How to Smoke a Bong?


Bongs are one of the most popular smoking methods these days. We will be fair; it is certainly not as easy as smoking cigarettes. It can be a pretty complicated affair for beginners. That's probably why you are reading this article on how to smoke a bong. However, as you will find, smoking weed from a water pipe is not as tough a job as some portray it.

All you need is a helpful guide, a manual that guides you from A-Z on the steps you need to take to enjoy your bong bowl! And that's what we are going to do today. Join us as we embark on a smoky journey in the world of bongs!

how to smoke a bong
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Tips for Smoking Out of a Bong

The more important question that needs to be answered is how much water you add? The answer to this question depends on the size of the bong you are using.

Generally, the idea is to fill up water up to 1 inch above the tip of the downstem. It makes no sense to add any more water unless you are prepared for some splashing during smoking. Oh, and you have to pour water directly into the mouthpiece.

How to Smoke A Bong?

Before thinking about smoking weed or any other herb out of the bong, you need to fill the bong with water. Then, it would help if you packed the bowl.

Once you have done that, you need to the bowl, followed by filling the smoke chamber with smoke. And then we inhale! Beginners should take things slowly until they master the art of smoking bong perfectly!

How to Prepare your Bong

  • Step One- Please fill your bong with water. You don't need to shop for fancy waters designed solely for smoking; simple tap water will do the job.
  • Step Two- Grind your cannabis in this step if you have not done it already. A grinder, a knife, or even your thumbs can do the job efficiently. You have to ensure proper grinding; the tool hardly matters.
  • Step Three- Now, you have to pack cannabis in the bowl. It is better to load the bigger pieces of cannabis in the bowl first since these pieces can help prevent the smaller pieces from getting sucked up through the bowl when you are smoking.

Next, take some finely ground cannabis and drop it into the bowl in the following mini step. You have to keep in mind a few things when you are in this step. One, make sure that you are not packing the bowl too tightly.

Otherwise, you will be blocking the air passage. Second, if you plan on a solo hit, it is better to pack the bowl only up to the halfway mark. But if you are planning on filling it to the fullest, please ensure that you are not serving it beyond the rim.

how to smoke a bong
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Tips For How to Smoke a Bong

You have done the hard part; it is now time to get into the action. Here are the key points to keep in mind when lighting up your bong:

1- Are you a complete novice to the idea of smoking water pipes? If so, it is best to position yourself somewhere close to a window, a table nearby. There is a good chance that you might find things a little rough. In that case, you need to think about handling the cough.

2- It is best to wrap hands around the smoke chamber. Can't find it? It is the lengthy section that connects the mouthpiece and water chamber. It is always good to ensure a good grip before showing flame to your bong! You can also hold your bong bowl from the bottom as well.

3- We would like you to take a few deep breaths and use your diaphragm for breathing in this instance. The logic behind this is that your body will be filled with oxygen, and you won't face many coughing problems in the first hit.

4- Place your lips on the mouthpiece, use your free hand to light up the lighter and wrap your fingers wrapped around the lighter. That way, you can avoid minor and significant lighter burns. Now tilt the lighter on the side and burn the edge of cannabis packed in your bowl. Just another trick to keep your cannabis stock last a little longer!

How to Inhale

And now we inhale that smoke! So inhaling deeply is the first instruction that we want you to keep in mind!

The first tip that we have got for you is don't rush it! Enjoy it as much as you can by taking things slowly. Plus, a quicker inhale is likely to fill your lungs with smoke. We can tell you with complete confidence that you don't want that happening to you as a novice!

how to smoke a bong
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Step One

Once you see that enough smoke has made its way to the chamber, stop lightning up the reservoir.

It is all about maximizing your experience, so please don't let things get out of hand. No point in creating more smoke! However, we don't mean to say that you should remove the mouthpiece. Don't do that, or else the smoke in the smoke chamber will effuse out and escape.

Step Two

Now, you have to pull the bowl out of the stem and inhale smoke in the water chamber.

It is best to do this activity with the same hand you have used this entire operation. Now you must smoke intensely so that the smoke enters straight into your lungs! Inhaling the smoke in the chamber and inhaling it deeply is imperative to the process of effective bong smoking.

Step Three

Hold the smoke in your lungs for just a few seconds.

Anything more than that, and you are simply flirting with the danger of causing severe harm to your pulmonary health. The trick is not to hold the smoke longer than just a couple of seconds. It is especially true if you smoke marijuana using bongs. Otherwise, be ready for some adverse health effects!

Step Four

It is time to exhale it out.

But please make sure that you are not exhaling the smoke out in front of people's faces. It is best to exhale all the smoke out of a window.

That's all! You can remove the bowl and pour out the water if you are done with your smoking session. Then, rinse the bong bowl and place it in a safe spot. Take extra precautions if it is a glass bong that you are using.

Now You Can Smoke a Bong!

Now then, that would be all for now. Of course, the exact steps may vary depending on the type of bong you are using, as well as the herb you are smoking. We know most of you are going to smoke weed! But anyway, this guide will help you understand the basic concepts. If you read these lines with utmost attention, we are pretty confident that you are good to go for your first ever big hits with bongs!