What Are CDTs?


CDTs, or Cannabis Derived Terpenes, are terpenes or chemical compounds extracted from cannabis plants. Terpenes have four main functions: aroma, taste, insect protection, and color. They are responsible for the distinct smell and taste of cannabis and its potential therapeutic benefits.

While cannabis terpenes may not be responsible for the plant’s color, they provide the distinct aroma and taste many appreciate. The trichomes in the cannabis plant are responsible for the production and storage of the terpenes. The trichomes naturally reflect light, bringing out the terpenes' aroma.

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Cannabis Terpenes

Cannabis terpenes may not precisely be responsible for the plant’s color, but they produce that aroma and taste that we love. The trichomes in the cannabis plant are responsible for the production and storage of the terpenes in the plant. The trichomes shine naturally, so the terpenes inside bring the aroma to accompany the shining property.

It’s important to note that terpenes and cannabinoids are not the same, though they are both phytochemicals. Cannabinoids interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, while terpenes are aromatic compounds that give cannabis its unique smell and flavor. Cannabis sativa is a rich, excellent source of terpenes. Research on terpenes is relatively fresh, but thus far, more than 400 terpenes have been discovered in cannabis.

Common Cannabis-Derived Terpenes

A few of the most common cannabis-derived terpenes you might come across include humulene, myrcene, beta-pinene, beta-caryophyllene, and linalool. Different terpenes in products are believed to influence their aroma, taste, and impact. Linalool is found in lavender, for example, and may give a product the flower’s signature woodsy, floral scent.

Many people may mistakenly use ‘terpenes’ and ‘cannabinoids’ interchangeably. However, these two compounds are completely separate with their unique molecular structures. Cannabis sativa is a rich source of terpenes, and more than 400 have been discovered in the plant. Many manufacturers and suppliers use terpenes' inclusion and benefits to differentiate their products or strains.

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Extraction of CDTs

Cannabis-derived terpenes are often difficult to extract from cannabis plants as they require costly techniques and chemicals that may affect the purity of the terpenes. Standard extraction methods used to obtain CDTs are steam distillation, CO2 extraction, and hydrocarbon extraction. Each method has advantages and disadvantages, and it is essential to understand their differences before choosing the proper method for the job.

Steam distillation extracts the terpenes from the plant without using chemicals. Cold-pressing is the process of pressing the plant material to extract the oils. Solvent extraction uses a chemical solvent to extract the terpenes from the plant.

Benefits of CDTs

The benefits of CDTs are vast and varied. It is believed that terpenes may have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties. They are also believed to have potential therapeutic benefits, including pain relief and relaxation. In addition, they are often used to enhance the flavor and scent of cannabis products.

A few of the most common cannabis-derived terpenes are humulene, myrcene, beta-pinene, and beta-caryophyllene. These terpenes can affect the aroma, taste, and impact of products. For example, linalool, found in lavender, may give products a woodsy, floral scent.

CDTs have been found to have both medicinal and therapeutic benefits. They have also been shown to possess anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, they are believed to have potential anti-cancer properties.

Uses of CDTs

CDTs are used in various products, including vapes, edibles, topicals, and even candles. They are also used to customize the aroma and flavor of different cannabis strains. In addition, they are often used to create unique and flavorful concentrates.

Regulation of CDTs

Due to their potential therapeutic benefits, CDTs are subject to various regulations. Different countries have different rules, so it is essential to understand the laws in your area before using any CDT-containing products.

The use of CDTs has become increasingly popular in the cannabis industry. Many companies are using these terpenes to enhance the effects of their products and set them apart from their competitors. They are also being used to create unique flavors and aromas. This has helped to create a more diverse range of cannabis products.

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What Are CDTs? Conclusion

CDTs are terpenes extracted from cannabis plants and used to enhance the flavor and scent of cannabis products and their potential therapeutic benefits. They are removed using various methods and are subject to multiple regulations. Understanding the differences between CDTs and cannabinoids, as well as the uses and benefits of CDTs, is essential for anyone interested in using them.