How to Pass a Drug Test in 24 Hours

Pass a Drug Test 

Pass a Drug Test in 24 Hours 

Do you enjoy a cannabis lifestyle? If so, you probably use marijuana to relax, socialize, wind down after a stressful day, or treat chronic health conditions like pain, insomnia, inflammation, or anxiety. As a user, there may come a time in your life where you may need to pass a drug test.

Fortunately, there are ways to pass a drug test and continue to live your preferred lifestyle. Here’s how to pass a drug test when you have a 24 hrs notice.

Why Would You Need to Pass a Drug Test?

As mentioned above, drug tests are a common function and passing them should always be the goal. If you enjoy a cannabis lifestyle, you will need to find a way to pass these tests. Having 24 hrs notice gives you a little bit of time to prepare as opposed to random drug tests where you need to take the urine test on the spot and have no time to come up with an effective solution.

How Can I Pass a Drug Test?

There are several different ways you can try to pass a drug test when you have 24 hrs notice. The first is by taking a detox drink to try to clear all the drug residue out of your system. Unfortunately, many of these drinks are ineffective and some can even be dangerous.

Pass a Drug Test 

Another way is to avoid marijuana before your test. However, if you only have a one-day notice and you’ve used marijuana in the past couple of weeks, it’s likely the drug will still show up in your urine.

Buying clean urine from another person is a third option. This can be tough as you need to ask someone else for their urine and you also never know if their urine is clean. You must also find a way to transport the urine, keep it at the right temperature, and deposit the urine into the test cup at the time of the test.

The most reliable way to pass a drug test when you are a frequent marijuana user is to use synthetic urine. ALS is a reliable and experienced company that makes synthetic urine and fake urine accessories for fetish and novelty use. Although not intended by the seller, these novelty kits can also be used to pass a drug test and are especially useful when you only have a 24 hrs notice. ALS makes products like the Whizz Kit, the Lil Whizz, and Whizzinator Touch, all of which are good options depending on your unique needs.

How Can Females Pass a Drug Test?

If you plan to use anovelty kit from ALS, you should know the differences between the options. Males who are taking a supervised drug test where they are observed will usually be best off purchasing the Whizzinator Touch, which includes a lifelike prosthetic penis. Females can usually pass a drug test successfully with a Whizz Kit, which is often referred to as a female Whizzinator.

Pass a Drug Test 

This includes the fake urine, heating pads to warm the urine and keep it at the right temperature, and a delivery system. A female needs only to take the bag of synthetic urine to her stomach or tuck the bag of fake urine into her clothing. She can then thread the tube through her underwear and be able to release the fake urine into the collection unit when she is ready to take her test. The Whizz Kit is effective in helping females pass both observed and unobserved drug tests.

How Can a Daily User Pass a Drug Test?

If you are an infrequent user of marijuana, the THC will show up in your urine tests for around four days after you last smoke it. A frequent user will have it in their urine for approximately ten days after and a heavy user, such as one who smokes every day, could still have marijuana in their urine for one to two months after their last smoke.

Dab Pens

That means that the odds of a daily user passing a drug test with their own urine is incredibly low. Though some believe they can take detox drinks before their test and ‘clean’ their urine, this is usually not very effective and can even be dangerous.

The only reliable way for a daily user to pass a drug test when they only have 24 hours notice is to use synthetic urine or to use someone else’s urine. Of course, as mentioned above, asking someone for their urine can be an awkward situation and you have no guarantees that the person you ask has clean urine. By using a quality novelty kit such as the Whizzinator or Whizz Kit, you can avoid embarrassment and be rest assured that the urine you are using is clean, Ph-balanced, and as close to real urine as possible.

What is the Whizzinator?

The Whizzinator and Whizz Kit are meant for novelty and fetish use and they have been the top products on the market for a number of years. You only need to look up Whizzinator reviews to see how many satisfied customers have used the kits and recommend it to others.

You can also use the synthetic urine sold by ALS or their kits to pass a drug test. The Whizzinator is a complete novelty kit that includes the fake urine, the delivery system, and the warming pads for an effective outcome.

Pass a Drug Test 

Do you want to continue to enjoy your alternative lifestyle and still be able to pass a drug test? If you have 24 hours notice, the best way to do this is by using fake urine from a novelty kit like those sold by ALS.

**ALS does not promote or endorse their products for drug testing purposes, follow all state and federal laws when using ALS products. They're intended as novelty items.

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