Synthetic Urine Novelty Kit

synthetic urine

Synthetic Urine Novelty Kit

Synthetic urine kits have become very popular with those who have a urine fetish or for those who want to use real urine for novelty purposes but appreciate the safety and cleanliness of synthetic urine. For those who are looking for the best urine novelty kits on the market, they need look no further than The Whizzinator. The Whizzinator products are made by ALS, a company that has been in the synthetic urine and accessory business for more than 15 years. Customers can choose from urine fetish kits that are complete with everything they need – including a prosthetic penis – or they can buy synthetic urine and accessories such as belts, warming pads and cleaning kits separately. Use our Whizzinator coupon code: SLYNG for 10% OFF your entire order at ALS!

What are Urine Fetish Kits?

Urine fetish kits are for those who enjoy incorporating urine into their intimate encounters. Using real human urine is dangerous, however, as it can carry a number of communicable diseases. There’s no way to tell if the urine from your partner is clean or harmful. In addition, there is only so much urine one person can produce. For these reasons, many with urine fetishes – also called urophilia – turn to synthetic urine kits to fulfill their needs. Synthetic urine can be used in a number of ways when it comes to incorporating it into a urine fetish. It can be attached to a belt and released via a tube, or you can purchase a product like the Whizzinator Touch that includes a prosthetic penis that the synthetic urine flows through, making the urine even more lifelike for those who have a urine fetish. synthetic urine Quality synthetic urine like that purchased through ALS is very true-to-life with the accurate pH and chemical composition. Their synthetic urine can also be warmed to accurate temperatures via heating pads that are included with their synthetic urine kits such as the Whizz Kit.

Where Can I Find Synthetic Urine for Sale?

If you are looking for a synthetic urine kit or refills for a kit you already have, you might be tempted to go to the nearest novelty shop to save time and money and to avoid having these products delivered to your home. However, reputable online companies have excellent customer service and ship their products discreetly in unmarked packages. ALSThey also have a broader range of products and lower costs. You can browse selections from the privacy of your home and select the perfect products, asking questions anonymously if you need more information. When it comes to finding quality, reliable synthetic urine kits, the best place to purchase products is online from reputable manufacturers like ALS. ALS, makers of the Whizzinator Touch and Whizz Kit, sell only the best products for your urine fetish needs. Their synthetic urine is as close as you can get to the real thing, but without the danger of possible toxins or diseases that can be present in human urine. If you have any questions about what kit to order or if you have concerns with your product once you’ve received it, their helpful customer service reps are available to help.

What is the Shelf Life of Synthetic Urine? 

How much synthetic urine should you buy for your urine fetish needs? Many customers wonder if they should stock up so they do not risk running out. While others worry their synthetic urine will go bad and need to be thrown out if it’s not used within a certain amount of time. When left in the container it comes in and not opened, synthetic urine from ALS will last for months if it’s stored in a cool, dark environment and is not exposed to excessive heat or sunlight. urine testHowever, once it is opened, it is subject to the same bacteria growth as real human urine and must be used within a few days. The bacteria growth is due to the ALS method of preserving their synthetic urine through radiation, which helps the urine remain as close to human urine as possible. Other companies preserve their urine with a chemical called biocide, which is not found in human urine. Though this means the urine may have a longer shelf life, it also means that it is more synthetic and not as lifelike—something that those with a urine fetish may not want. If you are looking for a synthetic urine kit to use in your urine fetish activities or for other novelty reasons, you need to know the facts. While synthetic urine and urine fetish kits are available in a number of different novelty shops, those who want quality synthetic urine as close to the real thing as possible should order their synthetic urine or kits from a reputable online company such as ALS. Use our Whizzinator coupon code "SLYNG" for 10% OFF your entire order at ALS!