Psychedelic Mushroom Strains

Psychedelic Mushroom Strains

Are you looking for psychedelic mushrooms that bring intense trips? There are over 180 different species of mushrooms that belong to the psychedelic family. The concentration of psychedelic compounds varies from breed to breed of magic mushrooms. The greater the potency of psychedelic compounds inside a magic mushroom, the stronger its hallucinogenic effects will be.

What are the different types of magic shroom strains? This article explores some psychedelic mushroom breeds famous among psychedelic trippers. 

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What Are Psychedelic Mushrooms?


Psychedelic mushrooms are a specie of mushrooms that contain a hallucinogenic compound called psilocybin. This hallucinogen is what makes these mushrooms so different from other types of mushrooms. It allows shrooms to take people on a mellow and profoundly relaxing psychedelic trip. 

The discovery of shrooms dates back to 1956 when the Wasson's brought a sample of shrooms from Mexico to Roger Heim, a French Botanist. Then, in 1958, Israeli chemist Albert Hoffman identified the active hallucinogens, Psilocybin, and psilocin, in these shrooms. 

If you like to pick up fresh samples of shrooms from a forest or green area near you, you must know how to differentiate them from other mushrooms. When picking up mushrooms on your own, there is a risk of collecting poisonous mushrooms. To avoid that, you should know about the distinguishing physical characteristics of shrooms.

  • Stems (Stipes)

The long vertical part of a mushroom that connects from its top part to the ground is referred to as its stem or a stipe. Shrooms have stipes that have a strong and flexible appearance, and they can easily bend in any direction without snapping. However, their stems can bruise quickly if you hold them too hard or rough. 

  • Caps

The umbrella-shaped dome at the top of a mushroom is called a cap. The caps of mushrooms have different shapes and colors. Shrooms have caps with a yellowish tint or white hue. The top of their caps have pointy bumps, also called umbos, and they can also bruise easily if you hold them too tightly or touch them with too much force. 

  • Gills

The gills of shrooms are usually connected from the caps of shrooms to the stems of the shrooms, or they stop right above the stems. The gills are responsible for producing the spores of the shrooms. 

  • Spores

Most shrooms have spores that are a purple-black or purple-brown color. However, you can check their color by taking a spore print. If the color of the spores is different such as brown or white, then you’re not looking at shrooms. 

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What Are The Strains Of Psychedelic Mushrooms?

There are many different types of strains of shrooms that you can find. They all produce their effects and carry their benefits when consumed. Some of the strains include:

  • Flying Saucers (Psilocybe Azurescens)

Usually identified by their pointy caps and small frames, these shrooms are primarily found in the Pacific Northwest areas such as British Columbia. Their name comes from Azureus, which means “blue,” which is the name of the son of a well-known mycologist called Paul Stamets. These types of shrooms can bruise blue very easily when handled roughly. 

  • Liberty Caps (Psilicybe Semilanceata)

These shrooms have pointy caps that are very small in size. Although liberty caps are small and slender, they can create strong effects. They grow in wet, cold, grassy environments like the British Isles. Liberty caps were one of the first shrooms in Europe that were found and analyzed. 

  • P.Subs (Psilocybe Subaeruginosa)  

Primarily found in New Zealand and Australia, P.Subs was thought to be one of the most potent psilocybes and were very popular in the 1960s and the 1970s. Shrooms have wide and pointy caps and a yellow-brown or orange-brown color. 

How Can You Consume These Strains?

These shroom strains can be consumed in multiple ways based on what you prefer and find easy to do. They include eating raw mushrooms, smoking them, and mixing them in your food or beverages. 

5 Frequently Asked Questions

Are Shrooms Legal In The US
  1. What Is The Cost Of Magic Mushrooms?

Shrooms can cost anywhere from $7.00 to $1000.00. However, their cost can depend on where you purchase them from and their quantity. 

  1. How To Protect shrooms From Germs?

Any edible item left open in the air is a breeding ground for germs. More germs mean that the edible will expire faster. That’s why you shouldn’t leave your shrooms fresh or dried exposed to the air. Instead, store them in an air-seal container to prevent the entry or spread of bacteria on your shrooms.

  1. How Long Do Psylicobin Mushrooms Take To Kick In?

Psilocybin mushrooms may take 30 minutes or longer to kick in, depending on how you use them orally. If you eat shrooms on an empty stomach, the effects may take lesser than an hour to kick in.   

  1. Can Psilocybin Mushrooms Stay In Your System For A Week?

Shrooms can stay in your system for more than a week, depending on how often you consume them. They can even stay in your system for up to 90 days if you consume them every day, but if you only consume them once a week, they will only stay for about a day or two. 

  1. How Does Your Mindset Affect A Psychedelic Trip?

Your mindset significantly impacts how you’ll feel when on a psychedelic trip. If you feel calm and relaxed while taking shrooms, you may experience a pleasant psychedelic trip.

Where To Find The Best Mushroom Products?

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Final Words - Mushrooms Psychedelic Strains

There are different types of psychedelic shroom strains that you can find in the world, and they all produce their own set of effects and offer their type of benefits when consumed. You can consume any of those strains that you think to suit you according to your tolerance levels.