The Best Vape Warranties in the Industry


The Best Vape Warranties in the Industry

Do you vape? Whether you use a vape pen as part of a chosen lifestyle or as a tool to help you stop smoking cigarettes, you know that the quality of your vape pen is important. Many of the best deals on vape pens are online. Though this means you have an almost unlimited selection to choose from, it also means that you don’t have a brick and mortar store to walk into where you can talk to an employee, see the vape pen in person, or make a return. To have peace of mind when ordering a vape pen online, you need to look for a company that offers a good warranty on the product. There is a wide variety of guarantees and warranties on portable vaporizers, 510 battery options, and other vape pen accessories online. Here is one of the best and what you should look for when shopping for a vape pen.

Warranties vs. Money-Back Guarantees

The first thing you need to understand is the difference between a money-back guarantee and a warranty. Money-back guarantees are useful if you’re not sure if the site you’re shopping at offers high-quality products or if the premium oil pen selection is so large that you’re not sure which option to choose. With a money-back guarantee, you can send the vape pen back and receive a refund, if you’re unsatisfied with it for any reason. Many online stores offer a 30-day money-back guarantee which can give you reassurance during the ordering process.
Warranties, on the other hand, guarantee replacement for your portable vaporizers should they stop functioning in the future. This means that even if you use your vape or slim vape pen for months, you can still get it fixed or replaced if it stops working. Many online vape companies offer free returns on defective products or limited warranties for a certain amount of time such as one year. With these types of warranties, if your vape pen breaks and malfunctions after a certain amount of time, you’ll have to replace it out of your own pocket. Others offer lifetime warranties, but only on electronic components such as the charger. If your vape pen stops working, you will have to replace it on your own. There are also a number of online vape companies that offer a limited warranty (usually one year) on only electronic parts, limiting both the amount of time you have to return your vape pen as well as the components that are covered. Then there are companies like, O2VAPE who is one of the only online vape retailers that offer a lifetime warranty on all their vaporizers. O2VAPE states, "Our vaporizers come with a NO RECEIPT, NO PURCHASE NECESSARY LIFETIME WARRANTY!  This warranty allows you to send the non-functioning vaporizers to us for replacement at your expense. Your new vaporizer unit will be tested before it ships out. If the model you have has been discontinued, it will be replaced with a comparable current model of equal value."

Why Warranties Are Important

When it comes to your vape pen, having the best possible warranty is important for a number of reasons. Here are just a few of them: The reputation of the company: When you buy a vape pen, premium oil pen, 510 cartridge, or other accessories from an online retailer, you want to know that you’re buying from a company with a good reputation. If the company does not offer a warranty or the warranty is limited to a certain amount of time, it may mean they don’t take care of their customers. Mark of high-quality products: A retailer is more likely to offer a good warranty on products they believe to be of high quality. That’s because they do not often have to replace or repair the products they sell and are able to stand behind them. When you buy portable vaporizers, cartridges, or pens from a company with a lifetime warranty, you know you are buying quality products. Less cost and hassle for you: Anyone who vapes regularly knows the hassle, inconvenience, and added cost that goes into a non-functioning vape pen. With good warranties, you can limit these frustrations by simply sending your pen back to the company and receiving a repaired pen or a replacement if your pen cannot be repaired. You won’t have to worry about the cost of replacing it and will not have to fight with the company over a malfunctioning device.
Due to the lower cost and larger variety of vape pens available online, it makes sense to buy online. However, it pays to look for a company that offers a lifetime warranty and high-quality products such as those sold by O2VAPE. When you buy from a reputable company with excellent customer service, you will know your vape pen, ceramic cartridges, and other accessories will be dependable parts of your vaping lifestyle for years to come. When looking for an online vape pen retailer, do your research and always ask about their warranty before making a purchase. Check out our O2VAPE coupon, "slyng20" for 20% OFF your purchase at!