Synthetic Urine: Authentic vs Counterfeit

Fake Urine Test

The Whizzinator: Authentic vs Counterfeit

In the synthetic urine industry, there are numerous companies that sell products both online and in stores to meet the needs of those who want fake urine for fetishes, pranks, or product testing. For those who want synthetic urine that is as close to the real thing as possible, choosing the right company to buy from is very important. There is a wide range of both price and quality when it comes to synthetic urine. ALS, the company that makes The Whizzinator, has been in the industry for over 15 years and has created quality products that stand the test of time. Don’t be fooled by counterfeit companies or websites that sell cheap products. Here is what makes ALS and The Whizzinator different from their competition. Use our Whizzinator coupon code: SLYNG for 10% OFF your entire order at ALS!

How Does Fake Urine Differ in Quality

When it comes to fake urine, not all products are created equally. ALS has perfected the technique of creating fake urine that is as close to real human urine as possible. It has the same pH balance, the same chemical makeup, and even foams like real urine. With the heating pads and temperature strip included with most of ALS’s products, you can warm your fake urine to the same temperature as real urine to make for an even more authentic experience. Urine TestIn addition, ALS fake urine also grows bacteria in the same way that real urine does, unlike many companies that use preservatives that, while extending the product’s shelf life, alter its composition. If buying synthetic urine as close to real human urine as possible is your goal, you need to buy from a quality seller like ALS.

ALS Products 

Urine TestALS offers a wide range of synthetic urine products ranging from the fake urine itself to accessories such as the Whizz Kit, Whizzinator Touch, and the Golden Flask. All of ALS' products have the ALS logo on them, so you know you’re getting authentic merchandise. In addition to selling fake urine, ALS also offers the Whizz Kit, which includes heating pads, a urine belt, temperature strip, and a cleaning solution; the Whizzinator Touch, featuring a prosthetic penis in a variety of colors to match any skin tone that operates with one hand, and a variety of other accessories to add to your urine fetish enjoyment.

The Fake Whizzinator  

As with any industry pioneer, ALS has seen many companies that have tried to knock off their products and try to sell them as authentic Whizzinators. You can tell these aren’t authentic products by the quality seen on many of fake Whizzinator products and because these products are not sold by ALS. Though many of these counterfeit synthetic urine products have similar names, they are not authentic Whizzinator products and will not have the ALS logo on them. Fake Urine TestYou simply don’t know what you will get when you buy from counterfeit companies. You could get old or expired products, products that are not of the quality you need, or synthetic urine that does not have the same chemical makeup as real human urine. If quality is important to you, you need to be on the lookout for counterfeit companies that are just looking to make money off an established company and brand such as ALS and The Whizzinator.

Where is Synthetic Urine Sold?

Urine TestThe best way to guarantee you get authentic fake urine from ALS is to buy directly from their site. This way, you will know you are getting the highest quality products from a reputable company that specializes in fake urine and accessories. However, ALS also sells its products wholesale to distributors. This means that you may be able to purchase ALS fake urine and accessories such as The Whizzinator and Whizzinator Touch from other retailers. If you do decide to purchase these products from other sellers, make sure to look for the ALS logo on the products. You will also want to check and make sure the packaging is intact and has not been tampered with and that the packaging and product itself appears to be in new and good condition. You can even ask the seller where they got their product from. If they say they get it wholesale from ALS, it’s likely you’ve found an authentic product. If you want to buy synthetic urine or fake urine accessories for your urine fetish needs, you should always look for authentic products sold by reliable companies. Don’t waste your money on knock-off products that will be disappointing or ineffective. Visit ALS for the authentic Whizzinator Touch, Whizz Kit, and synthetic urine refills. Use our Whizzinator coupon code: SLYNG for 10% OFF your entire order at ALS!