What Are The Effects Of Shrooms?

What Are The Effects Of Shrooms

We all know that numerous cannabinoids and their products are present in the market today that people can use and consume to feel high. However, cannabinoids aren’t the only way that you can feel high. You might not know this, but mushrooms can also create intoxicating effects and make you feel high. 

In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about a type of mushroom called shrooms. With the help of our blog, you can find out how they work, what their effects are, how to identify them, and you can also find out what ways you can consume them as well as how to get your hands on good quality shrooms and their products. 

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What Are Shrooms & How Do They Work?


Shrooms are a type of mushrooms that contain a naturally occurring hallucinogenic chemical compound called psilocybin. This chemical compound can create potent psychedelic, intoxicating, and hallucinogenic effects. These types of mushrooms are also referred to as magic mushrooms or psilocybin mushrooms. 

A French botanist named Roger Heim was the first to discover mushrooms in 1956, but he didn’t know much about what was present in the shrooms. Later, in 1958, a Swiss chemist named Albert Hofmann discovered the chemical compound called psilocybin in magic mushrooms. 

You’ll be surprised to know that shrooms look very similar to poisonous mushrooms. Some people have mistaken poisonous mushrooms for shrooms because of their similar appearance. This is why you must know how to identify and differentiate between these two mushrooms, or it could cost you your life. Here are some ways that you can be able to differentiate or identify shrooms from poisonous mushrooms:

  • Caps

When you look at a mushroom, the first thing you see is its cap. The cap is an umbrella-shaped dome located on top of the mushroom. The caps of mushrooms come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. Similarly, shrooms also have different types of shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Shrooms have small pointed bumps in the middle, at the top of their caps, called the umbo. The color that they usually have is a yellowish amber or white color. The caps of shrooms also tend to bruise and turn blue very quickly when handled too roughly. 

  • Gills

The thin formation or structures you notice under the caps of the mushrooms are known as gills. Their job is to produce the spores of mushrooms. Shrooms' gills are connected to their stems or stop right above them. 

  • Stipes

The long vertical part of a mushroom or shroom is known as a stipe of a stem. They sprout and grow from the ground and are connected to the caps of the shrooms. You can bend the stipes of shrooms in almost any direction, and you won’t have to worry about them snapping because they’re flexible and have a rugged appearance. 

Similar to caps, the stipes of shrooms also bruise very easily when not handheld gently. When identifying shrooms, it's vital that you check the other parts of the mushroom and not just its stipes. This is because poisonous mushrooms also have very similar-looking stipes. 

  • Spores

Spores are in charge of the reproduction of shrooms. Most shrooms’ spores have a purple-brown or purple-black color. You can check for this color by taking spore prints, which involves placing a few drops of water on the caps of a mushroom and placing a piece of paper under the mushroom. 

After that, you need to cover the mushroom with a glass cub and leave it for at least 2-24 hours, which will give the spores enough time to be released from the gills, drop onto the paper and create a spore print. If the spore print has a white, rust brown, or any color other than purple-brown or purple-black, then it means that it isn’t a shroom. 

How To Consume Shrooms?

The way to consume shrooms depends on the preferences of a person and what they find the easiest to do. Here are some consumption methods that you can choose from. They include:

  • Smoke Them 

The easiest way to consume shrooms is by smoking them. People who don’t like the strong taste of shrooms usually use this method to consume shrooms. Smoking shrooms allows the effects to kick in much faster. However, the effects don’t last as long as the other consumption methods. 

  • Eat Them Raw

Another way to consume shrooms is by eating them raw, but beware, it has a very strong taste. You must chew them thoroughly so their juices can enter your mouth and allow the chemical compound psilocybin to enter your bloodstream. It might take some time for the effects of the shrooms to kick in, but they last for a much longer period compared to the other consumption methods. 

  • Mix Them In Food Or Eat Shroom Edibles 

If you don’t like smoking shrooms or eating them raw, you could mix them in food or try their edibles. By mixing the shrooms in your food, their intense flavor is covered by the yummy flavors of your food, and you can also control the intensity of their effects. The effects can take as long as an hour or two to kick in, but they last for a more extended amount of time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can Shrooms Test Positive On A Drug Test?

No, shrooms can’t test positive on a drug test, but they might be able to test positive on another test, such as a hair test. 

  1. How Long Do Shrooms Stay In Your System?

Shrooms can stay in your system for as long as 90 days, depending on how often you consume them. 

  1. What Is The Shelf Life Of Shrooms?

Shrooms can have a shelf life of up to 18 months, depending on how well you store them.  

  1. What Is The Best Place To Store Shrooms?

The best place to store your shrooms is in a dark and cool place that doesn’t allow them to get exposed to heat and light. 

  1. What Is The Cost Of Shrooms?

Shrooms can cost anywhere from $7-$1000, depending on where you purchase them. 

Best places to buy shroom products

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Takeaway - What Are The Effects Of Shrooms?

Shrooms are considered to be highly potent because of their strong psychedelic, intoxicating, and hallucinogenic effects. According to some researchers, even the effects of marijuana aren’t as strong as those of shrooms. This is why you must be careful with how much you consume, as it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the effects of this mushroom when not consumed with caution.