How to Clean an Ash Catcher?

how to clean an ash catcher

Not every bong comes with an ash catcher but you can easily add one. The ash catcher simply helps to keep the water in your bong clean and helps to filter out things like ash or resin from getting in the water. This allows you to keep the pipe clean and enjoy your goods for much longer.

If you are going to have an ash catcher on a weed bong, you need to know how to clean your bong and your ash catcher for it to really work. Check out these tips for how to clean an ash catcher.

Why Is It Important to Clean Your Ash Catcher?

Honestly, once you try ash catchers on a bong, you will probably never go back. A bong ash catcher is designed to catch ash as the name implies but it's so much more than that. When you use it right, you can definitely get smoother hits for a longer period and you keep your bowl cleaner for longer.

We realize the term ash catchers make it pretty obvious as to what these tools do but we still want to cover the basics.

Ultimately, this is an extra layer of protection between your mouth, your bowl, and your smoking experience. Think about it. Things like ash, debris, resin, tar, and other junk can quickly build up. When they do, it can lead to a clog or just plain dirty water. If you have a clog to the main chamber, your pipe will be useless to smoke with.

So ash catchers act as filtration devices that help to capture all of that debris and trap it away. You will be surprised at just how much better your smoke experience might be with an ash catcher to help everything stay clean and work properly.

If you don't keep the ash catcher clean, it won't offer the same filtration and simply won't keep things clean like it is meant to do.

Tips for Cleaning Your Ash Catcher

Cleaning ash catchers is not necessarily difficult but there are certainly a few details to be familiar with. Take a look at these tips to see if they help you out.

Do I Need Specific Tools to Clean My Ash Catcher?

Probably the only "tool" that you need to get the cleaning jo done is some coarse salt and then a bit of isopropyl alcohol. These simple things that you probably already have at home will go a long way to getting your ash catcher clean so it can function properly. Oh, and grab a Ziploc bag too! Easy peasy!

Is it Hard to Clean Most Ash Catchers?

As long as you have the simple ingredients on hand we just mentioned, your cleaning process will be simple. It's just a matter of disassembling, soaking, and then drying and putting it back together. You will have it finished in no time!

Know Your Joint Angles

Bongs are made with different joint angles and joint size details. Some have a male joint while others might have a female joint. As long as your catcher matches up to your bong, you shouldn't have any problems. However, you do need to know whether your angle is 45 or 90 degrees to set up the bong and ash catcher right when you finish.

Do I Need Water?

There are actually both dry ash catchers and some that use warm water. It's important to never use too much water. However, the best option is to use just enough water to cover the holes in your percolator. Of course, when it comes to cleaning, you only need water to rinse the ash catcher when you finish.

Now, look at these ash catcher cleaning methods.

How to Clean an Ash Catcher
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DIY Home Cleaning Method

The first method is the most common. It uses a combination of salt and alcohol to clean the different pieces of the catcher. You might as well clean your bong bowl and pipe while you're at it.

Materials Needed

Before you start cleaning, round up these materials

  • Your bong
  • Your ash catcher
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Coarse salt
  • Ziploc bag

Cleaning Steps

Now, follow these simple steps to work through the cleaning process.


First, you need to take apart the catcher. This won't take a lot as the pieces are usually pretty simple. Each ash catcher is different so just use caution and be sure to treat the pieces gently so that you don't accidentally break anything.

Cleaning Solution

Now, place all of those pieces into your bag. Add a decent amount of salt and then fill the bag with alcohol until they are completely submerged.

We do want to note that you can use several different bags if any of the pieces are large or if you are at all concerned that any of them are fragile and could break in the remaining parts of the process.

Soak and Shake

Once all of the pieces are in bags and you've added salt and alcohol, you can seal the bags tightly. Make sure they are completely sealed to prevent any messes. Shake the bag up so that the solution covers all of the parts and pieces.

If they are stained or have high cleaning needs, you can soak them for a bit of time. We recommend a good soak overnight if you have any clogs to work through.

Once you are ready, go ahead and empty the bags and rinse all of the pieces with some warm water. You can repeat the process if necessary.

How to Clean an Ash Catcher
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Store-Bought Cleaner Method

As an alternative, you can also purchase cleaners specifically made for bongs. Those work well on the pipes, bowls, parts of the bong, and on your ash catcher too. You pretty much just have to add water.

Materials Needed

  • Cleaner
  • Bong and ash catcher
  • Water

Follow These Steps

We don't have to break it down for you too much here. The best thing that you can do is to follow the steps on the cleaner. In most cases, it's going to look a little something like this.

  1. Disassemble all of the parts and pieces.
  2. Fill a large bowl with warm water and the solution.
  3. Drop all of the parts into the mixture.
  4. Allow some time for soaking in the solution.
  5. Rinse everything off thoroughly and then dry it well.
  6. Reassemble your smoking goods

Now, you can settle in for a well-deserved smoke.

Clean Your Ash Catcher Now!

If you want to smoke from clean bongs, you absolutely need a good ash catcher. Dirty smoking is eventually going to cause problems with your experience as well as the bongs you are using. You might as well let the ash catcher do its job. Just be sure to clean it and maintain it regularly so it works as it should!