How to Smoke a Bubbler

Nowadays, there are several ways to enjoy herb/flower beside the traditional blunt or joint. Now, you can customize your smoking experience to cater to your needs, whether you want something to enjoy in the comfort of your own home like a bong, or you want something more discreet for on the go smoking like a glass pipe. But what if there was something that combined both the convenience of a glass pipe and the flavorful, cooled hits you get with a bong? Luckily there is something, it’s called a bubbler.

What is a Glass Bubbler?

Glass bubblers are a lot like a mini-bong, they have the filtration system and the cooling chamber to give you cool, THC filled hits that don’t burn your lungs and a nice sturdy base that keeps it upright and protected from accidental spills. Bubblers come in all shapes and designs that make them the preferred choice for any other method. In fact, these little water pipes are often chosen as a standout due to their various designs, colors, and shapes. There are glass bubblers, double bubblers, all sorts of cool bubblers that go with any theme or preference.

How to Smoke From a Bubbler?

Smoking out of a bubbler is fairly simple and self-explanatory, especially for regular smokers. The first step is filling the water chamber with some water. Most users use cold water to really feel the cool hit but any type of water is fine. The next step is grinding up flower like you would any regular bong hit and pack it in. Most glass bubblers have a carb so cover it with your finger or thumb and place your mouth over the mouthpiece. The last step is lighting the bowl and drawing the smoke gently but consistently into the chamber. Remove your thumb or finger from the carb and inhale at your own pace.

Different Types of Bubblers

Just like bongs and pipes, there are hundreds of different designs and colors of bubblers, since a majority of bubblers are glass, glass artists have the freedom of making them in different shapes and colors.

Double Bubbler

Double bubblers are uniquely designed, very cool bubblers that work by making the smoke travel from one chamber to the other, as you light up the bowl. This in turn connects the two chambers and serves as a bridge for the smoke, giving you the coolest hit possible while maintaining all the flavor. This works almost exactly like a percolator in a bong and the overall design looks really cool and since it is a bubbler, it is reasonably priced for the value. Double bubblers are perfect for beginners or those making the transition from bong to a bubbler.

Mini Bubbler Pipes

Mini bubbler pipes are a smaller version of a regular bubbler and are uniquely designed to look like a pipe. Similar to any bubbler, it is conveniently sized for discreet, on the go smoking, and it has the water chamber so it’s essentially a pipe with a cooling system.

Where to Find Cool Glass Bubblers?

Finding cool glass bubblers seems like an easy task with all the different brands and online stores that sell bubblers, but how do you know if you’re getting the best options for reasonable prices? The truth is that it’s hard, especially with every store being online making bold claims about their bongs, pipes, and bubblers. bubbler It’s easy to get fooled by the claims and it’s even easier for cheap companies that cut corners to make the most money selling you something that they don’t believe in. At Slyng, every one of our pieces is fully backed by us and we only work with the best of the best. We combine convenience, quality, and we take pride in our pieces. We don’t cut corners and make sure you get the best quality piece, every time. We’re fully backed by customers who have ordered from us and have created a culture and community with our pieces. Whether it’s your first time shopping with us or your 100th, we guarantee that you will always get exactly what you’re looking for. There are several glass bubblers like the mini bubbler and the double bubbler, and can all be found in several glass shops. But to find the best cool bubblers, there is no better place than