How to Make a Gas Mask Bong?

how to make a gas mask bong

Gas mask bongs are a staple when it comes to both looking cool and enjoying the extra strong effects of good weed. They're an effective concept and allow you to amp up the potency of your regular bong experience.

Yet, most of the time, a professional, manufactured gas mask bong can be a bit too expensive. Moreover, if you're ordering one online, it may take some time to get to your home address, which could be bad if you were dying to try this method as soon as possible. But how to make a gas mask bong is tricky.

Luckily, you needn't worry too much. There are actually multiple ways in which you can make your own, homemade gas mask bong, using materials and tools that are easily accessible to anyone and can be found mostly in your house. You can also find gas masks in pretty much any hardware store.

And while yes, you could go to YouTube to find a step-by-step DIY gas mask bong tutorial, save yourself the time, because we're here to help you out. So regardless of whether you smoke regularly or casually, you'll find a gas mask bong quite a bang.

Keep reading to find out how to make your own gas mask bong - your next cannabis smoking experience is sure to be an unforgettable one!

How to Use a Gas Mask?

Before we go into the practical details of how you're supposed to create your gas mask bong, we should first inform you how gas mask bongs are used. If you know what they are and how they're meant to be used, you'll master the steps of making one yourself much more quickly!

A gas mask bong is meant to be used almost the same as a normal bong. The main point is that the gas mask, which should cover your face, is supposed to prevent the air that you exhale from leaking out, thus creating your own personal hot box.

The bottom part of the gas mask is connected to the mouthpiece of the bong portion, while the mask itself has straps that you need to tighten around your head. Make sure the gas mask is placed correctly and that your mouth is in the right place. It's important to stay safe and make sure that you're breathing is not cut off so you can inhale and exhale without obstruction.

Also, if you're wearing glasses, you might want to take them off before placing the gas mask on your face. When you're done with the bud of weed, you just need to detach the mask from the bong chamber and loosen the straps.

That's pretty much it. Now to the fun part - making the mask yourself!

Tips For Making a Gas Mask Bong at Home

Before we go on to the materials and particular steps of the procedure, there are a few tips that you might want to bear in mind before you set out to make a gas mask water bong at home.

  • Make sure that you're using properly cleaned and sanitized products. Protection is a must.
  • Be careful not to cut yourself during the process - much of it involves sharp objects and sharp edges, so stay focused as you risk having to stitch yourself up. Not the best idea.
  • It would be preferable if you use a standard bong for the smoking part - smoking a joint with a homemade gas mask is doable, but it's a bit trickier to manage, and kind of awkward.
  • If you have a friend who's more experienced with this, talk to them and ask them to help you out with making the mask. You can later share the "happiness" between each other.
  • Finally, be aware that using a gas mask bong may cause your eyes to get a bit dry - don't worry, it's normal and part of the hit. You haven't done anything wrong. They'll get back to normal once you remove the equipment.
How to Make a Gas Mask Bong
Photo Credit: Instructables

How to Make a Gas Mask Bong?

While you can find various ways to make the DIY face mask bong, many of which have methodological overlaps between one another, the one we're presenting here is, arguably, the most standard and practical one.

It's easy to master and, if need be, easy to adapt to your requirements.

Materials Needed

The basic equipment you'll need to do this can be found either in your kitchen or the local hardware store, and they include:

  • One 2-liter plastic bottle.
  • One pair of scissors.
  • One marker or sharpie.
  • Electrical tape, or any kind of sticky duct tape.
  • Elastic bands (optional).
  • A stapler or a drilling tool (optional).

Steps for Making A Gas Mask Bong

Follow the next steps to learn how to make a bong out of a gas mask:

Step One: Cutting Up the Plastic Bottle

The first thing you'll need to do is thoroughly wash and dry the bottle, removing all labels from it. Once your bottle is dry, take your sharpie and mark the portions that you're planning on cutting.

This would include the entirety of the lower section of the bottle - its bottom, and a U-shaped part of the bottle's side. Take your scissors and cut away the unnecessary parts. Once done, try additionally cutting the edges to make them rounder.

Turn the bottle upside down and put it on your face to try the fit. The rounded upper part should be completely cut away. The side parts should be cut in a rounded way so that they don't poke into the skin of your cheeks or chin.

Step Two: Taping Things Through

Once you've achieved the desired shape, start applying layers of electrical tape onto the edges. This serves a double purpose - it insulates the edges, reducing the amount of air circulation, and it also makes the edges smoother and more comfortable for usage.

At times a single layer of tape does well, but 3-4 layers won't hurt either.

How to Make a Gas Mask Bong
Photo Credit: ZAM Grinders

Step Three: Strapping it Up

While this isn't a necessary step, it does add a special spark to the whole experience. Take the rubber bands and attach them to the two corners of the bottle which should be at the upper parts of your face.

You can either drill two tiny holes in the bottle or use the stapler to connect the bands to the bottle.

Try it on by putting your face into the device. It should be snug and comfortable, yet easy to slide in and out of. The only place to get oxygen should be the opening of the bottle which should come at the very bottom, underneath your chin.

Adjust the tightness of the straps.

Step Four: Prepare to Inhale

Now, there are two ways to do this, depending on whether you have a bong or not.

Bong Alternative:

If you do own a bong, what you should do is open the bottle and adjust it onto the opening of your bong's chamber. Find a position in which no air from the bong can go outside.

Proceed to use the bong as you normally do, lighting the bowl, inhaling the weed in your lungs, and exhaling. The air will remain to circulate your homemade gas mask waterpipe.

Joint Alternative:

If you don't own a bong, however, and are planning on using a joint, you should take the following steps.

Close the bottle's bottom and make sure it's tight. Take the drill and drill a small hole just above it. It should be wide enough for the joint to fit through it, yet narrow enough for no air to escape.

Light the joint separately, before putting your head inside the DIY gas mask water bong. Stick the lighted joint inside the hole and proceed to smoke.

Making a Smoke Gas Bong Conclusion

That's all! Once you've done this, you've created your own gas mask bong! If you're careful enough, it won't end up cutting your face, and will feel completely comfortable. Moreover, it should be as effective as a store-bought gas mask bong.

It could be even better - you'll be able to appreciate it more because you made it yourself.