Stirling CBD: The Science of CBD

Stirling CBD

Stirling CBD: The Science of CBD

Stirling CBDStirling CBD is a company that puts the consumer first by creating high-quality CBD products. Their motto is “CBD done right,” which is a statement they don’t say lightly. Stirling uses the science of CBD along with scientific research and studies were done by universities to back up all of their amazing products. We recently had the pleasure of speaking to the VP of Stirling CBD, Allison Thompson, about the history of the company, the science of CBD, and the future of the CBD industry overall.

Who Is Stirling CBD?

Stirling was started in 2014 when the founder purchased a 23-acre plot in Santa Cruz, California. The founder and their associates found an amazing grower who they put their faith into to help them create the best product imaginable and he didn’t disappoint. Thompson said, “He moved into our 23-acre farm up in the mountains and created some world-class cannabis products.” Stirling CBDFor four years they were mostly a cannabis brand until the 2018 Farm Bill opened up more opportunities for CBD. With help from scientists as well as doing their own research, Stirling CBD was able to create a product that does wonders for those who use it. “We took the time and effort to do self-education as well as work with doctors and pharmacists to help create what we think is the premier brand of CBD." says Thompson (pictured). "Everything we do is founded in science and we back up that science with articles on our website that link to premiere medical researchers such as the World Health Organization and the United States Anti-Doping Agency."

Science vs. Wellness

While Stirling CBD is a brand that focuses on creating Pure CBD, sadly many brands out there just want to jump on the CBD Bandwagon and sell unpure and untested products. Thompson wants brands to be held accountable for this so that the real CBD companies can help those in need. “Unfortunately, people have been selling snake oil since time began,” says Thompson. “There are millions of different products people sell that they claim to have all kinds of health benefits that solve any health issue. When you give someone false hope who’s in a lot of pain, those people should shut down immediately. Not only are you selling them false hope but you’re also taking their money.”

'We took the time and effort to do self-education and work with doctors and pharmacists to help create the premier brand of CBD.'

Thompson mentions that the scientific data attached to Stirling CBD sets it apart from those other companies who claim they have a miracle cure, especially when it hasn’t been created in a safe and regulated environment. Regulation is important, which is why Stirling CBD offers a CBD calculator on their website which helps you determine how much CBD you should take for your weight as well as your pain level. Due to so many inconsistencies of dosage, Stirling wanted to create this tool for a good guideline of how much CBD to take. She said starting at the scale of 25mg for a 150lb person and then scaling up for someone who weighs more and /or has more severe pain. The USA Inquirer states that you should up your dosage depending on age, weight, and pain level similar to Thompson's recommendation. Thompson explains, “So [with the scale] we are creating initial doses for people to help guide them on their track of making CBD successful for them. The good news about CBD is its very hard to take too much, but if you do take too much then you’re wasting your money.”

The Truth About CBD Isolate

Something Stirling CBD wants its customers to know they primarily create pure CBD from an isolate. Many companies preach that isolate CBD is inferior to full-spectrum CBD, however, according to Thompson, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. “Research is done by the World Health Organization and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency finds that pure CBD from isolate is a better solution because it’s super pure,” says Thompson. According to the World Health Organization, CBD may reduce some of the effects of THC as well as affecting the body differently. CBD works with your body’s natural processes to calm down inflammation or stresses in the brain. But Thompson wants to be clear, although CBD calm help calm inflammation and stress, it isn’t a miracle drug. “It’s not going to cure all of your problems," says Thompson. "But it does help people by helping your endocannabinoid system create homeostasis in your body. CBD works with the endocannabinoid system to regulate different functions in your body and that’s what all science is pointing towards.”

Changing the CBD Industry

Stirling CBD is a one-of-a-kind company that wants their customers to know they are always being put first. “We’re committed to making sure that when a user buys Stirling, they trust it’s a quality product," says Thompson. "We appreciate the customer’s trust and want to create a product that [they] can feel good about.” Finding a company like Stirling CBD is rare. Not only do they want to help their customers, but they also create the best products imaginably. The fact that they offer real science to back up their claims is refreshing and proves they are at the top of the CBD industry.