How to Do Vape Tricks?

How to Do Vape Tricks

Vape is the result of inhaling and exhaling through a vaporizer or portable vape pen. The vapor can be anything from nicotine e-liquid to CBD concentrates. With vaping comes vape tricks.

Vape tricks are a form of performance art, where vapers get a chance to show off their skills and techniques to friends and onlookers.

It’s a way for them to show off their skill level and attract new friends, followers, and admirers. You don’t have to be an expert vape artist to enjoy the benefits of vape tricks.

Why Should You Learn Vape Tricks?

Performing cool vape tricks will certainly make you look cool, and you can even use vape tricks to show others how to do them. You might consider starting an online channel on YouTube where you teach beginner vape tricks and work your way up to more advanced tricks.

There is definitely a market for learning vape tricks for beginners, so why not take advantage of it? You might even make money if you're good enough at it.

how to do vape tricks
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Tips for Doing Vape Tricks

The first step is to pick up the vape and take a drag. That might seem like an obvious one, but it’s worth mentioning. You can do some basic tricks by taking a drag and then exhaling into a cup or bowl of water. The water will look like it’s boiling, and you can pass the bowl around for everyone to see.

Another trick that beginners may want to try is blowing vapor rings with your tongue. This popular vape trick requires you to fill up your mouth with all the vapor you can so that it creates an even ring on your tongue. You should then slowly exhale with your breath to create thick, billowing smoke rings. Blowing smoke rings is perhaps one of the easiest vape tricks for beginners.

If you’re feeling brave, try some more advanced moves like the dragon or the jellyfish trick. These don’t require a lot of effort, but they do require some coordination and precision, as well as a willingness to put yourself out there in front of an audience. We will discuss these vape tricks below in greater detail.

Keep It Clean

Now that you know some of the basics, it's important to discuss maintaining a sanitary aspect to your vaping. When several people are involved in performing tricks, it's not uncommon to see a singular vape pen get passed around amongst various users.

But in this day and age, that's a big no-no. Never share your vaporizer with others. It's a simple rule to follow, and one that can prevent you from getting sick or spreading harmful germs.

how to do vape tricks
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Understanding the Process

The process of performing tricks varies considerably. There are plenty of easy vape tricks for beginners, but there are also smoke tricks that are increasingly difficult to pull off. A simple smoke ring, for example, can be mastered blowing o's a few times.

But more advanced tricks require commitment and determination. To master an advanced trick, you will need to stick with the same trick until you're comfortable performing it. Once you are confident that you have it mastered, you can move on to the next challenge.


Obviously, if you just want to blow smoke rings, you're going to find performing tricks to be highly accessible. But knowing how to do tricks with vape smoke beyond that will take some practice. As discussed, you can already find countless educational videos online that walk you through the ropes of various vape trick styles.


To effectively perform vape tricks, you need some basic materials. These include a vape pen, battery, e-liquids or concentrates, and yourself. While not necessary, you might consider investing in a good vape mod.

A vape mod will allow you to achieve greater vapor production, thereby making it easier to rapidly suck as much vapor as possible per use. In doing so, your exhaled vapor will be exponentially thicker than without a vape mod.

Again, this isn't a must-have item. But many people who perform tricks prefer a mod due to the edge it provides. And that includes everything from blowing Os to performing some of the most popular vape tricks.

How to Do Vape Tricks
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10 Best Vape Tricks

Ready to learn how to do vape tricks? There are a lot of different tricks out there, but only a few have reached peak acclaim as being the best. Here, we'll explore the most popular vape tricks that the vaping community collectively agrees on as being among the top 10.

1. Double O-Ring

We've already discussed how to blow an o-ring. That's an easy vape trick. Now it's time to kick things up a notch. We'll start with the popular Double O-Ring. As its name implies, this beginner trick involves two smoke rings instead of one.

You want a lot of vapor for this trick, so a vape mod might serve you well.


  • To begin, inhale a significant amount of vapor.
  • Next, place your finger in front of your lips (like you're shushing someone).
  • With your mouth slightly agape, give a slight cough to release a blast of vapor. You may also use just your mouth to exhale the vapor.
  • Out of the corners of your mouth will blow double vapor rings.

2. Ghost Inhale

This one is actually a pretty easy trick, all things considered. As such, it's a good starting trick that beginners can pick up with minimal effort. When performed, it looks like a ghost is coming out of your mouth, hence its name.


  • Take a big hit and let the vapor rest in your mouth for a couple of seconds.
  • Open your mouth wide in the shape of an "O."
  • That's it! Let the vapor bubble float out of your mouth for a ghost-like appearance.

3. Dragon

The Dragon trick is perfect for impressing onlookers. When performed correctly, your vapor will take on the appearance of a dragon. This is another one that's ideal for beginners.


  • Take a sizable hit.
  • Keep your lips tightly closed except for the corners of your mouth.
  • Exhale smoke through your nose and your mouth corners.

4. Waterfall

The Waterfall vape trick requires the use of a water bottle, but it's still in beginner territory. You'll need to make sure that the bottom has frozen water, with the rest being normal water.


  • Take a hit and blow it into the water bottle.
  • Slowly pour out the water for a waterfall effect.

5. Vapor Bubble

This intermediate vape trick requires the use of a small plastic bottle, water, and some hand soap.


  • Cut off the bottom of the bottle.
  • In a small bowl, mix water and hand soap.
  • Dip the cut end of the bottle into the soapy mixture.
  • Slowly exhale vapor through the mouth of the bottle.
  • You've just created a handy vapor bubble wand!

6. Liquid Mist

Liquid mist is another intermediate vape trick that looks cool and is relatively easy to perform.


  • Take a small glass that's half-full of any beverage.
  • Place your mouth over the rim of the glass and gently exhale your vapor.
  • Watch your vapor sit magically in place inside the glass!

7. French Inhale

French inhale vape tricks have been around for ages, but they were originally performed with cigarette smoke. This one is somewhat of an intermediate vape trick, but it can be pulled off with a little practice.


  • Take a drag and let the vapour sit in your mouth.
  • Slowly open your mouth, making sure your lower jaw is out past your upper lip.
  • As the vapor flows slowly out, inhale through your nostrils to complete the French inhale trick.

8. Tornado

You can make a tornado shape with your vapor with this vape trick. A vape mod is recommended to achieve the Tornado.


  • With a table in front of you, slowly exhale your vapor onto the flat surface.
  • Using a quick motion, chop your hand into the flat pool of vapor and flick it upward.
  • It needs to be fluid and fast, but doing so will achieve the tornado effect.

9. Jellyfish

The jellyfish requires some practice with blowing o's, so make sure you're comfortable with them before proceeding.


  • Take a hit and create an o-ring, making sure to leave some vapor in your mouth.
  • Use your hands to fan the ring forward.
  • With the remaining vapor in your mouth, exhale it sharply to make it shoot through the floating o-ring.

10. Triangles

This one takes plenty of dedication and practice, but it can be done. You're going to be using your hand, so be ready to interact with your vapor.


  • Create an o-ring.
  • As you exhale it, use your hand to fan each side in a quick but gentle motion.
  • You will need to practice fanning three times on each "side" to form the shape of a triangle.
  • You likely won't get this one at first. But stay with it until you become comfortable with the proper technique.

How to Do Cool Tricks?

Now that you know how to do cool vape tricks, it's time to start practicing them until you master the tricks you like the best. From exhaling to vape bending, there are a lot of different methods you can incorporate into vaping.