How to Make a Water Bottle Bong?


If a friend borrowed your bong, and you can’t afford a new one (or still waiting for them to return it to you) and the itch for a hit settles in your body, how about making a bong for yourself? This article will teach you how to make a water bottle bong so you can smoke without a bong.

Don't Have a Bong?

It’s no surprise that bongs can get pretty expensive, and getting a new one just because you accidentally left it at a friend’s house may seem impractical. If you can’t buy a new one, what do you do when you get the urge to satisfy your cravings? Get thrifty!

Making a bong yourself is probably one of the highest milestones a stoner can achieve. Not only will you finally be able to inhale your favorite herb, but also get the extra satisfaction of being able to smoke from something you created yourself.

Making a plastic bong is as exciting as you think it is- all you need are some household items that you can easily find around you, and some marijuana- and you have an easy and functional homemade water bong ready to use!

how to make a water bottle bong
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Tips On How To Make a Water Bottle Bong

Making a water bong is not that scary or difficult as it seems, however, there are some things you should know before getting ready to make one and using it.


This should not be used as a permanent solution. Sometimes you just need to take a hit and making a bong to satisfy your craving once is okay. However, burning your cannabis inside a plastic bottle is rather harmful to your body, especially if you keep using the same bottle multiple times.

The heat from the smoke and your lighter can easily melt the plastic or you can inhale residual plastic as you inhale the smoke.


Having glass bongs to call your own is a classy look, especially if it comes with a cool design. However, not always can we afford to buy one. Making an empty water bottle bong is much easier and cheaper than buying an expensive glass one.

Though if you are looking for a long-term solution for a bong but not keen on spending too much, look into buying a silicone one! Although not that cheap, but long-lasting and safer than water bottle bongs!


Additionally, making a bong out of a water bottle is a great way to recycle your plastics and reduce your waste production! After you’re done with your DIY bong, you can recycle the plastic water bottle again.


Make sure that your bottle is completely clean and dry. Even if you are not using soda bottles for your bong, it is never a bad idea to clean them.


Although most stoners state that there is no visible difference between taking a hit from a glass or an empty bottle bong, making a gravity bong with the water bottle works much better. 

All you need to do is place your water bottle bong in a bowl of water and the air pressure and gravity- as the name suggests- will allow you to inhale a more concentrated hit of marijuana. 

how to make a water bottle bong
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How to Make a Water Bottle Bong?

Making a water bottle bong- even though not the proudest moment in a stoner’s life- is probably a decision a majority of the weed community has resorted to. Due to that, there are always easy ways showing up regarding how to make a water bottle bong of your own.

Materials You Need To Make Your Water Bottle Bong

  • Pen: A simple plastic pen will work since you do not need the contents of the pen. You need the body and metal v-shaped screw that the pen’s tip peeks out from.
  • Water Bottle: This will be the main body of your bong. There are no restrictions regarding size and length- all you need is a clean bottle.
  • Lighter: There’s no need to worry if you don’t have one. The purpose is to burn a safe hole in the water bottle. You can always use a pair of scissors, but they’ll make a jagged hole that could injure you.
  • Cannabis: This one’s self-explanatory. You can’t have a bong without some great weed.
  • Tape/Clay/Duct Tape: This isn’t entirely necessary, but if it’s your first time making yourself a bong, make sure to keep some at hand.
  • Aluminum Foil: You do not need a lot, just some to make an aluminum foil bowl for your favorite herbs to go in.
  • Needle/Toothpick/Sharp Knife: This will be used to poke some holes into the aluminum foil.

Step 1: The Down Stem And Its Placement

Before you start prepping your water bottles, pull apart your pen. It’s better if it is made entirely of metal, but not that big of an issue if it isn’t. If you are using a basic ballpoint, you can discard the spring, ink tube, and cap that comes with it.

The metal screw that comes on the front should be turned around- screw side facing out. We’re inverting the screw as the pen shaft will work as a pen pipe- much like a straw to inhale the smoke through- and the screw will be placed into the bottle.

About a quarter up from the bottom of the bottle, use a lighter to burn a hole in the plastic. A lighter is important to properly mold the piece of plastic. As soon as the plastic starts to melt, insert the pen's shaft into the bottle to create a hole. To be extra sure that the bottle’s hole is occupied completely with the pen pipe, you can use some clay or tape to secure the hole. You can use a piece of chewed-up gum too! A scissor can help make a hole too, but it won’t be as effective.

Step 2: The Chokehole and Its Placement

To make a carb hole or a chokehole, make another, small hole on the opposite side of your down stem. A carb is used to clear out the smoke from the bong. Simply keeping and removing your finger from the hole on your homemade bong will make the carb work.

Step 3: The Bowl To Place Your Weed

For the bowl, you can throw away the cap of the water bottle, and press some aluminum foil in place of the cap. 

After the foil is wrapped securely along the hole, use a toothpick or a needle to poke holes for the cannabis to fall into the bottle. You can also apply some pressure to give it a dent for a depressed bowl shape. This will also prevent your weed from falling by creating an aluminum foil bowl.

Step 4: How To Make It All Work

Now all you need to do is light up a match or flick your lighter on to heat your selection of herbs and let your homemade water bottle bong do its thing!

Cover the chokehole as you gently inhale to make sure the weed doesn’t escape. Simply release the pressure if the smoke fills up in the bottle. Putting water inside the bottle is optional, but if you want it to stand upright you can fill water in until it reaches the down stem.

how to make a water bottle bong
Photo Credit: Green Rush

Now You Know How to Make a Water Bottle Bong

Using a bong to inhale the rich flavor and allowing the cannabis to seep into your system is a great way to let yourself consume weed. While a plastic bottle bong is an easy and cheap DIY project to take up if you do not have your own functional bong, it comes with a lot of risks that aren’t visible until it may be too late.

Homemade water bongs are not only helpful for the environment considering the amount of plastic you can save, but also give you bragging points in front of your stoner friends for being able to make your own bong from scratch!

However, you should keep in mind that though a plastic water bottle bong is easy and functional, it is injurious to your health. The plastic can melt off after a few uses and make its way into your body which is never a good thing.

If you keep the dangers in mind, making a water bottle bong all by yourself is definitely a fun party trick to impress those around you and gain brownie points in your social circles!