How To Grind Weed Without A Grinder?


After the legalization of cannabis in different countries, the global percentage of marijuana smokers has increased exponentially. But smoking marijuana isn't as easy as smoking a cigarette. There are certain things associated with its usage. Smokers usually receive marijuana in a clustered, irregular form called buds. If smokers consume this bud as a whole, a lot of it ends up being wasted. Therefore, it is important to process this standard marijuana into fine powdered form.

How to Grind Weed at Home?

If you're wondering how to grind weed without a grinder, we will get to that in just a moment. Smokers depend heavily on a weed grinder. Think of it as a coffee grinder but for weed. A grinder is a simple device that helps to break down the marijuana into a fine powder. It is an extremely useful tool since it meshes the weed into an even form. Nowadays, many companies are manufacturing simple machines for grinding cannabis. You can find plenty of such weed grinders on the internet.

But there can be limitations when it comes to herb grinders. For example, one may be stranded in a place that has no weed grinder available or perhaps you lack the knowledge for using a weed grinder. But if you thought that being without a weed grinder, you won't be able to smoke for a while, think again. As you're learning how to grind weed without a grinder, you'll come across various methods. Even people who are new to this experience can use these tips with no complications.

how to grind weed without a grinder
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Tips for Grinding Weed

Certain aspects can be affected if there is no herb grinder available. There is always some shortcoming when weed is ground without a grinder. Therefore, cannabis connoisseurs recommend that a marijuana smoker should have a weed grinder for the best experience.

An issue that commonly occurs in grinding without a grinder is hygiene. People are forced to mesh their weed on either their hands or some other surface, which makes the process unhealthy. Using objects other than a cannabis grinder can also be troublesome, as you may lose the entire stash due to a single mistake.

Another issue that appears when there is no grinder is the process. A herb grinder, like the one we just linked, does the work in no time. On the other hand, crushing marijuana into the fine powder may be a tiresome process for some, having to go over it again and again. Even if there's a small bulk that the eye skips, it can significantly impact the entire stash. If the weed becomes even enough, it's even more difficult to put it in a paper to smoke, giving rise to another problem.

Ways to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

So, how can one grind weed without a grinder? The answer is quite simple, and it's hidden in some of the items that one uses in everyday life. There are many tips to help you grind weed at home, or even on the go. But keep in mind that an actual grinder is way better than employing other options. Following are some of the methods:

Coffee Grinder

how to grind weed without a grinder
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Many experienced smokers will recommend using a coffee grinder for grinding weed. Because coffee beans are quite limited in size, a coffee grinder may not be the best option if your bud is quite large. Nevertheless, it performs the same function with no hassles and is an excellent alternative for grinding weed.

Tips to Remember:

  • Clean the grinder before using it to get rid of any coffee beans or their scent.
  • Do not put too many marijuana buds in the grinder for one spin.
  • Use buds that are medium in size. Too big or too small can be a problem.
  • Clean the appliance after usage thoroughly.

Pestle and Mortar

how to grind weed without a grinder
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Weed is a natural herb. Therefore, using natural methods is a basic approach. A pestle and mortar might be the best way to crush those large marijuana buds that won't fit into a coffee grinder. Bringing down the pestle might be tiring, but it will provide you with a decent amount of fine marijuana.

Tips to Remember:

  • Wash the pestle and mortar well before and after use to clear out any scent.
  • Grind the buds softly. A smooth and round pestle may require more time.
  • It's better to lets the buds dry out before grinding them.

Sharp Knife

how to grind weed without a grinder
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Even with no decent appliances, knives and a cutting board can get the job done. Sharp blades such as a butcher knife, steak knife, or paring knife are quite useful. If there are no such knives available, a pizza cutter, or a sharp blade might come in handy. The best tool, however, for this job is a chef knife, as it doesn't have a serrated edge.

Tips to Remember:

  • Use a chopping board or cutting board for an even and firm surface.
  • Be careful with the knife around your fingers.
  • Cut the weed buds into even units.
  • Clean the knife and board well after usage.
  • Dry the small buds out before cutting them for an easier experience.

Cheese Grater

how to grind weed without a grinder
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While being a bit dangerous for your fingers, a cheese grater may provide a better form of weed than any other method. Use a plate to receive your dry weed after grating. It's a bit difficult to do it at first, but a few more practices should make it easier.

Tips to Remember:

  • A grater is very dangerous for the fingers, so use it carefully as the buds get smaller.
  • Use the grater at the end with smaller openings for even finer form.
  • After grating, use poker to clear the crevices of any remaining weed.
  • Wash the grater well after use.

