Meet Seeds Here Now's DJ and JD Short

sn is widely known among industry insiders for its passion and dedication to quality and ethics. Owner James Bean grew his business from nothing but a handful of seeds and some serious hustle to become the most extensive online broker for cannabis genetics in the US. If you haven’t heard of Seeds Here Now, it's high time you did. 

About Seeds Here Now

seeds Like many successful professionals in the cannabis industry, Bean discovered his passion for cannabis the old-fashioned way: by smoking it as a teen. Having spent his 20s as a daily grower and DJ by night, he fell into selling seeds naturally. Bean began attending cannabis conferences in the early 2010s, where he stumbled upon the company’s pun-ny name. Tired of constantly fielding the same questions about how, where, and when growers could buy seeds, he would put up a sign reading, “Seeds Here Now.” That eventually became the name people knew him by, so he bought the domain name, and the rest is history.  Having earned a reputation for being notoriously picky about whose seeds he will buy, Bean explains, "I try with all my ability to work with the guy who originally made it. I don’t want to work with a guy that stole it, and I want the guy who did it in the first place. The guy who took the risk and stood on the shoulders of giants. I cruise down the highway that they paved. If I can give them something back, then that’s my goal." That’s how he met up with DJ Short, breeder, and owner of DJ Genetics, known to his fans as Old World Genetics, and came to work with his son JD of Second Generation Genetics years later. 

All in the (Herbal) Family

Today’s top-shelf cannabis industry has a father-son duo to thank for making it what it is today and continuing to improve its greatness.  We sat down with DJ and JD to find out how Dad pioneered the seed-breeding industry, and together he and his son are taking it to new heights.  As James Bean, DJ’s cannabis story began through good old-fashioned adolescent experimentation, “I was a teenager that fell in love with cannabis as soon as I discovered its wonderful magic. I couldn’t get enough information. Back then, it was tough to sprout seeds, and it took a lot of doing to get to that point. I mean, we’re talking mid-70s here for me.” Being a part of the hippie generation allowed him to develop his passion organically. “I really started to gain some traction when I moved to Eugene, Oregon, in 1978 and just took it from there. Basically, the industry just developed right along with what I was doing. Lighting was always advancing, and fortunately, I had access to a lot of that technology, and it’s grown ever since then.”

Blueberry Strain & Old World Genetics

original-blueberry When asked why DJ became interested in creating his strains, specifically his biggest claim to fame, Blueberry, he laughs, “This is back when I used to use the term, ‘to satisfy my own head,’ it was really hard to get quality herb, whereas producing it myself I could focus on the finer details. That has evolved into the term ‘healing.’ In terms of the blueberry, I like to say it's the one that's best helped me heal. When I say heal, I mean really enjoy life. Whatever ailments distracted and prevented me from doing were healed with the strains that best ‘satisfied my head.’ DJ adds, “Regardless of the industry, I’d be doing this for myself." Though DJ Genetics is the official company name, he also uses the moniker Old World Genetics. “It’s a term I coined working as a writer in "Cannabis Culture" magazine in Canada. I had run an ad there for my seeds, and at the bottom, it said, ‘Simply the most unique and original in the Old World Genetics available today,’ which we still are.”
So, what makes it ‘old world?’ “In terms of my particular brand, compared to the rest of the genetics market, there’s nothing else like what I have,” boasts DJ. “A lot of people have used it to sort of make their own things, replicate what I have. They’re making them more like what’s commercially available. I release seeds that are F5 or F6, 5 or 6 generations removed from the landrace, which is an intentional decision on my part. By the 5th generation, I could get enough of a percentage of the progeny to resemble the description.” 

JD's Introduction and Second-Generation Genetics

It wasn’t until after his teens that DJ brought his son JD into the fold. “I introduced him to people up in Canada. He went and worked with a breeder in Switzerland for a while, and I was hoping it was something that interested him. Fortunately, it did, but I didn’t want to force it on him.” Second-Generation-Genetics-Cannabis-Seed-BreederSon JD explains how he became interested in the family business, “I mean, monkey see, monkey do, you know? We smoked a lot of the same herb. He introduced me to a lot of the herb that I work with. That was very influential.” Though his dad taught him a lot,  it was important for JD to have his own company, Second Generation Genetics, and his vision. JD's work has a more futuristic focus. “I’m kind of shooting for Clone-only offerings in seed form, “ explains JD. “I use DJs Blueberry male, so many of the crosses I use incorporate his Blueberry. I like to pair it with difficult things to come by and allow people to find them in seed form instead of hunting them down in clone form, which can be difficult sometimes. It’s a little bit of an exclusive community, the clone-only community. Putting them in seeds makes it available to more people.”

Mutual Respect & Forward Thinking 

“Jeremy’s [JD] been instrumental in aiding me in what I’m doing,” DJ emphasizes. “He helps keep parent stock viable and going. I was just thrilled to have him do whatever he wanted; There’s a lot of work for the genetics I’m holding. I’ve only released 30-40% of my library."
DJ Short logo
DJ elaborates when asked about the future, ”Much of what JD’s releasing is what other companies had already knocked off from my work. They were getting their males primarily from a pack of blueberries that were F5s, so I thought it would be advantageous for JD to have access to that F4 male to use with what other people have been working with, and it gives him an edge. I’m proud of the work he’s done.” JD adds, "DJ has been very inspirational. Just watching how he runs his program influences me.” As far as what inspires JD, he is emphatic. “It’s terpenes, hands down. Just having access to the different types of terpenes and smells. Taking time to stop and smell the flowers. That’s what life is all about.”

Working with Seeds Here Now

Ten years ago, when DJ first tried to break into California’s new medical scene, he met up with James Bean. “One of the main problems I’ve always had is trying to get my products consistently on the shelves. In the med days of California, in 2010, I took the clones down of the Blueberry Mother and the Flow and offered them. People would grow them, and it rarely made it to the dispensary.” DJ continues, “People kept it for their stash or sent it out of state. When it did hit a dispensary, word would go out, there was a line down the street, it sold out in a few hours, and then, it’s not there anymore. So it’s still holding this top-shelf status. Connoisseurs tend to lean toward it.” As far as why DJ has chosen to work with Seeds Here Now for so many years, he says, “I think Seeds Here Now is moving the bulk of my product more than anywhere else,” says DJ. “It’s that kind of, I don’t know what else to call it, ‘ballsy dedication’ that makes things happen. Seeds Here Now really laid some nice groundwork for all of us.” “I appreciate the professionality they have, James and the whole crew there,” DJ explains. “I second that.” JD chimes in. “And they’re local to me. That's’ something I really appreciate.”

The Best is Yet to Come

So, what new products are coming down the pipeline? JD at Second Generation Genetics just released two new crosses: P.O.H and Cookies Meets Sativa, and is expecting them to explode the market. As for Old World Genetics, DJ is releasing a Blue Velvet Cross strain. “I’ve got this thing called Blue V2, which is a re-release of Blue Velvet, much more Sativa-leaning.” “I’ll say this much, and I keep saying this over and over again,” emphasizes DJ, “As things open up more and more and  we have that ability to be more comfortable in this industry, the best is yet to come.” To keep up with new developments and learn more about the intriguing world of breeding hemp seeds, check out JD’s Instagram page, Second Generation Genetics.  To follow DJ’s, visit his Instagram at Old World Genetics or his website at If you are interested in DJ Short Seeds or Second Generation Genetics, Seeds Here Now is having a massive Black Friday Sale!

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