How to Make Sure Your Vape Cartridge is Safe

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How to Make Sure Your Vape Cartridge Won't Kill You

The recent cases of illnesses and deaths linked to vaping are understandably concerning to anyone who uses vape products. Many of those who vape do so as a healthier alternative to smoking and may now be worried that vaping is even worse for them than traditional cigarettes. Those who vape should know that the toxic substance that is causing the vape illnesses has now been identified and that by purchasing vape products from reputable sources, you can avoid getting sick.

What is Vaping?

While vaping is usually considered an alternative to smoking cigarettes, it’s actually much different. Cigarettes burn tobacco leaves and those who smoke inhale nicotine along with more than 4,000 chemicals, many of which are toxic. Vaping, on the other hand, involves inhaling the vapor produced by heating a liquid that sometimes – but not always – contains nicotine. There is no burning and there is no smoke involved in vaping. An e-cigarette consists of a coil that heats up to vaporize liquid, a storage tank for the liquid, and a wick to carry the liquid from the tank to the coil. An intake system lets air flow into the device, over the coil, and into the mouthpiece where it can then be inhaled. The CCELL cartridge takes this to yet another level by replacing the wick-based coil with a ceramic heating element that releases purer flavors and higher potency in a more efficient manner.

What Causes Vape Illness? 

Vaping The substance that has been found in the lungs of those who have gotten sick from their vaping products is vitamin E acetate. Vitamin E acetate is used to dilute the oil concentrate in e-cigarettes and other vaping products.  More commonly used by low-quality brands and non-reputable sources as a "filler" in a concentrated oil for cartridges. While this substance is also present in some foods and skincare products, it has proven to not be harmful if it’s applied topically or ingested. It only causes issues when it is taken directly into the lungs.

How Can I Prevent Getting Sick from My Vape Products?

There is a simple way to avoid getting sick from vaping: buy your products from licensed distributors like CCELL or Hamilton Devices. The reason why so many people are getting sick from vaping is that they are not buying their products from reputable sources. Many are buying from online stores that do not test their products or from sellers who are more concerned with turning a profit than on the health and safety of their customers. Authentic CCELL distributors are committed to quality control and are the only place to purchase authentic CCELL cartridges and other real vaping products.

How are CCELL products better?

The CCELL cartridge and other products such as the CCELL vape pen and CCELL palm are all tested by third-party labs who are now being extremely cautious when approving products. They test for quality in all their products and do not sell anything that has not been thoroughly tested and approved. CCELL is the standard for those who want a quality a vape cartridge or vape battery. Other companies actually use CCELL hardware in their own products because of their advanced technology that prevents leaks and excels at absorbing, storing, and vaporizing high viscosity extracted oil. Their patented ceramic formula is unequaled by any other vaping product on the market.

 Who is CCELL?

CCELL is a global innovator in the portable vaporizer industry. With 12 years of expertise in the vaporizer business, more than 10,000 employees (including 200 quality control experts and 260 research and development engineers), CCELL is revolutionizing the world of vaping and has set the standard that all other vape companies are attempting to live up to.

Where to buy CCELL

Buying authentic CCELL cartridges from reputable CCELL distributors like Hamilton Devices is the best way to guarantee the safety and quality of your vape cartridge, CCELL dab pen, and other products. Hamilton DevicesHamilton Devices is a CCELL shop that sells directly to the consumer as well as providing wholesale products to other distributors. They sell only authorized CCELL hardware and are the recognized leader in vaporizer technologies. If you already vape or if you are a smoker who wants to switch to a healthier alternative, you need to buy authentic CCELL products. With more illnesses linked to vaping hitting the news every day, it’s vital to be informed of the true cause of these illnesses. And understand that buying high-quality products that are thoroughly tested to ensure they contain no harmful substances and are not cheaply made is important. When you buy from an authentic CCELL shop like Hamilton Devices, you can enjoy the healthier alternative of vaping without fear of toxic chemicals. Shop Hamilton Devices and get 10% OFF your online order with our Hamilton Devices coupon code "CCELL10"!