Paper Bag and Hammer

how to grind weed without a grinder
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If all else seems difficult, try this method. The main advantage of using a hammer and paper bag is that these two objects are quite easy to attain and readily available in every house. It is a great alternative to break the buds into smaller particles.


  • Step One: Place your bud in the bottom of the paper bag and seal the top, so there's no wastage.
  • Step Two: Hit the bag with the hammer for a few minutes.
  • Step Three: Then, take out the ground weed. It's recommended to perform this method on a strong surface.

Dry weed has a better response to hammer than sticky weed because the wet weed sticks and flattens after the hit. Therefore, drying the weed before executing this method is optimal.


how to grind weed without a grinder
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Using a standard blender isn't much recommended because of its unusually large size. Marijuana buds are not big enough to require a blender for their grinding. Their handling and cleaning is also a major issue. Regardless of the problems it imposes, it's an effective alternative for grinding weed without a grinder.

Tips to Remember:

  • Blenders can ruin your buds if used for too long. Run the blender for no more than ten seconds.
  • Using small amounts of marijuana isn't that good as compared to larger amounts.
  • Filter your buds for any stems and seeds, as they might get stuck to the blades.
  • Do not use this method if there's a possibility of employing alternatives.

Scissors and Shot Glass

how to grind weed without a grinder
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If you're at a party, there are plenty of things at your expense that can help you grind weed without a grinder. One of the best ways is using a pair of scissors to cut the buds into smaller forms. The shot glass acts as a small container, that is used to store the larger quantities of smaller marijuana buds falling.


  • Step One: Place the shot glass on a solid surface
  • Step Two: Using a chef's knife or any knife, start cutting the buds into smaller ones.
  • Step Three: When the buds are small enough, use the tip of the scissors to divide them into an even refined form.

This method works best when done slowly because rapid cutting with the scissors can cause the contents to spill or fall away from the glass.

Credit Card

how to grind weed without a grinder
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Using a credit card for grinding weed is a risky option. These cards are an important aspect of everyday life, and if not used properly, can cause major trouble. Nevertheless, it makes sense if sleek design and easy handling make them a great option for cutting dried weed.

While they may be used to create hard drugs, credit cards can act like a real grinder for weed. Using an unused or clean card to cut a cannabis flower may be an exciting experience for some in other aspects. But hygiene is extremely important in this method as it can catch a lot of attention if not washed properly after use.

Pill Bottle and Coins

how to grind weed without a grinder
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If there is no grinder nearby, one can make their own grinder for grinding cannabis. Using a pill bottle or any small bottle is a great method when there is no proper grinder available. It also comes in handy outdoors; as it doesn't require much effort and makes for a good alternative. A DIY shaker is also useful in other situations.

How to Make a DIY Shaker:

There are only two things required for this method: an empty pill bottle and a small coin.

  • Step One: Put some weed buds into the empty pill bottle.
  • Step Two: Put in a few coins. To grind herbs properly, it's better to use a few coins that are not too large or small. Don't forget to cap it!
  • Step Three: Start shaking the pill bottle to break the small cannabis flowers into even smaller buds.

There's no need to use a lot of either marijuana or coins in one go. Too much shaking will grind the weed buds into absolute powder, and it won't be any good then. Be sure to clean the bottle before and after usage. Wash the coins thoroughly as well to remove any scent from them.


how to grind weed without a grinder
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If there's no other way for grinding weed without a grinder, one foolproof option is always available. Picking out marijuana buds by hand is a tumultuous yet readily available method. In times when one is stranded with nothing else in hand, this is one of the most effective desperate measures. P.S. it will get your fingers dirty.

To grind weed with hands, the first thing to remember is hygiene. Washing hands or using a hand sanitizer before this process is quite important to avoid putting any undesirable smell in the weed. Break the buds down slowly. If there's a sticky weed in the batch, do not continuously press or apply firm pressure as it will compress the bud, making it even more difficult to use.

Consequently, while breaking dry weed, do not break it in haste. Check the buds for ideal texture and then process them. It is important to use a smooth and even surface so that the weed doesn't get stuck in cracks.

Now You're Ready to Start Smoking Weed

Weed grinders crush the cannabis into a fine powder, giving a satisfactory feel. If there is no grinder at the expense, there are other methods to achieve that purpose. Using a shot glass and scissors is quite useful at parties, whereas coffee grinders and credit cards can be helpful when alone at home. If there's nothing available, one can always use their hands.

Using these unconventional methods can be quite helpful in a lot of ways. While one learns how to grind weed without a grinder, it also teaches them how to handle different problems. It also guides them on how to work with things that they have never interacted with, and a new experience is always welcome.