How to Use a Weed Grinder?

Cannabis in Grinder

Even if you are new to the weed and marijuana community, an herb grinder is a term you have probably heard more than a couple of times.

If you decided to finally jump the gun and purchase one of the many weed grinders available on the market and aren't sure how to use them, keep reading to learn more about different types of grinders- such as metal grinders- and how to use them to get the optimum smoking experience, whether it be through a dry herb vaporizer, or by rolling papers into joints.

What is a grinder?

Getting pre-ground weed for your daily or weekly smoking or vaping session, or even just to infuse into delicious brownies is much easier and less time-consuming as compared to grinding it yourself.

However when you press and crush cannabis yourself, not only does it make the entire experience of getting stoned much better, but you also get the opportunity to get high off the air of superiority from preparing your weed.

To put it simply, a weed grinder is a small compartment with two or more pieces that can fit easily into the palm of your hand. When you pull apart the two pieces, a set of small metal teeth in the grinding chamber are exposed in one of the halves. The most basic weed grinders have two pieces to pull apart.

If you want to look even fancier in front of your stoner friends, or simply just want to make your work easier, a four-piece grinder is at your service! Unlike a standard two and three-chamber grinder, an herb grinder with four pieces has a collection chamber to collect the weed you grind, making the removing process easier for you. Multi-chamber grinders make the process more enjoyable!

Using a grinder is a fairly straightforward process, whether you get yourself single chamber grinders or a high-quality grinder, the mechanics are largely the same- give or take some benefits such as a collection chamber!

how to use a weed grinder
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Why grind weed?

With the availability of scissors and knives in almost every household, you may be thinking- Why get a herb grinder at all? Well, although getting weed grinders seems like a waste of money, they do come with a lot of benefits.


One of the main reasons why a lot of cannabis consumers prefer to load grinders and be in charge of the process themselves is because they get to be in control of the consistency of their weed. Sometimes pre-ground weed is too thin for your taste, or it can simply not be fresh enough for you.

Having your weed grinder allows you the autonomy to be in charge of how fine you want your powder, and you get to prepare fresh weed for yourself to get a far more rich taste than you would get with marijuana that’s been ground beforehand.

Faster Alternative Than Knife And Scissors

Aside from the rush of being able to prepare weed yourself, getting a weed grinder will allow you to produce a fine grind much faster than crushing the marijuana without a grinder- such as a knife or a pair of scissors.

It is Sanitary

If you are the kind of person that feels icky when their fingernails aren’t clean, or the oils released from your favorite strain making your hands sticky simply put you off, a weed grinder is a great way to keep on smoking till your heart's content without the smell and grime hindering your experience.

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Prevents Stigmatization

Along with that, there is still a lot of social stigma surrounding the consumption of marijuana and weed. Cutting and preparing weed by hand without a grinder can leave the scent of cannabis lingering on your body.

This signature smell of weed can obstruct you from being able to form social circles, professional relationships, or simply further your career. Having a herb grinder for your cannabis will create a barrier between the oils released and you, so you can rest assured that the marijuana grinders will do all the dirty work, and all you have to do is take the sweet puff from your joint!

Travel Handy

If you tend to travel a lot, having a knife or scissors with you at all times can be a bit impractical, but a weed grinder is small enough to fit snugly in the palm of your hand. Even if you tend to travel with just a backpack, you can easily stuff it into a small pocket!

Uniform Consistency

Aside from size and feel, if you prefer your cannabis to be evenly chopped into a fine consistency, a cannabis grinder is the star of the show. Chopping your weed with a knife into a triturated mix is possible, although ridiculously difficult and time-consuming. A marijuana grinder requires a simple twisting of hands and you get to easily control the consistency as well.

Extra Hash

Along with getting ground weed, with an herb grinder you can easily collect kief through the kief catcher. Kief is the part of cannabis that helps you get high and is more concentrated and stronger than the standard cannabis you consume.

If you get one of the fancy four-piece herb grinders, the process of kief collection is rather straightforward. When you grind your weed, kief will fall to the bottom at the kief catcher. As you grind your herbs, a considerable amount of kief will start to gather in the bottom, and you can use it as a garnish with your joints, or even sprinkle kief into drinks such as your coffee or tea for an extra kick.

how to use a weed grinder
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Tips for Grinding Weed

Before you purchase your very own grinder, make sure to keep these tips in mind.

