Is It Illegal To Buy a Bong Online?

Is It Illegal To Buy a Bong Online

Many questions have popped into our minds concerning 'legally illegal' products. And when I say legally illegal, I mean those products that are sold in an online headshop for obvious illegal motives. Such products at online headshops include dab rigs, vaporizers, and the most crystal clear ones (both figuratively and metaphorically) - bongs!

To be honest, those "obvious illegal purposes" such as smoking marijuana, are becoming now legal in certain states and even countries. So, the question of whether if is it illegal to buy a bong online seems to be more relevant by the minute.

That's why we've taken the opportunity to address this question with a toke(n) of appreciation, and to answer it properly.

What are Bongs Used For?

It's plain as day that bongs are drug paraphernalia, and fall into the category of smoking accessories. And why is it drug paraphernalia, you ask? It's simple, a bong is used most of the time for taking in illicit drugs (cannabis use being the clear example), and if an item is sold and used for illicit drugs, it immediately falls in the class of drug paraphernalia. However, bongs are used to smoke tobacco and legal herbs as well.

Typically, individuals who use bongs are the ones that don't love the dry heat from smoking doobies and bongs are the best option to avoid this issue. And almost every online smoke shop sells bongs for this exact reason.

Also, online smoke shops sell bongs that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are quite simple, consisting only of a bowl and water compartment, while others are rather more intricate, to say the least, and require a more proficient usage.

Do not confuse bongs for water pipes, although they look similar, a bong is more on the direct side, immediately rushing to your lungs when you take a hit. On the other hand, water pipes are a tad more discreet and come with a bunch of flavors.

All in all, both of these products perform the same stuff - purify and chill the smoke produced by cannabis combustion.

With that out of the way, let's answer the pressing question "are bongs legal?".

Is It Illegal To Buy a Bong Online
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Is it Illegal to Buy a Bong Online?

When it comes to purchasing bongs online, each state has its own law more or less. If you're 18 years old, federal law states that it's perfectly legal to buy bongs online, just do it from a quality online smoke shop. However, some state laws forbid buying bongs even if you're 18 years old, which means you'll have to wait for another 3 years to hit the 21-year benchmark.

Although, it's not the same when you buy bongs online from certain online headshops, and when buying them on the streets. Keep in mind that even if you're 18 years old, you can't buy accessories for smoking.

Well Then, is Buying Bongs from Online Smoke Shops Illegal?

If federal law finds traces of cannabis in both of these items, they'll be considered drug paraphernalia, and you may be charged with drug paraphernalia possession, depending on the laws where you reside. But some states have legalized marijuana, it's not classified with other illegal substances, and it's completely legal even if you have marijuana residue on it.

So, if you need a bong - don't do it Tommy Chong style while bragging about it. See what's your trusted online headshop to order bongs online, and ask for proper and discreet shipping. One more thing, online headshops follow strict guidelines. Don't fret about identity theft if you're buying a bong online - just use your credit or debit card and your identity will ultimately be safe.

Are Bongs Illegal?

In the U.S., cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, and similar drugs are, of course, considered illegal. And the accessories that go along with these drugs are also illegal, that's why they're named drug paraphernalia.

Like we've stated previously, bongs fall into this classification, and that immediately makes them illegal.

But, a certain question follows, how can an online headshop sell such accessories as glass pipes of all sorts, and are bongs illegal to buy at an online headshop? Well, several factors and circumstances influence whether you'll do jail time or not if you have these drug accessories.

Interestingly enough, local traditional headshops and online headshops avoid fines and jail time since they disguise the products they sell, typically by declaring a bong is a "waterpipe" that's only used for smoking tobacco.

But, are hookah bongs legal?

No, they are not. It's the same thing with hookah bongs, if they're labeled as a water pipe then online headshops can sell them legally.

Another thing to note is that most states have their own laws concerning drug equipment. So if the law in your state regarding marijuana usage and consumption is a little bit loose, will be the law about the possession of a bong.

Is It Illegal To Buy a Bong Online
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What's the Legal Age to Buy Glass Pipes & Bongs?

As we know, a trustworthy online headshop will bring you only high-quality bongs, while inferior online headshops offer mostly cheap bongs with thin glass. But, many smokers don't know what's the legal age to buy a bong or pipe online.

Well, since the federal and general law forbids the usage and purchase of tobacco, liquor by the age of 21 - naturally, so will be the purchasing of smoking devices such as bongs and pipes. If you're around the age of 18 but you don't meet the age requirements of 21 years, you can't legally purchase bongs, glass pipes, and other smoking equipment.

But, most online headshops differ from the law and you might get away with purchasing a bong or a glass pipe even if you're 18 years of age. This is because you're not technically using the bong for illegal purposes, but you're just actually purchasing it so you won't get in trouble or receive a fine.

Why Buy a Bong Online?

For starters, let's alleviate the myth that buying a bong on the internet is more expensive than buying it from the nearest headshop. This is straight-up false since online smoke shops often have lower prices and they sometimes offer exclusive deals.

Another good advantage of getting yourself a bong online is that you can do it from the comfort of your home, even with a mobile device. You just have to visit the designated headshop's website and write down your credentials.

Furthermore, if it's a reputable headshop, you'll get only high-quality material for your next smoking session. Online headshops may deliver your goods through a mail carrier if you like, and the best part is that they'll send it discreetly.

Don't worry about return policies, since if you're buying from reputable online headshops, you most certainly will be eligible for a refund if the bong does not live up to your expectations. But, as with all online shopping - you need to read the policy and terms and conditions of the site before you purchase your goods.

Is It Illegal To Buy a Bong Online
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Buying Bongs Online - Legal or Not?

All said and done, it's technically not a crime to own a bong and you won't receive a fine. However, there are certain laws in given states that prohibit you from owning a bong. That's why reading the laws carefully in your state is a must.

Furthermore, it's not ideal to carry your bong around with you at all times, and it's crucial to clean it so there's no marijuana residue on it. And remember, when you buy a bong on the internet, you need to be of legal age - that's the only requirement there is!

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