How to Smoke Dabs Without a Rig?

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Perhaps your dab rig or a key component has shattered, preventing you from enjoying a good dab and that's why you're looking into how to smoke dabs without a rig?

Well, the great news is, even if you don't have a functional glass dab setup, you could still vaporize your smoke wax for a memorable high! While the preferred technique to vaporize your dabs properly is still with a dab rig and a torch, you can get creative because it's definitely not the only technique. Dabs combined with cannabis concentrates, it turns out, are a terrific method to smoke wax when you don't have a dab rig handy.

What is the Purpose of a Dab Rig?

A dab rig, also known as a concentrate dab rig, is an amped-up version of a bong or a water pipe. These dab rigs are made primarily for using water vapors to smoke strong concentrates. The dab tool has a nail that is usually a quartz or titanium nail, and the rest of the body is usually made of glass.

So if you're looking to smoke concentrates from a dab rig; all you're essentially using is a modified water pipe with a handful of additional pieces protruding from it that make it easy and enjoyable to use. No doubt that with its all-glass chambers as well as a crystalline banger with the carb cap, a dab rig is quite a sight to see. But you could just as easily create the same effect with a plastic bottle.

So what can you use?

  1. Aluminum foil
  2. Bowl
  3. Vape pens
  4. Empty Plastic Bottle
  5. Rolling paper
  6. Butter Knife
  7. Car lighter/Heating Coil/any other heat source
How to Smoke Dabs Without a Rig
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Tips for Smoking Dabs Without a Rig

1. No matter the technique you use for dabbing, it is a great idea to freeze your wax for about 10 minutes before use, especially if the dabbing concentrate is sticky or has melted. This will help solidify it so you can easily handle it for rolling into a joint or placing it on top of your hot knives.

2. When rolling your wax, make sure to use equipment like rolling kiefs and roaches. They help maintain the sanitation of your workstation as well as your wax.

3. Hot knives work best when there are two people involved; it should be performed in a kitchen or a fire-safe setting when there's no danger of things catching fire.

4. Don't dab with the electric car lighter because not only does it require you to heat the lighter twice, but it has a huge risk for setting the car/car seats/you on fire. It also ruins your car lighter forever because you're not getting that stubborn wax out of it so easily.

Ways for Smoking Dabs Without a Rig

Now that you know what a dab rig is and learned some tips, here are five different ways you can smoke dabs without a dab rig.

Smoking Dabs With a Dab Pen

A great alternative is to use vape pens to smoke dabs. Of course, you'll need batteries as well as a cartridge if you want to use a vape pen. Dispensary cartridges are all-in-ones that feature an atomizer and a mouthpiece. It's as simple as screwing a cartridge into the batteries and taking a hit.

If you wish to enjoy wax of choice through a vape pen then you need a pen with a removable atomizer. This way, instead of buying prefilled cartridges you can detach the vaporizer and switch it out with your own wax. This is a great way to have quality smoke using a liquid form of smoking concentrates.

The heating element, which is usually a metal coil preheated by the batteries, is referred to as an "atomizer." While many ways to smoke dabs exist, this is much simpler than other methods.

Photo Credit: Ganja Goddess

Here's how to fill your custom wax after you've found the proper pen:

  1. Just on edge of a metal dabber, catch a dab of wax but keep it to a minimum.
  2. Make sure to dab the wax onto the unheated coil once you have disconnected the atomizer and the battery chamber. Avoid making direct contact between the dabber and the coil.
  3. Press the button to switch the battery chamber on until a blinking light indicates the vape pen is ready to go.
  4. Attach the battery chamber with the vaporizer.
  5. Connect the detachable atomizer with the mouthpiece.
  6. While pressing and holding down the button, start dabbing with your lips upon the mouthpiece. If  you inhale too quickly while dabbing, the heat is decreased and less vapor is produced.

Rolling a Joint With Rolling Paper

If you're looking to smoke wax without a rig, you may use wax to flavor your blunts or joints as well. Smoking dabs can add an additional kick of flavor to your cigarettes with the help of rolling papers. You can even just add a little bit of wax to a premade joint.

