How To Make A Homemade Gravity Bong?

How To Make A Homemade Gravity Bong

Don't own your own bong to consume your preferred cannabis? It becomes irritating to have to call a friend who might know someone who owns a bong to get your dose. Even though there are now many ways to consume cannabis, bongs are still the preferred method.

Gravity Bongs are the perfect solution when you’re confused about your smoking choices and don’t have enough devices or you simply want to experiment with something new. The best part is that gravity bongs are easy to create don’t have many new items to make. You might now know how to make a homemade gravity bong, but you're in the right place.

Here is a guide that provides you with all the necessary information on how to make gravity bongs with two different methods at home.

What Is A Gravity Bong?

A gravity bong is also denoted as a geebie, jib, GB, geeb, etc. It’s a homemade way of consuming cannabis. They’re often created from water bottles, using water and air pressure to get smoke out of the device hence the name gravity bong.

Inhaling a “geeb” refers to the action of inhaling a hit directly from the gravity bong. Gravity bongs are inventive as they make use of gravity to produce hefty clouds of smoke that can be inhaled easily.

These pieces are fun to create and provide you with extremely effective and exciting ways to ingest cannabis. The way gravity bongs work is by pushing heavily concentrated smoke to your lungs and filling them up with smoke that is equal to the regular hit using a joint or pipe.

When you breathe in the substances of the smoky bottle, you’re breathing in smoke that is in the entire bowl of cannabis in one sitting. Because of this, beginners are advised not to do gravity bongs, since it is possible to get high intensely which you might not be able to tolerate.

Tips For Making Bongs At Home

Keeping your smoking devices clean and sanitized is important. This is so you don't get any bacteria and avoid sickness.

Precautions For Creating A Homemade Bong

The creation of a homemade bong is a rewarding method. Before you make the bong, reflect on these critical tips:

Avoid Metal Bowl Pieces and Plastic

Understandably, there are times when using a soda can or a plastic bottle is the only choice you have, but remember that inhaling plastic fumes or aluminum foil can be dangerous for your health.

While using the plastic bottle to contain the smoke is alright, using the plastic container as a bowl piece can cause it to melt, which releases harmful vapor.

Only Use Food Of Great Quality

When you consider making your homemade bongs. Make sure to use fresh food. The golden rule is that if you cannot eat the food, you can’t smoke out of it either. Moldy and stale food falls apart easily and this might affect the fragrance. Making a pipe out of an apple is another great option.

Keeping Your Homemade Bong Clean And Sanitized

When a ring starts to form around the waterline of the bong while poring pure water, you see tiny leftover residue which is an indication that your bong requires immediate cleaning. If these particles combine with mildew and bacteria, then the result is a very strong and specific bong smell that lingers in the air.

It is suggested that you clean your bong at least once a week. Specialists like to keep their homemade water pipes clean along with their bongs clean every day. Just dump out the water once you’re done using the water pipe, which should prevent the lingering smell and keep it clean and sanitary.

How To Make A Homemade Gravity Bong
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Tips For Creating Homemade Gravity Bong

A lot of factors go into making a DIY gravity bong such as what to use, how to use it, etc. There are a few tips to keep in mind when making a gravity bong at home.

Common Items

It’s possible to make homemade gravity bongs using a sports water bottle, bucket of water, large bowl, or water. Start with the bong bowl carved or placed inside the plastic bottles, and then put it into a larger plastic bottle to make a gravity bong.

Jug Or Thermos

For the bigger body of water using a jug, like a milk jug, or thermos is common. When you want to take a hit, ignite the cannabis using a lighter, slowly lift the large plastic bottle out of the water, and fill it with the flower’s smoke.

After that unscrew the lid and place your mouth directly on the bottle’s opening to allow gravity to smoothly push all the smoke from the cannabis into your lungs.

Method One: Bucket Bong

The most commonly used method for a homemade bong is known as the bucket bong. In the bucket gravity bong, water is used to push up the cannabis smoke out of an empty plastic bottle and directly into your lungs.

Item's Required

  • An empty plastic bottle
  • A container full of water
  • Box cutter or scissors
  • A Drill
  • Aluminum foil, or downstem and bowl

1st Step: Make The Bong

Start by cutting the empty plastic bottle in half. You’ll only require the top half of the plastic bottle, so you can recycle the bottle or throw it.

