How to Use a Water Pipe

Water Pipe
With all the different smoking methods, it’s easy to find the one you are most comfortable with. From joints/blunts to little pipes and pieces, all the way up to bongs and water pipes for sale, every smoker has their own preferred method of smoking. Among the most popular methods, many users like to use a water pipe (not to be confused with a bong). Water pipes were among the first methods smokers used due to the ingenuity of cooling and filtering your hit so you’re getting a potent, flavorful hit every time.

What Is a Water Pipe?

Many users, both old and new confuse bongs with water pipes, but the water pipe is so much more. Like a bong, it has a long neck with a mouthpiece, and a wide, sturdy base to stand upright, but that’s where the similarities end. They can include accessories like bubblers, percolators, and it allows versatility, letting you smoke herbs and concentrates. Water Pipe Water pipes feel and work similar to a bong, but they are smaller, meaning they are not only discreet but it takes less glass to make them which makes them somewhat cheaper. One water pipe is the equivalent of having 2-3 different pieces due to its versatility, so you’re saving even more money that way. The main difference between the two, as pictured with a bong and our very own Trailer Park Boys Julian Water Pipe there is some slight differences including different bases, sturdier mouthpieces, and a more angled joint.

Types of Water Pipes

Like bongs or pieces, there are different types of water pipes, which are made of different materials and sometimes even serve a different purpose. Glass water pipes are among the most popular types of water pipes due to the ease of making them. Water Pipe - Keith Haring There are the standard glass water pipes, that are made with durable, heat-resistant glass and come in different shapes and sizes. A classic example is the K. Haring Beaker Water Pipe (pictured above), designed solely with borosilicate glass for ultimate heat resistance and a sturdy base complete with an ice catcher and splash guard.
Water Pipe
Acrylic water pipes are increasing in popularity and are a great collector’s items. Acrylic water pipes are built from PVC plastic, and can easily last a lifetime thanks to their durability. Most acrylic water pipes include a metal downstem for use and are available in several color options, making a great collector’s item.

How to Smoke Out of a Water Pipe

Every stoner knows that the best way to get a flavorful hit, you have to know what you’re doing. It may seem simple but smoking out of a water pipe is a process and you need the right materials to have a fulfilling sesh. What You’ll Need: Bowl Piece - Most glass water pipes will come with a bowl piece or you can simply customize your water pipe with your own personal piece. Lighter - A handy and important part of the arsenal. It helps start the process and makes any sesh possible Optional: Grinder - grinding the flower will make it easier to fill the bowl and allow for a slower burn
Water Pipe
Step 1: Grind the flower with the grinder. Step 2: Fill the glass water pipe with water: Make sure you fill it out about a quarter full for the best results. Too much water can heavily dilute the smoke and it could risk coming back up the pipe. (Adding ice cubes can make for an even cooler hit). Step 3: Fill the water pipe bowl piece with the ground product. Make sure you don’t stuff it but put just enough so it doesn’t burn fast or clog up the downstem. Step 4: While lighting the flower in the bowl piece, put your mouth on the mouthpiece and inhale slowly. A telltale sign that you’re inhaling properly is when the water starts to bubble. Don’t hold the flame too close to the flower but just enough to burn a little bit. Step 5: While inhaling, slowly pull the bowl piece away and slowly exhale the smoke. You should have a cooler hit due to the water. Step 6: Repeat steps 4-5 until you have to refill your bowl piece.

Where to Buy Water Pipes Online

Slyng Like most items used for smoking, water pipes can be found in any reputable smoke or glass shop online. It’s important to do good research on the places you’re buying from and the specifications to make sure it’s good quality. You don’t have to look far to find a good water pipe that meets your budget and specifications. For the best deals, selections and variety, check out Slyng for high-quality and affordable water pipes and custom pieces.