab rigs, look out for keywords like “Cheap” and “Quick” because those are distributors you want to avoid. When you go on the website, all the information and specifications about the rigs should be present and accurate. The glass each piece is made from and where they are making their glass is another big factor. Like most online shops, you want someone who’s responsive and ready to answer any questions you may have as it is a big purchase that needs to be carefully considered. Sure whole dab rigs look similar, but once you get to the specifications, you start noticing the differences and quality of each dab rig. While most sellers provide a wide variety of dab rigs, not all of them put in as much effort into making them.

Heady Dab Rigs for Sale

For a new or inexperienced smoker, you may not be familiar with heady glass, but man will it change the way you look at dab rigs. Heady Glass is a high end, complex style of glass usually made by experienced and creative glass artists. Heady pieces are usually among the most complicated and rare types of glass dab rigs due to their customization and influence from pop culture, or modern influences. Dab Rig Wholesale This is where we see these elegant dragon dab rigs or fandom related pieces that we don’t see anywhere else and will most likely pay a pretty penny for. These beautifully worked, functional pieces usually focus on colorful design and creativity, rather than scientific functionality. This means that they are collectible and rare, but not susceptible to bad workmanship. Like any other wholesale dab rig, you must do the research to find the best heady glass dab rig for you. It’s a rarity, but once you find a piece you fall in love with, all the time taken to do research will seem worth it.

Pulsars Hand Dab Rig

For dabbing on the go, it may seem impossible, given all you need just to take one dab. But the Pulsar hand dab rig makes it very possible to dab on the go, and it has everything you need. It is not only built compactly but it has a ceramic nail as well as titanium & quartz nails, a 18650 / 2500mAh Li-ion battery, magnetic carb cap w/ removable dab tool, improved glass bubbler attachment, glass mouthpiece, 3-click on/off locking system, silicone oil slick container, it even comes with a box to store everything conveniently. For all of your dab rig needs and most reliable wholesale distributors, working with the best of the best, there is no better option than Slyng.