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There are 2 options for smoking wax in joints. The first one is called "twaxing," which involves lining the rolling papers with the smoking wax.  The second option, identical to a bong bowl method, is to place a small dab of highly concentrated cannabis at the tip of the joint. This technique is stellar especially when your cannabis has a strong taste that can't be missed.

The heating element, in this scenario, should ideally be a hand torch. Dab-filled joints should be handled with caution since they may become quite sticky and a bit difficult to control. All things considered, this is still a foolproof way to smoke wax without a rig.

Using a Green Weed Bowl

Begin with some weed and a pipe. Choose whatever pipe you prefer. Tobacco pipes made of wood or even glass spoon pipes used for weed would suffice. All you are going to need are some herbs, weed, and a light to get started. Add your wax on top of this.

Using the pointed end of the dabbing tool, make a modest quantity of dabs that will be added to the weed. Lift the dab off the edge and carefully drop it into the basin if possible. Wax, on the other hand, is sticky, and weed sticks to it.  To drop the wax onto the bowl, you may need another metal instrument.

Wax will sizzle beneath the open flame, melt in the weed, leaving a cannabis concentrate in the bowl. The wax will evaporate as the weed burns, and you'll easily draw out vapor.

Using a Bong as a Dab Rig

Whether you are without a dab rig because of an accident or you’re only considering investing in your first rig, you can use a bong bowl as a homemade dab rig when resources are tight. Unfortunately, your 6-foot-tall bong bowl can't give that proper dab hit. Essentially, anything over 15" may be too high for vapors to travel up in just one inhalation. Instead, using a small bong can be best to smoke dabs.

All you need is a dab nail with the proper ground joint size. Because many bongs have female joints, you may need to purchase a male-jointed dab nail to fit. To smoke efficiently, you'll need the flame for heat, a carb cap, and a dabber. However, a bong may give a quick dose if you have a powerful concentrate.

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Using Herb Bowls Instead of Dab Rigs

You may also enjoy dabs with herb bowls if there's one on hand. You wouldn't need a nail to dab with your bong. Instead, utilize an identical approach as with green bowls. The intensity of the bud-and-dab bowl can be reduced and the taste preserved by running it through a water filter. Drop a couple of ice cubes into your bong to reduce the intensity even further.

Prepare your weed by grinding it and filling the bowl as usual. Drop your balled wax, shards, or slices of wax into the bowl, tamping it down till the top isn't as loose. Finally, light and smoke. While the mix continues to burn; you can smoke it and the wax will keep melting into the bowl and ultimately evaporate.

Smoke Wax Using Hot Knives

Hot Knives have been popular well before oil rigs, dab pens, aluminum foil and even the plastic bottle were popularized in the market. Heck, we are sure they were around long before it was even legal to smoke wax! This is a great way to get dabs without a rig.

Hot knives can evaporate a thicker kind of THC concentrate without the need for specialized equipment. This is one of the simplest techniques for smoking wax without a rig.

The brilliance of knife hits is that you don't even need a butane torch; all you need is an open flame or an electric stove in the kitchen. Grab a knife from the utensil drawer, which has to be heated for 30-50 seconds over a heat source till it's ready.

Simply place a bit of cannabis concentrate or wax onto the hot blade surface using a dabber. The smoke from the extract evaporates almost instantly because of the heat, in a trail of vapor that one can inhale right away.

Although the vapor disperses quickly, this sort of stovetop approach using the concentrate directly on an open flame with butter knives may be a bit wasteful. This problem may be solved if you inhale using a plastic straw, which essentially makes even the top half of the evaporated trail accessible for inhalation with very little loss.

Final Thoughts

Photo Credit: Merry Jane

Simply put, dabbing rigs are essentially just groovy pipes that come with an attached mouthpiece and are made with glass in their entire length. In some ways, sure, they're comparable to bongs but they're a separate piece of equipment.

You're not completely out of luck if you happen to have concentrates but are without a dabbing rig. If you're without a  dab rig then the different methods above might just about to transition to a new favorite.  Some methods of smoking a dab that we listed simply use things that are easily found in the house, while others might need a trip to a local store or a quick google search. A bonus tip is to always keep a portable rig as a backup in case your usual one breaks; you can shop for one right here.

All in all, there are a lot of risky ways advocated on the internet, so whatever you do, take your sweet time to research before you dive into anything you read about.