2nd Step: Prep The Bowl

First, use a bowl and an actual downstem that is a kind of bowl and downstem mixture used in an ordinary rig. A drill is required to make a small hole into the top half of your plastic bottle. Push the downstem into the small hole you’ve created and slither the bowl into the downstem.

Tip: For top results, the drilled hole on the lid should be nearly the precise diameter as the downstem. Once the downstem fits inside the grilled hole, it needs to be extremely airtight.

You can create a bong bowl yourself using an aluminum foil piece. To create this, take the foil in a square piece and fold it in half to make some thickness. Place the foil piece over your empty bottle’s top. Softly press down using your fingertip to produce a small depression in the foil. Then, use a toothpick or paperclip, toothpick, or a pin to stab numerous small holes in the foil.

3rd Step: Fill Entire Bucket Of Water

By now your bong, along with the bowl and downstem is ready for use, and you just have to fill the bottle with water. Avoid filling to the bottle top, as you’ll push down the bottle into the water to avoid spillage.

4th Step: Smoking

Your gravity bong is now ready to be lighted. Stuff your bowl with pinches of grounded cannabis. After this, hold onto the geeb in one hand and push it gently down into the water.

5th Step: Herb Lighting

Keep your gravity bong sunken underwater, use a lighter to flare up the cannabis. Once it produces smoke, gently begin to lift the bottle out of the water.

This helps to create a void that draws the smoke down out of the container and into the empty water bottle.

6th Step: Inhale

The bottle will now be full of more smoke, hence, you can remove the bowl and downstem and put your mouth over the bottle opening. Slowly push the bottle back into the water. This forces more smoke into your lungs.

If you wish to avoid clearing the entire bottle at one go, keep holding it into the water and put the bowl and downstem back on the highest part to trick the smoke into one place.

How To Make A Homemade Gravity Bong
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Method Two: Waterfall Bong

The waterfall gravity bong method is comparatively easier to make at home. Here are the things you'll need to gather to prepare a homemade gravity bong.

What You'll Require

  • Single-use plastic bottles that are empty
  • Box cutter or scissors
  • Aluminum foil, or downstem and bowl
  • Water

1st Step: Make Gravity Waterfall Bong

Start the gravity waterfall bong method by creating a small hole into the bottom of the plastic water bottle. It needs to be a larger bottle to assist in the flow of liquid easily.

2nd Step: Prep The Bowl

A drill is required to create a small hole onto the lid of your bottle, to be able to use the actual bowl and downstem. Once more, the drill is used to create a hole into the lid the small size as the diameter of the downstem for airtight purposes.

An aluminum foil can be used to make a bong bowl. Start by folding a square portion of foil and Moderately press down using your fingertips to produce a minor bowl form and use a pin, toothpick, or paperclip to jab numerous minor holes in the foil.

3rd Step: Fill Entire Bucket Of Water

Eliminate the bowl/downstem mixture and cover the hole using your finger in the bottom of the bottle. Now fill it with water.

4th Step: Smoking

To avoid spillage, cover the hole in the bottle by holding your finger over it. Now, take your bowl/downstem mixture back on top of the bottle and carton it with a pinch of ground marijuana.

5th Step: Fill Bottle Bong With Cannabis Smoke

Flare-up the cannabis. While it smokes, take away your finger from the hole in the bottom of your bottle and allow the water to rush out. As water drizzles out of the bottle, the smoke is drawn down out of the bowl and into the bottle.

6th Step: Inhale The Smoke

Once the water inside the geeb is substituted with smoke, you can cover the small hole on the bottle’s bottom with your finger to trap the smoke. When you’re ready to take a regular hit, place your mouth on the opening, take your finger away and inhale.

If you don't want to clear the whole bottle timely, put the bowl and downstem mixture back on the bottle’s top and cover the bottom hole with your finger. The remaining smoke gets trapped inside the bottle. You can also use tape instead of your finger to cover the hole in the bottle’s bottom.

How to Make Gravity Bong Like a Pro

There are many benefits to creating your own homemade gravity bong. One of the main benefits is adjusting the homemade water bong according to your own water pressure that suits your tolerance. It's more efficient to do gravity bong at home because you avoid doing regular long multiple hits. Creating your gravity bong trust us when we say that you won't be disappointed.