How to Smoke Weed Out of a Hookah?


It's a late Friday night. You just got free from work and the only thing you can think of is smoking cannabis. You probably invited a bunch of friends over a nice gathering where you all can smoke cannabis late into the night. But when you get home, you realize something- you don't have any paper. Just your old hookah in the corner.

That's for smoking tobacco, you think to yourself. Can I really use it to smoke weed? The answer is yes, you can use it to smoke weed!

The use of paper to smoke weed is a relatively new thing compared to how long hookahs have been in fashion. In the 15th century, in India, hookah was invented and popularized when the British started exporting glass to India. From there, it made its way to Iran and the Ottoman Empire, where it received immense popularity. Now it's used all over the world as a vessel to smoke weed.

Which Weed Works Well in Hookah Bowls?

To smoke shisha with good weed is another experience. Which weed works well with sheesha?

Ideally, any fresh weed will work. Strains like Grandaddy Purple and OG Kush are classic choices because the thick growth in the flowers releases a lot of smoke if burned slowly in a hookah.

Weed that is old and dry will burn very fast and leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth. It is not only harsh in a hookah but to smoke weed like this in a joint will also be terrible. One is supposed to enjoy smoking weed so please get yourself something worth your money and store your weed well.

Dry sift

Dry sift is a popular age-old tradition that can be used to collect hash or turn weed into hash. This hash is a powder, which is why it can easily be used in a shisha.

You take your weed and freeze it overnight. The next day, take a piece of parchment paper and keep a mesh sieve made of very thin fabric over it. Then you take your frozen weed and start rubbing it through the sieve.

If done correctly, a bunch of dust should accumulate on the parchment paper. This is the hash, a fine powder ready for you to smoke in your hookah. Smoke weed in this form and you will probably find it hard to go back.

Quality Hookah

Not just any hookah will give you a good smoking experience. There's no such thing as a weed hookah so if anyone tells you they have a weed hookah for sale or if in a hookah smoking session that they have a weed hookah, they are misinformed. In actuality, they probably have weed in a hookah, nothing else. They probably don't even know how to smoke weed out of a hookah.

A quality hookah has a bunch of things about it that make it worth using for weed. No leaky hose. It has a hookah lid. The hookah pipes should always be well cleaned when you're going to smoke weed. The water pipe is the one that needs to be cleanest, along with the hookah pen as well. Not doing the above-mentioned things results not only in stale smoke but a ruined hookah session.

How to Smoke Weed Out of a Hookah
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Tips for Smoking Weed in a Hookah

It's a good rule of thumb to own multiple hoses for your hookah. It is easily replaced and in case you are feeling lazy, you can easily switch hookah hoses when they get dirty.

It is possible to get a large hookah hose and cut it yourself so the smoke can travel your desired distance. Make sure to always use perforated thin foil to cover the bowl of your hookah. For an ideal smoking session, use cold water and plenty of holes in the foil. If more than one person is smoking, adjust the amount of flavor you use accordingly and adjust the amount of weed as well.

Using hot water makes the smoke warm and that ruins the point of a hookah, which is to give you a cool and chilled puff while the pleasant layers of weed burn, combining cannabis and flavor to give you flavored shisha.

Aluminum Foil or Tin Foil

You can use your preferred foil, either aluminum foil or tin, to cover your bowl. Hookah lounges usually use whichever is available in the market, meaning there is no noticeable difference between the two. The problem arises when the foil is covering a loosely packed shisha because that makes the burn uneven and your puffs are irregular and make you cough.

It is wise to use perforated tin foil because it ensures that weed does not fall through. Many hookah users will use a hookah shisha cannabis windscreen, but the foil will also work! You don't want to be wasting cannabis.

Even a convenience store in some countries can tell you how to pack the flavor while you purchase foil from them.

Adding Marijuana Directly

Maintaining optimal temperature gets hard if you add marijuana directly to your hookah. Ideally, they should be wrapped in foil. You can use the same foil that you use to cover your bowl. In the middle east, they don't have hookahs for the hash, they have huge hookah-like instruments called chillums. They use no tobacco and are very thin to ensure a proper burn rate.

Multi-Stem Hookahs

There is no real use to having multi-stem hookahs. Yes, they look fancy. No, they are not efficient. The water reservoir gets dirtier faster and now you have multiple narrow orifices to clean. The water chamber gets filthy very often so make sure to clean it regularly and this is required more in multi-stem hookahs.

How to Smoke Weed Out of a Hookah
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How to Smoke Weed Out of a Hookah

Before you begin, make sure to clean your hookah! No one wants to smoke weed out of dirty hookahs! If you wanna smoke weed in a hookah, you can do it one of two ways:

Turn it into Hashish

This is the hard way. You take your weed and turn it into hashish. There are multiple ways to do this.

You can take your weed and pluck out all the leaves from the bud. Start squishing the leaves between your fingers and turn it into a paste. This paste is charas, essentially a form of hashish.

Another way is to take two pieces of vegetable paper and your bud in between. Then you quickly run a hot iron over it, making sure to not burn it in the process. Collect any oil off of it, which can be cooled and compressed into hashish.

Use As Is

Smoking hookah-loaded is pretty easy with regular weed. What you should do is take your hookah, add a layer of shisha (flavor) and add another layer of weed. Repeat this process as many times as you like and you should be able to smoke it from your hookah pretty easily. Taking hits is not that different than smoking weed.

Using it without shisha is difficult since it tends to fall through the holes in the hookah. The way you can do this is by taking a piece of tin foil and cutting it to the specifications of the top of your hookah. Then you take your buds and wrap them in foil before placing them on your hookah and adding coals. This should ensure nothing falls out.

Where to Buy Your Shisha?

You can buy shisha online or check the stores in your neighborhood. There may be a place where you can find a smoke shop, which is the perfect place to purchase a hookah and other supplies, such as tobacco, shisha, a covered bowl, a dab torch. A smoker's paradise! Now, you will have a great hookah for your next hookah session.