You will get extra hash

If you like a concentrated and more intense kick from cannabis, a marijuana grinder is a way to go, as it comes with a kief chamber and collects the dusty and rich hash you can add in your edibles or joints for an extra touch.

Turn the Grinder Upside Down

If you grind your weed upside down, you will get a finer grind because buds won't fall to the bottom chamber. To do this, just simply remove the kief catcher, grind, then put it back. Your weed will be smoother and make for easy smoking. Just don't forget to flip it back over or else your weed will fall all over the place.

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Choosing Between Different Types Of Grinders

If the main reason you’re looking into buying a cannabis grinder is to make the process easier and quicker, a grinder with four pieces is probably the option for you. The weed you grind will fall into a compartment that you can remove and tap the back of it to let it out. If the process of tapping still feels like too much work, you can also look into getting a vibrating grinder!


Aside from compartment quantities, grinders also come in different types. The cheapest option you can go for is a grinder made entirely out of plastic. Although cost-effective, plastic grinders are not built to last for a long time, so if you were planning on getting a weed grinder just to try it out, this is a great alternative.


For a longer lifespan, metal grinders are your best bet. With sharp metal teeth and a metal grinding bowl, you can grind dry herbs with ease. Metal grinders are the most common grinders!


Stone grinders are a great alternative to choose from if the aesthetic is as important to you as the lifespan of your grinder. Although it will weaken by time as all the bud will stick to the bottom chamber and prevent smooth grinding.


A wooden grinder is stronger than a plastic one, though they get pretty much useless over time as it becomes almost impossible to clean them up since the grinder's teeth of the wood chambers fill up with sticky pieces of marijuana buds stuck in them. Even if you get a scraping tool, the grinder pieces will become ineffective over time.

Crank and Electric

Crank or Electric grinders are a much better alternative if you can’t exert much pressure for grinding the herbs, or simply don’t want to. Although if you travel a lot, electric grinders will be rendered useless if you can’t find a functioning outlet. Additionally, good-quality grinders are difficult to find, as the crank can fall apart too.

how to use a weed grinder
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What is a Grinder Essential for?

A weed grinder is essentially used to get a finer and more uniformed grind of your herbs, which is important if you want to smoke a joint or take a hit on a bong, as irregular puffs can be annoying. However, if your main form of consumption is through edibles, you don’t need to get a grinder.

One of the biggest mistakes people with herb grinders make is that they accidentally knock over their compartments, making the weed fall and waste your efforts.

How to Use a Weed Grinder?

It might be scary the first time if you never used a grinder before. Don't worry, you will learn how to use a weed grinder like a pro. To make the most out of weed grinding, try out these simple steps.

The Filling

Pack in a bunch of dense nugs inside the compartment with sharp teeth. Getting as much weed as you need sounds easier, but your grinding process will not be as effective if the herbs are stuffed to the brim. Leaving space for some air will make it easier for you to grind.

It is important to manually break bigger buds and place them little by little to get the surface area to grind properly.

The Working

After placing your herb, lock the top chamber of the grinder into place and twist and push to start the process. It will take a while for the herbs to be ground completely, so maintain pressure.

The Result

To take the weed out from a two-piece grinder, simply open the compartments and turn the grinding compartment with ground weed upside down to let the herbs fall out. Make sure to tap a few times so all of the herbs fall out. With a four-piece grinder, all you need to do is screw out the storage compartment and you will have fine ground weed ready to use!

The Uses

For a joint, you can let your herbs fall straight on the paper roll, and gather it to make a neat roll. For a bong, you can scoop some straight from the grinding chambers and place it in bong bowls. You should definitely try out a dry herb vaporizer if you have a grinder since your vaping experience will be much better with your finely ground herbs.

Find the Best Grinder

Purchasing and using a weed grinder sounds like a tedious task, but when you deeply inhale the herbs and freshly ground cannabis all the effort is worth making. Even the wrist pain from continuously twisting the compartments vanishes with just one hit!

Finding the perfect grinder for you can be difficult, as a two-piece plastic one may be too much work for little result, but an electric one might be a little too fancy but impractical for use on the go.

However, when you do find the right grinder for yourself, every time you consume marijuana you are guaranteed to feel much better than with pre-ground weed!

how to use a weed grinder
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