Seeds Here Now | Best Cannabis Seed Bank in the USA

Seeds Here Now

Seeds Here Now | Best Cannabis Seed Bank in the USA

When searching "cannabis seeds bank USA," you’ll find numerous results and it can be a hassle to sift through them and discover the real leader in cannabis seed banks that ships to the US. Seeds Here Now knows the cannabis seed industry isn’t the easiest to understand, which is why its a company that has customer service at the top of its priority list. Seeds Here Now is one of the top cannabis seed banks based in the USA and it stands apart from its competition by offering fast shipping, quality seeds, and valuable rewards program. In addition, Seeds Here Now works with a variety of growers to provide the largest selection of seeds on the market. While other USA seed bank companies offer a limited amount of seeds, Seeds Here Now has more than 1250 strains in its catalog and plan to expand that number to more than 3000 in the coming months. This ensures you will always have the best selection to choose from so you can grow the right strain for your unique needs. Here’s more information on buying cannabis seeds in the US.

How to Get Cannabis Seeds in California

Buying cannabis seeds is legal in any state where recreational marijuana has been legalized. These states are California, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, Colorado, Alaska, Massachusetts, Maine, and Washington, D.C. Seeds Here Now only sells to the states where recreational marijuana can be legally purchased and used, including California. California cannabis sign If you are a California resident and are interested in purchasing your own seeds to grow and cultivate, you need to buy from a quality company with a stellar reputation and large selection. Seeds Here Now is the largest cannabis seed bank based in the United States. They only with original breeders who have been in the cannabis business since at least 2010. This ensures top quality as the breeders are experienced and knowledgeable in the industry. Seeds Here Now is also focused on giving their customers the best service possible. They ship their seeds faster than anyone else in the industry and customers often receive their orders within two days of ordering. This makes them a cannabis seed bank USA shipping leader in the industry. Seeds Here Now also offers under $30 seed packs that were established with the customer's needs in mind. These packs contain quality seed strains and allow customers to try out new strains at an affordable price. To enhance customer service and experience, Seeds Here Now also offers a rewards program. For every $10 a customer spends, they’ll get one reward point. Each reward point is worth $1 and can be redeemed once two points are earned. Note: points need to be used within 18 months of earning them.

Is Seeds Here Now Legit?

Seeds Here Now is a legitimate USA based seed bank company started and still owned and operated by James Bean. Bean has been a smoker and a grower since he was in his 20's. He began working for a friend who was a breeder in the early 2000s before moving on to work with La Plata Labs. He noticed that many patients had to overpay for their medical marijuana, which prompted him to start selling seeds so they could save money by growing their own cannabis. Seeds Here Now was launched based on the premise of selling top quality seeds at affordable prices. Bean accomplishes this by thoroughly researching growers before he partners with them and only works with original breeders who have longevity in the industry. The team at Seeds Here Now strives for the ultimate customer experience, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If a customer is not happy with their seeds, the team will work with them to replace them and ensure they have a good experience.

Where is Seeds Here Now Located?

Seeds Here Now is one of the top online cannabis seed banks based in the USA. Although its products are sold only online, the Seeds Here Now team lives, works, and sources its seeds from the United States. The company has been in the seed-selling business since 2013 and only works with reputable cannabis breeders who have experience in the industry. Seeds Here NowSeeds Here Now seeds come from well-known breeders such as Humboldt Seed Company and Top Dawg Seeds, both of which are pioneers in the breeding industry. When you buy from Seeds Here Now, you know you’re getting top quality, legitimate cannabis seeds for your medical or recreational needs. If you live in California or any other state in the US that has legalized recreational marijuana, you can buy seeds from a cannabis seed bank that ships to USA. If you want the very best quality and top-notch customer service, you can’t do any better than Seeds Here Now. If you are interested in Seeds Here Now, you can use the coupon code “SHN15” for 15% OFF of your first order courtesy of Slyng!