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Stinger Detox

Stinger Detox Company

Stinger Detox is based in Phoenix, Arizona and has been creating quality detox products since 1993. Known as the original detox solution, Stinger has a proven track record, excellent customer service, and high-quality products that are all manufactured in state-of-the-art FDA-registered facilities. Stinger offers multiple products that thoroughly cleanse the system of toxins. Stinger Detox is available in drinks, pills, mouthwashes, and hair cleansers. Toxins are present in some food sources, the environment and bath and body products as well as in illicit substances that can be detected in drug tests. Stinger products are not meant to be used to illegally pass a drug test. They are meant for those who want to thoroughly cleanse their body of potentially harmful toxins.
Stinger Detox

Stinger Detox Provides Quality Products

When they first started manufacturing products, Stinger only offered a detox drink that acted as a system cleanser. With a limited product line, they were able to refine their processes and learn where to buy the highest quality ingredients and how to thoroughly audit their in-house system to create the best detox products on the market. Due to the success of the Stinger Detox drinks, the company expanded to produce detox pills, mouthwashes, and shampoos. Stinger Detox now has multiple products that help the body cleanse itself of toxins. Some of the products, such as the 5X Instant Detox, Folli-Kleen Detox and Supermaxx Detox, cleans the body quickly and do not require you to be toxin-free for 48 hours. Others, like the Buzz 5x softgels and mouthwash, do require you to be free of toxins for 48 hours to flush them completely from your system. All of Stinger’s products are produced in an FDA-approved facility where each batch is rigorously tested for quality. This ensures that all products released to customers are of the highest grade. Stinger buys their ingredients from suppliers all over the world and carefully choose only those whose internal quality control procedures they have thoroughly audited.
Stinger Detox

Stinger Provides Consistency 

While some manufacturers and distributors of detox products rely on the suppliers’ Certificates of Analysis (COA), Stinger takes the extra step to consistently audit their processes. COAs can be forged and quality can easily slip. By having an audit process, Stinger guarantees that the products that are put into the hands of their customers meet their highest quality standards. Stinger’s quality control measures don’t stop at auditing their suppliers. When raw materials from the suppliers reach their facility, they are immediately quarantined and the quality control staff undergoes the process of checking each ingredient against their rigid specifications. This includes ensuring that the quantity shipped was correct, checking to see if there is any visible damage to the shipping containers, and checking that the paperwork accompanying the supplies matches the purchase order specifications. If all these requirements are met, the team then takes a variety of samples from each shipment to the fully-staffed in-house testing laboratory where they are tested for purity.
Stinger Detox

Where to Buy Stinger Detox

Stinger Detox offers the highest quality products for all of your detox needs. With their years of experience, commitment to quality, and pure ingredients, Stinger is the most highly regarded company in its field. If you are interested in helping your body fully cleanse itself of toxins, Stinger has a product that will meet your needs. Wondering where to buy Stinger Detox? Though Stinger does offer wholesale options to retailers, the easiest and most reliable way to buy their products is directly from their website. When you buy directly from Stinger, you will receive the best prices and know that the products you are buying are authentic, thoroughly tested, and of the highest quality. Stinger’s team of excellent customer service representatives will also be available to answer any of your questions or concerns about their products. Do you need a high quality system cleanser so you can live a healthy lifestyle? Look through Stinger’s list of products on their website to find the one that best suits your needs. Whether you need a quick detox cleanse, a permanent detox cleanse, or you need to cleanse your follicles of toxins, Stinger Detox has a solution for you. Visit their website for more information and to find a system cleanser that is perfect for your unique situation. For the best deal, use code "STINGER15" and save 15% off your detox order from Stinger Detox! What to learn more about Stinger Detox? Read our review of their Stinger Buzz 5x Extra Strength Liquid in Grape Flavor and Stinger Instant Detox 5x Extra Strength Liquid in watermelon flavor.