Nature’s Element CBD | Embracing a Farm-to-Door Concept

Nature's Element CBD

Launched by CBD customers turned entrepreneurs, Nature's Element aims for the highest quality.

We meet up with Nature’s Element founder Kosta Lanis and company  COO Casey Spicer to find out about their unique philosophy, what keeps them a cut above the competition, and how they plan to stay there. A small but rapidly growing start-up launched last year, Nature’s Element started organically. Nature's Element CBD“We were just regular CBD customers," says Lanis. "As entrepreneurs, we saw a problem in terms of knowing where your CBD is coming from, how it’s made, who’s making it, the quality of the product.” As there is no regulation in the hemp industry, a lot of companies use fillers and employ less-than-ethical practices. Lanis set out on a mission to make a product line where customers could be sure the content, potency, and quality were there. Lanis puts it simply, “I wanted to create my own company connecting people back to mother nature and do it better.” He teamed up with COO Casey Spicer, and together they have taken their company to new heights. It’s easy to tell what makes the company work just by chatting with these two. They operate seamlessly together, sharing both a casual, down-to-earth chill vibe and a palpable passion for putting only the best ingredients in their own-and their consumer’s bodies.

How the CBD Journey Began

“I was training MMA and doing a lot of Jiu-Jitsu,” recalls Lanis. “I was getting banged up. I wanted to recover better, calm down at night, and get better sleep, while also relieving my muscles of any pain. I found that CBD was doing the job for me.” “I also have a decent amount of anxiety, so CBD is probably the biggest solver when it comes to that for me. I started looking into other companies and thought, OK there are some flaws here and there, and that’s what ultimately led me to discover Nature’s Element.”
Nature's Element CBD
As for Spicer, caring for an ailing mother made him want to do everything he could to optimize her health. “About three years ago, my mom had breast cancer, so I started researching holistic cures to help with not only just getting through it but recovery. One of the things that kept popping up was CBD; One of the doctors suggested it as well. It helped her a ton with recovery. She’s actually completely cancer-free.”

'A part of the process that sets us apart from a lot of other brands is trying to use all plant-based local ingredients.'

Spicer also uses CBD himself for both anxiety and muscle pain, which means a lot to him. “I think believing in the actual product and then being part of the brand is the most important thing, because you’re not only part of the company, but you’re also a customer too.”

Bringing the Purest CBD -- More than Just a Tagline

The above quote comes directly from their website, and here’s where the whole farm-to-door concept shines. Nature’s Element was founded on the purity of ingredients, purity of process, and purity of mindset in those behind the product. Nature's Element CBD Just listen to where they grow it. “The CBD itself comes from a handful of boutique hemp farms in Northwest Montana near Glacier National Park.” Lanis proudly elaborates, “You’ve got farmers who’ve got a few acres of land each. We’re not doing massive-scale operations with hundreds or thousands of acres. These farmers are growing it and this is how they survive. They’re growing non-GMO category B/category C strains of hemp that are yielding high amounts of CBD and other cannabinoids. On top of that, they’re growing it on organic farmland. There are no heavy metals, there’s nothing in it. It’s all organically grown.” Then there’s the purest water source. “Being that it’s near the GNP, the farmers are able to use glacier water that flows downstream into Flathead Lake,” says Lanis. “They also use water from natural aquifers deep in the ground that they pump up for the crops.”
Nature's Element CBD
And the purity doesn’t stop there. Rather than the traditional CO2 extraction process, which uses an excessive amount of power, is not carbon-friendly, and can be harmful to the environment, they have instead opted to perform cryogenic ethanol extraction or alcohol extraction. This method pulls the CBD out of the hemp in a way that is more environmentally friendly and reduces the carbon footprint. “A part of the process that sets us apart from a lot of other brands is trying to use all plant-based local ingredients," says Lanis. "Our product is being made in a GNP facility, so you know it’s not being made in your grandma’s basement with hairs falling into it. "All those key factors come together to make it the purest out there," he adds. "I think that’s the standard the industry should be setting.” Spicer chimes in, “I’m a firm believer in that saying, ‘You are what you eat.’ There’s also a saying, ‘You are what you absorb.’ So, whether it’s the soap you use or the tinctures you put in your mouth, everything that goes into your body gets absorbed. I think it’s very important to be conscious of that.”

Nature's Element Product Line

“Right now we sell all oils besides our muscle rubs,” explains Spicer. “If somebody knows about CBD, they know about CBD oil. We have the product they’re familiar with. All we have to do is tell them, ‘We’re doing X,Y, and Z better. Give it a try.’ Nature's Element CBD As of now, Nature’s Element offers CBD Oil Tinctures available in various flavors and amounts, including peppermint, orange, and natural flavors. And as for sticker shock, you won’t find it here. Their prices range from around $40-$80 for 250-1000 mg. Nature’s Element topicals line consists of a CBD Muscle Rub as well as a full spectrum option for around $60. Their website also features sleek branding apparel

Elderberry + CBD = A Covid-fighting Duo

Nature's Element CBD
The newest product from Nature’s Element also happens to be the one that’s created the most buzz. They are proud to introduce their CBD with Elderberry Tincture. Many studies have popped up in recent years showing elderberry aids helping in boosting the immune system as well as reducing flu-like symptoms and respiratory conditions. “You might be thinking, Hmmm. Why does this sound familiar?” Quips Spicer. “Coronavirus affects all those things. So, overnight it became an instant best-seller. We’re educating people about elderberry, the benefits of it, and infusing it into our already really good CBD oil. “It’s crazy how many studies we found that were published specifically on elderberry and how it’s related to coronavirus and flu-like viruses,” notes Spicer.

Future Prospects

“We are currently in the works of making an all plant-based protein line” explains Lanis. “We’re going to try to use natural sweeteners like monk fruit to sweeten it. Hemp protein has a grassy taste, so we’re formulating with a biochemist to make a vegan-friendly, plant-based protein that’s also good.” Also coming down the pipeline is a CBD-infused moisturizer as well as CBD gummies. As for a timeline, Lanis says we can expect these products to come to life in the next few months.

Plans for Expansion & Consumer Education

As if launching several new products while becoming a household name isn’t an ambitious enough goal for the next year, that’s just the tip of the iceberg for Lanis and Spicer. Lanis elaborates, “Right now we’re working on purchasing our own land, doing our own farming, as well as working with our farmers.” His excitement is palpable as he gushes on, “We’re also going to be planting hemp for industrial materials. We want to put our CBD products in our own hemp bottles and packaging because we want to reduce the carbon footprint.” And that’s not all. “We have a 6-part miniseries documentary about how we grow hemp and turn it into CBD. We want to have an entire ‘Hemp 101 Database’ of videos out in Montana showing nature, the origin of our brand, and everything we could possibly think about in terms of the transparency of our CBD.” Shop Nature's Element CBD and receive 20% off the entire order with our Nature's Element coupon code: NE20!