Risks Of Taking Magic Mushrooms


Many people are interested in using magic mushrooms due to their potential benefits. With shrooms, you can get a high that may uplift your mood and alleviate depression. Their products are mainly in the form of edibles such as capsules, gummies, and chocolate bars, so you can’t use a shroom without eating them. 

Magic mushrooms have a lot to offer, but can they cause side effects? This article explores whether these fungi possess any risks.

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What Are Magic Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are a special category of mushrooms that contain hallucinogenic compounds such as psilocybin. These hallucinogenic compounds make shrooms so magical. After consuming a shroom, your trip begins as soon as you feel the slightest hint of its psychedelic effects. 

You can only consume shrooms by eating them, but you can choose how you want to eat them. You can use shroom capsules, gummies, and chocolate bars or eat shrooms in their dried form. However, dried shrooms can taste a bit off, so you can mix dried shrooms in your favorite tea for better flavor.

How Were Magic Mushrooms Discovered?

The use of magic mushrooms can be traced back centuries when indigenous tribes used them for spiritual or ritualistic practices. However, they only penetrated the western world during the 20th century.  

In the 1950s, mycologist R. Gordon Wasson discovered shrooms during his trip through Mexico. How did he discover it? An indigenous tribe of Southern Mexico called Mazatec was conducting a ritual ceremony that involved using magic mushrooms. By participating in this ritual, Wasson discovered psilocybin mushrooms and brought them back from Mexico. With the help of Albert Hofmann, a Swiss chemist, he was able to extract the hallucinogen psilocybin. 

Wasson narrated his story to TIME Magazine, which intrigued people such as Timothy Leary to study the properties of psilocybin. This made the word of psilocybin spread rapidly in the West.

Are Magic Mushrooms Legal?


At the federal level, magic mushrooms are illegal as they contain the chemical psilocybin. Psilocybin is categorized as a Schedule I drug under the Drug Enforcement Act. However, a couple of US states and cities decriminalize the personal use of Psilocybin mushrooms. These include:

  • Arcata
  • Ann Arbor
  • Cambridge
  • Denver
  • Detroit
  • Easthampton
  • Northampton
  • Somerville
  • San Francisco
  • Hazel Park
  • Oregon
  • Seattle
  • Santa Cruz
  • Oakland
  • Washington D.C

The status of decriminalization doesn’t mean that these states allow the public to sell and buy magic mushrooms. Therefore, buying or selling magic mushrooms in the US can cause you to face heavy penalties. 

How Much Magic Mushrooms Can You Take?

How many shrooms you can take depends on the type of experience you want to achieve. In general, there are 4 dosage ranges when using magic mushrooms. These are:

  1. Microdosing Level

Want to enjoy shrooms without experiencing the psychedelic effects? You can use a minute dose of magic mushrooms that won’t affect your concentration on daily activities. At this dosage level, the shroom won’t bring any psychedelic effects. Yet, it may help to clear your mind, improve your mood, and give you an energy boost.

To calculate the microdose for your magic mushroom, take only 10% to 20% of the normal dose required to experience the psychedelic effects. For example, if 0.5 - 1 g of a shroom is the normal dosage range, then a microdose of 50-100 mg will be sufficient.  

  1. Low Dosage Level 

Consuming a low dose of shrooms will make you feel some of the psychedelic effects. It won’t cause hallucinations, but it can sharpen your senses and make you feel happier. 

A low dose of magic mushrooms ranges between 500 mg to 1 g. 

  1. Average Dosage Level

At this dosage level, the psychedelic effects of psilocybin become more prominent. You may feel a stronger body high and euphoria. A moderate dosage level of shrooms ranges between 1 to 3 grams. 

  1. High Dosage Level

Consuming psychedelic shrooms at this dose bring strong psychoactive effects. You’ll likely experience visual and auditory hallucinations. This dosage range is between 3 to 4 grams of dried shrooms. 

The dosage levels mentioned above are approximate values. These can vary depending on the concentrations of psilocybin that shrooms contain. 

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The Importance Of Your Mental State And Environment When Taking Magic Mushrooms


It’s important to consider your mental state before you use a magic mushroom. If you’re feeling anxious and worried about how a trip will turn out, it’s best not to use a magic shroom at the moment. This is because your experience using shrooms significantly depends on what you expect from using them. It’s advised to consume a shroom only when you feel ready and optimistic.

Your physical surroundings also determine whether you’ll experience a good or bad trip.

5 Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can I Mix Dried Shrooms in Tea?

Yes, mixing dried shrooms in your tea is a better way of consuming them. Eating dried shrooms directly can make it harder for the stomach to digest them, leading to nausea or vomiting. Thus, its recommended to use shrooms by brewing them in tea. Plus, shroom tea has a shorter onset time.

  1. What Is The Cost Of Shroom Gummies?

A bag of magic mushroom gummies can cost around $7.00 to $16.00, depending on the number of gummies.

  1. How Long Do Shroom Capsules Take To Kick In?

If you’re eating a shroom capsule on an empty stomach, it may take 30 minutes or an hour to kick in. Otherwise, a shroom capsule may take 2 hours or longer to kick in.

  1. Can Magic Mushrooms Make You Fail A Drug Test?

Magic mushrooms may make you fail a drug test depending on the type of drug test. Urine, blood, and saliva tests can’t detect the compounds of shrooms. However, a hair test may be able to detect compounds of shrooms in your hair for up to 90 days after consumption. 

Where to find the best mushroom supplements?

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Takeaway - Do Magic Mushrooms Possess Risks

As magic mushrooms contain hallucinogenic compounds, you should use them carefully. It’s advised to consume them in small doses to enjoy a shroom’s therapeutic effects. At higher doses, shrooms can cause psychosis due to their strong psychoactive effects.