How To Hit a Bong?

how to hit a bong

Human emotions run on pleasuring oneself. Treating yourself to an expensive meal or reaching a state of calmness after performing an extensive workout, moods vary from one person to the next.

Some tasks bring about a tranquil peace that washes over you no matter what the case is. This small moment that can easily fit into a time frame of some mere seconds seems like an eternity.

After years of research and perfecting the method, bongs nowadays are easier to use and cheaper than ever before. But, how to hit a bong is crucial when using a bong.

Hitting a bong perfectly is one fine example of how some things bring about the same emotions in everyone it impacts. While the process of preparing a bong might seem like an ardors task, in reality, it is far from one.

What Is A Bong?

Bongs are tube-like apparatuses that use water as a means of filtration to remove harmful substances such as tar from the smoke inhaled while consuming cannabis. They come in multiple shapes and sizes, and the makeup material varies greatly, but most are made of glass. Bongs are almost considered utensils, so finding the best one for yourself holds great importance.

Bongs are pipes made specifically for smoking cannabis. The pipe-like shape makes it easier for the smoke to flow from one end to another. While the main purpose of the bong may seem to filter harmful substances by passing them through the water chamber, in reality, the water inside is expected to cool the smoke, which is why many people add ice before using a bong.

how to hit a bong
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Preparations Before Smoking Out Of a Bong!

There are not many requirements that should be met before performing a bong hit, but following a set, the pattern might be beneficial, which is why all the information has been provided below in two easy steps. One can approach these any way they like, so there is no need to feel overwhelmed. Like all other things, it is recommended that the bong should be cleaned properly before every use.

Filling The Water Chamber!

Bong water holds immense importance as it is the only vital component of the whole process. All the smoke from the weed made from crushed cannabis passes through this water before being inhaled through the mouth. The ice water cools down the smoke and acts as a filter. Although the water is only supposed to filter harmful substances, it also filters out most of the cannabinoids.

The quantity of how much water that should be filled depends on the size of the bong that is present. It is recommended that clean water with ice should always be used while refilling the bong to keep one's health in account.

Giving the bong a good shake after filling it with water can greatly impact the experience while performing bong hits. Pour water in the bong only if you will use it, and do not forget to drain it after you are done.

Grinding The Cannabis!

As cannabis comes from a plant, it is mainly in the form of its leaves. These leaves are long and may be hard to fit inside the bong bowl where the weed is set on fire, which is why it is always recommended that they should be crushed or chopped up before you pack the bowl.

Using a finger to pack the cannabis can be a genius move. This makes the cannabis leaves more prone to catching fire and produces more smoke that is sucked into the smoke chamber. You can use a weed grinder to help crush your weed to the perfect size for your bowl.

It takes a few seconds to fill the bowl, which is why spending some time crushing the weed is not such a bad idea. The bowl is the removable part of the setup and is the only moving part while performing hits. Most people smoke weed without grinding the cannabis leaves, making the process much harder.

Lighting To Get All The Smoke From The Bong Hit!

Always use a lighter and wait for the leaves inside the bowl to catch fire. Please don't overdo it and burn the leaves as then the burnt flavor would ruin all the fun. To light the leaves correctly is itself a task that most people fail to do. They either overburn the contents in the bowl or put too little spark in the bowl hole that the smoke does not fill the smoke chamber. Being able to fill the bowl with a decent portion of cannabis and setting it on fire can be considered an experienced move.

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How to Properly Hit a Bong!

After all the information about the bong has been dealt with, all that is left is performing the bong hit and enjoying the smoking experience. The process that is followed worldwide has remained the same since the creation of the bong, which is why it should be followed step by step.

For a perfect experience, trial and error should be repeated multiple times so that you get accustomed to using a bong.

Holding The Bong!

It is recommended that the bong body be held tightly before taking hits to avoid slipping due to its heavyweight. The bong can also be placed on an elevated surface, but this is often not recommended. Having a firm balance and complete control over the amount of smoke one takes in can be the deciding factor for either a lackluster inhale or a smoother hit.

Smoke Weed but Inhale Slowly!

When first learning how to hit a bong, it might be hard to inhale. Inhaling is a crucial step when smoking because it is what gets you high! When you inhale more and longer, the better your bong rip is! That bong water is already bubbling, so now it is time to inhale!

Breathing Practice!

Always practice deep breaths to get the lungs more used to inhaling the smoke. Clear your airways with fresh air before starting so that the effects can be more easily felt. Start by covering the mouthpiece with your lips so that the airflow is halted. Prepare the Bowl beforehand and pack the bowl with the right amount of cannabis. The covered mouthpiece should cause the chamber to become airtight so that the smoke does not leak.

Burning The Bowl!

Use a lighter to light the bong and wait for all of the fillings to catch fire. While you light the bowl, inhale from the mouth slowly until smoke rises. Wait for the chamber to fill with the desired amount of smoke before pulling the stem out.

how to hit a bong
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Practice Smoking!

Practice makes perfect, which is why the first time someone manages to hit a bong, it is not exactly a fun experience. Smoking joints regularly will eventually lead to smoother hits. It is always good to start with a small portion of smoke in the smoke chamber. Inhale slowly until the lungs get used to the smoke and the hit feels more natural.

After the bong is filled with smoke, pull all of it out using your mouth until your lungs are filled. Then remove your lips from the mouthpiece and exhale the smoke from your lungs. Reinsert the stem into the bowl and repeat the process. Keep repeating until the airflow becomes easier to control and the bong's pipe becomes easier to use.

Start smoking regularly to get used to the bongs. Try different kinds of bongs, such as a plasma bong, to find the perfect one for yourself. If you consider this article helpful, please visit our other articles for more interesting information.