How to Smoke Weed Resin?

how to smoke weed resin

Those who grew tired of the same old and dull Mary Jane can amp up their high by smoking cannabis resin. Weed resin is a marijuana concentrate with a sweet scent and even tastier taste that hits ten times harder than your average joint. Resin is the light goldish-brown sticky residue found on the cannabis plant, specifically on the trichomes.

Smoking resin can open up your world to heights you thought unreachable and can be found solely on mature female plants. What makes smoke resin so powerful is the amount of concentrated THC found in its structure. Weed resin delivers the majority of psychoactive effects, and smokers are getting tired of the same old joints.

You can also smoke resin from a pipe or bong. But first, let's see what resin is exactly and who got the idea to smoke it anyway? The following are a few tips on how to smoke weed resin.

If you're an adventurous spirit, looking for new ways to alter your reality, leave smoking marijuana to the babies, and smoke resin instead.

What is Resin?

If you've seen trees in the forest, you've probably noticed resin. Resin is the organic, sticky compound secreted by many plant's buds. It resembles tar, like fresh plant material, however with a shinier and glossier appearance. Smokers need to first differentiate between live resin and ordinary resins, as not all are smokable.

Live resin is the resin that comes from the cannabis plant and is extracted properly. It can sometimes form as residue in your bong, pipes, or glass pieces after a couple of smoking sessions. Some people scrape pipe resin and use a pipe or a bong later on to smoke it. It's easy to extract resin from your pipe or bong. You can scrape pipe resin with a bobby pin, paper clip, or isopropyl alcohol. Let the alcohol evaporate and it will be easier to scrape all the resin out.

Smoking resin allows the psychoactive effects to be much stronger than a mere joint. The sticky resin is most usually smoked in a bong, pipe, or any glass structure you use for smoking.

If you try smoking weed resin, it's best to do it in a dry pipe. The cannabis resin is placed in the bong's bowl and then heated up to be inhaled. If you want to be extra safe, and don't waste time smoking tar, refresh your bong with some water to get the maximum puff. A bong is a superb way to get the most of your resin, as it allows you to breathe in the most out of the cannabis concentrate.

Like cigarettes and joints, resin does not lack scent potency. Naturally, every time you smoke your fingers or hands will imprint the smoke. Live resin has a much more concentrated structure compared to other concentrates, so clearly it smells a lot harsher than the original plant.

Resin can be easy to find in states where cannabis is legal. You can purchase it from your local dispensary for maximum quality, or buy it from a trusted tradesman. Usually, the resins were much more expensive ranging up to $50, but now you can buy it for as low as $20 to $30 a gram.

Once you get it, the possibilities are endless. You can have some fun with the two metal knives method, or you can smoke it up in bongs, dry pipes, or dab rigs.

How to Smoke Weed Resin
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Tips for Smoking with Resin

If you've decided that you've seen enough of smoking weed, the marijuana resin can make you rethink that decision. It might be out of your comfort zone, but smoking resin can be quite fun. Resin can be smoked through a dab rig, or vaping but that doesn't mean that you can't spice up your next joint. If you want to make the most of your pure resin follow the next few tips.

Smoke Your Resin at a Low Temperature.

You'll get the most of your smoked resin if you do it slowly, breathing in all aromas and flavors to get the most of your kick. Resin vaporizes much quicker than hashish, and the pipe resin can be already burned enough, so make sure to dab at a minimum temperature, in order not to ruin the THC levels.

Keep Your Resin Safe from the Elements

Like weed, putting resin in a cool and dark environment is key for its longevity. The best part about this high-quality concentrate is that it naturally protects its cannabinoids from oxygen, maintaining its freshness.

Try Storing it in the Fridge

If you're afraid that keeping your resin in your dark room won't maintain its quality, try storing it in the fridge. The coolness will preserve the terpenes, making the resin fresher with an aromatic taste.

Make Sure What You're Smoking is Sanitary

Leftover resin can be nasty in more ways than one, directly attacking your teeth and lungs. If you try to scrape pipe resin, make sure it's all cleaned up from burns, and try to remove it from your bowl with the hot knives method. Make sure you clean your tools with lots of rubbing alcohol before you smoke resin.

How Do You Smoke Resin?

Humans thought of more ways than one to smoke resin without ruining the THC, and the most popular methods include the dry pipe method, hot knives method, dab rig, and bongs. Resin can also be mixed with hot water to produce the tastiest, THC-filled resin tea you have ever drunk. To get the most of your high-quality concentrate, try the following methods so your smoking can flow properly and you can enjoy something different from the cannabis flower.

Dry Pipe Method

Dry pipes are the smoker's multi-tool for smoking. The dry pipe method for the smoking resin is the most common to get the most THC. What you need to do is put your resin in the dry pipe's bowl and heat the outer surface. Once it gets all nice and steamy, it's time to take a deep breath. Because of the heat, the resin vaporizes quickly, letting out steam Bob Marley would be envious of.

Caution: Once you heat your pipe or bong be careful not to burn your fingers, or lips from the surface. Light your cannabis resin and enjoy smoking weed resin.

How to Smoke Weed Resin
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The Hot Knives Method

For the fearless ad daredevils out there, there's the advance hot knives method. If practiced accurately, the resin smoked in this method can produce the highest of highs. Firstly, you don't extract your resin from your cannabis plant, but buy it from your local dispensary. You will also require two metal knives with bigger blades, a lighter, and an oven mitt.

Once you heat up your knives you can place the resin on the blade. Put the second hot knife on top of your first and watch the smoke evaporate! Inhale as much as you can with your nose and mouth, and enjoy your new ninja smoking techniques. This potentially dangerous method can also be practiced with hard metal pipes, but that process can quickly get out of control.

Dab Rig

One less usual, yet widely practiced method to smoke resin is by using dab rig filters. Similarly to using the traditional bong, you need to collect your cannabis resin and form a tarry resin ball. Once you make a few lumps, you can add them to the dab rig. Once you apply heat, the resin vaporizes, exploding in intoxicating smoke.

If you want to be on the safer side and rescue your lungs from the dangerous process, make sure to add some fresh water to hydrate. If you don't add the necessary amount of water you can get stuck with a sour and not-so-sweet aftertaste in your mouth. Still, it's wiser to use live resin as opposed to leftover resin because it's healthier and cleaner.

What's the Extraction Process of Weed Resin?

You don't have to settle for the mere tarry resin you scraped from your pipe, when you can do your own extraction process at home, with the right equipment, and with an experienced extractor. Some cannabis resin is extracted in laboratories, while others need only an oven or a large heat press.

To make your live resin as strong as possible, try extracting the sticky residue from a chopped, freshly harvested cannabis plant, and freeze it to subcritical temperatures, which equates to below freezing. By freezing the plant you maintain all its juices and freshness and keep the other cannabinoids from dying. This also keeps the resin's delicious smell and satisfactory flavors. Usually, the live resin is extracted in a laboratory by professionals, by practicing the butane extraction technique.

How to Smoke Weed Resin: Bottom Line

Whether it's resin tea, pipe or bong make sure you consume resin that's been properly made, and overviewed by professionals. Scraping leftover resin from a dirty bottle can produce much harsher smoke, increasingly damaging to your lungs. To get the most of your cannabis resin, the extraction processes should involve a high-quality cannabis plant, as well as keeping it in cool temperatures.

If you're worried about the storage process, do it the old-fashioned way and purchase your high-quality cannabis concentrates from an experienced, and trusted salesman! As long as resin gets you the chill and relaxation you need and deserve, you've found your match!