How to Use a Glass Blunt?

how to use a glass blunt

Over the past year, glass blunts have become an increasingly popular choice for smokers. This doesn't come as a surprise since they are safer and more convenient than other methods like smoking a rolled blunt or a hookah. If you're interested in using a glass blunt to enjoy your buds but don't know where to begin, this is the perfect guide for you.

Before we get down to loading a glass blunt, let's learn what it is. Once we have that out of the way, we'll move on to teaching you how to use a glass blunt. This guide offers clear steps so you can follow along with ease.

How to Use a Glass Blunt
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What is a Glass Blunt?

A glass blunt is a compact device made of stainless steel, rubber, and of course, glass. It consists of:

  • A glass tube
  • A sliding mechanism to help pack your herb during prep and push the ashes out once it's lit
  • A rubber cap
  • A mouthpiece on the other end of the sliding mechanism

Brought about to replace the hassle of rolling blunts, glass blunts are easily reusable - just remember to clean thoroughly between seshes. Their longevity is one of the many reasons both, new and seasoned smokers, are opting to go for them.

Each drag from a traditional blunt may put you at risk of inhaling harmful chemicals from the tobacco rolling paper. With a glass blunt, you don't have to worry about any of that. Its components are made from safe materials that can withstand high temperatures.

So not only do you get healthier hits, but you're also safe from accidentally burning your fingers, something which is more likely to happen if you're smoking a traditional blunt.

What are the Types of Glass Blunt?

Glass blunts are classified into two types: sliding blunts and twisting blunts. The key difference between them lies in the sliding mechanism. Sliding blunts follow a push-and-pack technique while twisting blunts require twist-and-pack motions (You'll get a better idea of what these mean as you read on).

Both versions require distinct packing techniques to be smoked properly. Don't worry, we'll cover the loading strategies of both types.

Sliding Glass Blunt

sliding glass blunt- How to Use a Glass Blunt
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The sliding mechanism of a glass blunt slider is similar to that of a syringe. You simply push the slider back and forth to pack the material evenly inside the blunt.

The slider also makes ashing the blunt quite convenient. You just have to move the slider to push the ash out from the open end of the glass tube.

To regulate the airflow, there's a component called the O-ring. The O-ring seals up the blunt properly and helps to keep the sliding tube in place. Instead of an O-ring, some glass blunts have a fixed shrink plastic that seals the blunt.

These sealing components are present in both slider and twisty glass blunts.

Twisty Glass Blunt

twisty glass blunt- How to Use a Glass Blunt
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Relatively more popular than its slider counterpart, the twisty glass blunt has a screw-like inner tube. Unlike the slider, you have to rotate the twisty screw as you push the herbs into the tube.

The twisted structure provides a longer airway so the smoke has more time to cool as it travels. So you get the most out of your quality material through cooler and cleaner hits.

The twist also provides a functional benefit when it comes to ashing. When you want to ash, simply twist the screw to push the ash out. To remove any excess ash, tap the blunt gently or use a pokey to scrape it off.

Some glass blunt designs let you load from the front of the glass tube as well, giving you more liberty to decide how to pack based on your preference.

Why Use a Glass Blunt?

Simply put, glass blunts provide an elevated smoking experience allowing you to enjoy smoking to its full potential. The ease and convenience they provide will have you leaving your papers and bowls behind in no time. Here are some major plus points that will convince you to use a glass blunt today.

Layering different strains

If you like to smoke different strains of cannabis during a sesh, glass blunts will take your game to the next level. Simply pack the desired amount of each strain one after another and you're good to go.

This way you can come up with your personalized mix of buds which you can layer to create funky combinations with different strains and their effects.

It's healthier

Before being introduced to the twisty glass blunts, bud aficionados would always use paper to roll their buds. It was only later that they realized that this paper has toxic substances that could lead you to develop some serious health problems.

But the glass blunts use glass in them which is highly heatproof and does not have any negative health side effects nor is it harmful to the environment. It is because of this reason that glass is the first choice when it comes to storing all your medicines, expensive liquor, or even reactive metals. So glass blunts allow you to smoke your buds tox-free and keep the environment green too.

So all in all these green and eco-friendly glass blunts reduce the amount to the bare minimum of any toxic fumes which you would otherwise get if used paper for your buds. You also end up saving yourself from the trouble of possible burnt fingertips by switching to glass blunts.


Rolling buds is a tough and inconvenient task, especially if you're in the middle of a sesh. You have to be careful about things like the size of the paper and the amount of material. The rolling itself needs to be done slowly, ensuring the blunt keeps its shape throughout.

With glass blunts, you don't have to worry about any of that. You just have to pack up and start smoking.

Easy to Carry and Conceal

Glass blunts look quite discrete because of their compact design. You can carry it with you stealthily without getting anyone's attention. Their sleek design is made from strong yet lightweight glass - much easier to carry compared to a glass bowl. More recent glass blunts are designed to even conceal the smell and are made with quality materials.

Cleaner to Use

Using a glass blunt saves you from the potential mess created after a smoking session. The ash alone can cause an annoying mess that you'd have to clean up later on. In a glass blunt, the burned flower remains in the tube until you want to ash it.

Glass blunts are also easy to clean. You can use warm water to thoroughly remove any ash from the smoke. If that's not your style, you can use the cleaning brush that comes with many glass blunts. It's an accessory that is designed to scrub the glass tube.

If cleanliness is your thing then glass blunts are just what you need.

How to Use a Glass Blunt
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How to Use a Glass Blunt

Loading a glass blunt is fairly easy. It'll be even easier with this guide. Try to follow along!

Loading a Slide Glass Blunt

  1. Grind your buds. Thoroughly grind up your buds using a proper grinder.
  2. Expose the glass tube. Pull up the slider to open up the tube and make room for packing.
  3. Start loading. Gently scoop up the material inside the glass tube.
  4. Pack as you go. Use a pokey stick to push the herb lightly, don't press on it.
  5. Block the open end. Once you've added your desired amount, use the rubber cap to cover the opening. You can also use your first finger for this purpose.
  6. Push the slider. Push the slider in gently so your blunt is neatly packed against the cap.
  7. Fire it up. Remove the cap, light up your blunt, and enjoy!

Loading a Twisted Glass Blunt

  1. Grind your buds. You know the drill.
  2. Remove the twisty part. Pull the mouthpiece out to remove the twisting component and empty the glass tube.
  3. Cover one end. Use the rubber cap to block one end of the tube.
  4. Add your favorite herb. Scoop up your ground buds into the tube.
  5. Tap if needed. You can tap the closed end of the tube gently to remove any air pockets.
  6. Insert the screw part in the open end. Twist the screw in a counter-clockwise motion as you press lightly and pack the blunt. Push the metal screw until it is inside the glass tube completely.
  7. Take off the cap. You can now fire up your blunt!

Grinding is Key When Using a Glass Blunt

The prep for any good smoking session is all about treating the flower right. So before you get to packing, remember to grind your material properly. There are plenty of great grinders in the market so you have plenty of options.

If you know someone who tends to lose their lighter a bit too often then this 4-piece grinder could make their life much easier. And if you don't know anyone like that, then it's time to make your life a little easier.

Go Buy a Glass Blunt Now!

Glass blinders are taking the smoking industry by storm and for good reason. Their compact, easy to use, lightweight, cleaner, and healthier. The convenience they provide over rolling blunts and using glass bowls is enough to convince any smoker to give them a shot.

Now that you've extensively learned how to use a glass blunt, an amazing smoking experience awaits you. Trust us, you will not be disappointed.