How to Smoke Out of an Apple?


Pipes, joints, bongs, and apples: Pick the odd one out. Of course, most of you will say apples, which is the wrong answer. You can just easily smoke cannabis in your apple too, which sounds like a ludicrous statement at first, but it is not. It is quite simple on how to smoke out of an apple.

In fact, you will find this little tip super helpful when you remember your friends borrowed your bong or pipe, and now you have no options left on your own.

What do you do? Do you give up? Weed lovers never do that! So, join us in this discussion as we explain to you how you can craft something magical out of just an ordinary apple.

How to Smoke Out of an Apple
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Why Should You Smoke Out of an Apple?

We have to stop for a moment and ask: why apple pipe? We mean to say, there are tons of other options available for you to consider as well. For example, how about a soda pipe? You can easily make one out of a soda or a water bottle.

However, we are not big fans of these soda cans simply because they offer a very nasty aluminum taste. Plus, aluminum vapors can lead to detrimental health effects as well. Hence, going with a healthy option like apples.

We must give credit to whoever came up with the idea of apple pipes. For one, they are super easy to make, plus they are healthy, and if you like sneaking your pipes, apples offer the perfect disguise. With all these benefits in sight, one cannot help ask: how can I make an apple pipe for myself?

How to Smoke Out of an Apple
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How to Smoke Out of An Apple Bong?

Now then, let us get straight to the business. How will you make something so magical out of just an ordinary apple? At first, it seems like a very tough task. But we can tell it to you right now that making an apple pipe is one of the most straightforward tasks in the world! All that you need to do is awaken up your creativity. Plus, the fact that we will guide you on making such a device will make the job a lot easier!

So without further ado, let us jump into the details of the method and help you make your apple pipe!

Materials That You Need

Before making an apple pipe, the first thing you need to do is assemble the items you will need to make an apple pipe. These are as follows:

  • A pen. You can use any pen for this purpose. It is an essential tool for making hollowed apple pipes.
  • Toothpicks. The idea is to have a poking tool in your arsenal, so anything of that nature will do the trick; it doesn't have to be just toothpicks.
  • A plastic bandage in case you hurt yourself.
  • An apple so that you can make your apple pipe!

Yup, that is all the necessary supplies you need. See how easy it is beginning to sound already?

How to Smoke Out of an Apple
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Steps to Make A Hollowed Apple Pipe

Here are the key steps that you need to take to make an apple pipe:

Step One- The first step is to remove stems from the top of the apple. You can do this with just your fingers; no special tools are needed for this purpose.

Step Two- You need to deepen the hole left by the stem. That is where the toothpicks are going to come in handy. Dig a hole and keep digging until you reach half of your apple. See what you have done? You have made a downstem!

Step Three- Now, use the hollow pen from your weaponry to make a hollow shape on the top of the apple. Do this at a slight angle.

Step Four- Now poke at least five toothpick holes around the stem area. Very good, you have just made a bowl! The beauty of this step is that you don't need any aluminum foil. We admit that we are biased against the foil, but that is only because of its negative health effect!

Step Five- You can either use a stick or pen in this step. All that you have to do is poke a hole that meets with the downstem. But if this method doesn't work, you can twist the pen so that stem gets connected to the hole. You have to keep pushing the pen until the tunnel connects well with the downstem. Congratulations, you have just made yourself a pipe mouthpiece.

Step Six- We will also advise you to add a carb as well. Now think ahead about how everything will connect if you add a carb. We are afraid that you will have to figure out the exact place of carb on your own in this step. But we are sure that you will

Step Seven- It is time to enjoy your smoke! Fill the bowl with cannabis, light the herbs and smoke away! You will never miss your smoking pipe once you start smoking weed with an apple pipe! You will love your hollowed apple pipe forever!

From making the first hole to placing your lips on the mouthpiece's chamber, apple pipes offer just the same experience as any other device. They work the same way as other smoking tools, except these don't feature tin foil! What is more, you can have an apple piece too after smoking, so it is a plus.

Can you Smoke Out of Other Fruits?

Of course, you can. Apple pipe is one example that we just discussed in detail, and oranges are another alternative you can consider. The good thing about fruits is that they are a very healthy snack to bite apart from smoking. Don't you love the idea of apple bong?

However, you have to be careful that you don't over smoke them. Otherwise, they will dry out, and it will not be a very great experience. You will need to squeeze out all the juice from the orange before smoking out of it as well.

How to Smoke Out of an Apple
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Go Find an Apple for Your Next Session

We do hope that you learned something, if not everything, new from this brief about apple pipes. They are an excellent option for many reasons; their taste and health benefits trump other cheaper alternatives of smoking cannabis.

Don't let the idea keep you from purchasing a smoking utensil to smoke weed. Remember making your own apple pipe won't last long as fruit rots! Apple are just a temporary fix until you get your stuff back from friends or have enough bucks in the wallet to buy a new one. We get it you love them, but you cannot keep using them forever; it is just a little too much to do every day!