Is Borosilicate Glass the Best for Bongs?

Is Borosilicate Glass the Best for Bongs

You must have heard about borosilicate or scientific glass bongs, as they are pretty popular amongst cannabis smokers. You might have also wondered what makes the borosilicate glass so unique that everybody keeps on talking about it. Is Borosilicate Glass the Best for Bongs?

If you want to know their benefits and how they are made, we're here to tell you everything you need to know about the borosilicate glass bongs. Hang on tight!

What is Borosilicate Glass?

Originally referred to as 'scientific glass,' borosilicate glass was created by a German glassmaker, Otto Schott, in the late 19th century.

Pyrex, a well-known brand, later adopted these scientific glasses. Pyrex makes quality materials for cookware, beakers, and other tools, including excellent lab equipment.

Since Pyrex started using boro glass, it quickly became a common material and is now found in many everyday items. However, you should be aware that not all Pyrex products today are borosilicate glass.

The first borosilicate glass was made by melting and mixing boric oxide, soda ash, silica sand, and alumina parts. This glass had incredibly low coefficients to thermal expansion.

What's the Difference Between Glass Bongs and Borosilicate Glass Bongs?

If you could not understand the term mentioned above, don't worry.

Having low coefficients to thermal expansion means that the glass can handle extreme temperature resistance, i.e., it can withstand high and low temperatures without breaking (or cracking). For smokers, that might be a dream come true.

To be precise, borosilicate glass can take on a 165-degree temperature swap without fail. Quite impressive now, isn't it?

Silicate glass is a type of glass that smokers should shift up to.

Since we're all about smoking flowers here, we know that there are tons of advantages of picking such a type of glass rather than having the same old, regular glass bongs. Therefore, we have gathered authentic information about the advantages of borosilicate glass bongs and what makes them unique.

Is Borosilicate Glass the Best for Bongs
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What Are the Benefits of Borosilicate Glass?

Having a borosilicate glass bong isn't like owning one of the soft glass bongs. The experience can be entirely different, and smokers know it. So let's look at the main advantages of borosilicate glass (compared to ordinary glass).

The Strength

Compared to regular glass, borosilicate glass has very low coefficients, so it doesn't contract or expand. This means it has 'thermal shock resistance' properties, unlike regular glass.

Using lass bongs to smoke flowers has been a trend for quite a while now, but due to the unique borosilicate construction, smokers worldwide have started to switch to borosilicate bongs.

The Durability

Similarly, this scientific glass is far more durable than regular glass as it doesn't crack or break under extreme heat. Now that doesn't mean you should try and bang your borosilicate glass against the wall to make sure if it is break-proof or not - but just to let you know that all types of glass are breakable.

But here's a fun fact regarding borosilicate glass is that it's so durable that they store nuclear waste in these sort of glass containers. Even for the nuclear guys, it's the preferred material. That's incredible durability right there.

The Temperature Range

Since this glass is made differently, it takes sudden temperature shifts like a pro.

If it's thermal stress or high heat or even a thermal shock you're worried about, that's not going to be a problem while borosilicate bongs are around. It can easily take the thermal shock. It can also take on high temperatures without any risk of melting, not even at a massive 550 degrees.

The Clarity

One of the things that smokers love about it is that it looks crystal clear. The borosilicate glass has an appealing look and smoother surface.

These are more reasons why borosilicate glass is one of the most popular smoking accessories. It is light, thin, and much stronger than regular glass.

It's Free of Toxins

The non-toxic nature of borosilicate glass is another reason for its popularity and makes it on top of the smoker's list. Borosilicate glass is lead-free, and it's not just that; it's also BPA-free.

Other than that, it's also hypoallergenic, and for that very reason, borosilicate glass is considered a 'medical grade' glass (material). So they use these in labs and hospitals all the time. Plus, it's considered very safe for cooking.

The Artistic Side

The whole idea isn't just about smoking grass. For as long as cannabis smokers exist, they will continue blowing grass in artistic glass pieces that don't just do the job but appeal to the eyes.

Borosilicate glass bongs are a piece of art. They are not just functional and give you a fresh smoking experience every time, but they are also visually appealing.

That means that the beautiful-looking glass bongs will stay around for years giving your place an artistic look and continuing to give your smoking pleasures.

It is Easier to Clean

Since it's naturally smoother and has a nonporous surface, the borosilicate glass doesn't allow any particle to stick anywhere on the glass.

Not just that, the clarity of the glass makes it simple, even for the naked eye, to know if it's time to clean the tool or not.

Is Borosilicate Glass the Best for Bongs
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What Other Materials Are Bongs?

Water pipes have been around for so long that they come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials. The following options have been around for quite a while now, and every smoker has experienced smoking using either one or all the alternatives:

  • Ceramic
  • Plastic
  • Metal

Of course, there are other options for smokers as different materials are available, like ceramic, which is also considered an alternative to glass but is a lot heavier and quite hard to clean.

Similarly, there is plastic and metal. They both have their list of pros and cons, but when it comes to the entire smoking experience, nothing seems to beat the good old borosilicate glass bongs.

Is Borosilicate Glass the Best for Bongs?

We are sure that by now you are aware of why bongs and glass pipes are considered the best and the safest material for smoking. They provide fresh, clean, and flavorful hits and protect smokers from harmful additives.

So if you are looking to buy a bong, start thinking about going for a quality borosilicate piece instead. In our opinion, borosilicate glass is the best for bongs. It is the safest, most robust, and perhaps the most durable glass available today in the smokers' market.

Irrespective of your smoking style, whether you smoke for medical reasons or purely for recreational purposes, the addition of a borosilicate glass bong to your collection would be worth it.

The next best bong type will be launched soon and might be right around the corner. Till then, happy smoking!