How To Roll A Blunt

how to roll a blunt

When it comes to smoking weed, there are dozens of ways to smoke, from bongs and vape pens, all the way to blunts and joints. What's one of the best ways to smoke? It depends on who you ask but most cannabis connoisseurs will agree that a blunt is the best way to enjoy their favorite strains.

It's one of the easiest and best ways to consume weed, with all the materials being easily accessible with the legalization of weed. But how do you roll a blunt? What are some of the best ways to smoke a blunt? Is a blunt different from a joint? What do I need to roll a blunt?

We will answer all these questions and give you a step-by-step guide on how to roll a blunt and smoke it. Stay tuned and keep reading!

What is a blunt?

A blunt is essentially a cannabis cigar, with a tobacco leaf wrap being used to roll the blunt. You hollow out the tobacco leaf wrap and stuff it with your favorite weed strain and spark up and smoke, just like a cigar.

A lot of smokers prefer blunts to any other method because of the rich flavor and taste of the tobacco wrapping gives, as well as the customization of the blunt.

Difference Between A Blunt and A Joint

Blunt and joints are often confused with one another since they are similar. But these are VERY different smoking methods, with a blunt using blunt wraps like swisher sweets or backwoods and a joint using thinner, rolling papers like Zig Zag or Raw.

Joints also take less weed and are often used for quick smoking sessions. Joints also have a filter that filtrates the harsh smoke. Blunts are made more flavorful with the help of a blunt wrap and blunt tend to have more marijuana and are used for bigger group settings.

How To Roll A Blunt

Rolling a blunt is simple once you get the hang of it, usually taking 3-5 minutes to roll with the right materials. The rolling process takes some trial and error, and it may not look pretty at first but once you master the craft, you're rolling a perfect blunt, every time.

Let's look at some of the materials you need for rolling.


  • Rolling tray
  • 1-2 Blunt wraps (swisher sweets, backwoods, Dutch Masters, any tobacco wrap will do)
  • grinder
  • 1-2 grams of weed
  • (if applicable) EZ blunt splitter
  • lighter

Step 1: Choose Your Blunt Wrap

Choosing the right blunt wrap is a great first step to rolling blunts because it makes or breaks your smoking experience. Your blunt wraps add flavor to your blunt and are often the reason people prefer blunts to joints.

Brands like swisher sweets or Dutch Masters are great for blunts and can be found in any corner store or gas station. They usually come in a pack of 2 so you're getting bang for your buck with every pack.

Step 2: Break Down The Tobacco Wrap

This is arguably one of the most tedious and toughest steps as blunt wraps aren't really meant to be broken. It will take precision and some prep work, but once you get the craft down, you'll be rolling the perfect blunt.

An EZ Splitter is perfect for cutting the blunt wrap and can get a precision cut with its small razor blade, but your fingers can work just as well if you don't have a splitter available.

Step 3: Empty the tobacco inside

This is one of the most important factors in rolling a blunt. It can be very dangerous to mix weed and tobacco and can lead to dangerous side effects if it's not done right. This step is easy and important.

Once you get rid of all the tobacco, attempt to flatten your blunt wrap and get ready for the next step.

Step 4: Grind your weed

The next step is to pick your favorite weed strain and get your handy weed grinder. A blunt usually takes about a gram of weed, it is important to determine how much weed goes into a blunt for a nice, even slow burn.

When grinding the cannabis it's important to get a nice, consistent grind to it all burns evenly inside the blunt and you're not smoking chunks.

Step 5: Place weed in blunt wrap

Now comes the best part. Placing weed into your blunt can be a bit messy if it's not done right and all the weed can go all over the place and go to waste so it's important to have a good rolling tray or flat surface.

The best method is to lay your blunt wrap flat on the surface and slowly pour the contents into the blunt wrap while it's laid flat. Once the contents are inside, tuck in the ends to prevent cannabis from falling out and to get it ready for the next step.

Step 6: Seal the blunt with your tongue

It may seem gross or unsanitary but wetting the blunt with your tongue is a necessary step to keeping the contents inside while you smoke. To properly seal the blunt hold the edge of the tobacco wrap that is now on top of the other edge and use your tongue to wet it.

Then you lick the inside of the wrap and press it down on top of the other edge of the wrap. The moisture should make the tobacco stick to itself, and it seals the blunt completely.

Step 7: Sealing the blunt with a lighter

The last and final step is sealing the blunt with a lighter. Blunts tend to need a little bit of reinforcement when it comes to being sealed and the fire does just the job. To do this, you run the lighter through the seams of the blunt to dry them and seal them for good.

It's important that you don't hold the lighter too close to the wrap to avoid burning, but once it's sealed, you're ready to go!

Rolling A Blunt Pros Vs Cons

Learning how to roll is a work of art, once you've got a perfectly rolled blunt, you will never want to smoke any other way ever again. There are plenty of benefits to smoking a blunt and it's a very popular method to consume weed. However, like all things in life, there are also some drawbacks to smoking a blunt.

Rolling a blunt Pros

Blunts are usually the preferred method of smoking because they are so versatile compared to bongs or dab rigs. You can roll a blunt anywhere and get most of the materials anywhere around you. You can smoke in groups or by yourself, just enjoy responsibly.

Blunts are also slow-burning, which means you can enjoy a more extended session without having to repack a bowl every few seconds or lighting another joint. Since they are flavorful and tasty, you can enjoy your smoking experience while watching the sunset or watching your favorite show or movie.

Rolling a blunt Cons

Cannabis smokers will agree blunts are life-changing and it's a popular method of consuming weed in the cannabis community, with the average joint getting you to places no bong, rig, or edible can get you. Unfortunately, that means that sometimes the combination of tobacco-infused wraps and the THC in the cannabis can be too strong for some users. The high can be a bit too intense and it can be pretty easy to go overboard.

Another not-so-great disadvantage of blunts is the smell. While bongs and edibles are virtually odorless, the potent smell of blunts can turn heads and can be a distraction to discreet smoking.

Where To Buy Materials To Roll A Blunt

roll a blunt

Most materials used to roll a blunt, like blunt wraps, lighters, and grinders can be found in most smoke shops or liquor stores and you can get your favorite weed strain in any dispensary, but for high-quality materials like rolling trays, splitters, other materials there is no place better than Slyng has partnered with some of the best names in the cannabis industry, with some high-quality accessories you won't get anywhere else.

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How To Roll a Blunt - Final Thoughts

Blunts are among the most popular ways to consume cannabis and with good reason. Learning how to roll is easy and once you get the hang of it, it can forever change your smoke sessions. Blunts are the way of the future and can be a great way to bond with your stoner friends.

So the next time someone asks how to roll a blunt, you'll be able to raise your hand and roll the blunt step by step.