What Do Smoke Shops Sell?

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With the ever-growing smoking community, more and more online smoke shops are opening their virtual doors and providing smokers with products to enjoy their favorite pastime. There’s a lot of new products every day and new methods of consuming cannabis, so it’s only natural to ask just what these smoke shops provide for the buyer. Smoke shops specialize in providing just about everything for your smoking needs and provide a variety of different brands and items. The best smoke shops work with several manufacturers to get the best selection and make it convenient for you to shop for all your smoking needs in one place.
At Slyng, we have worked with hundreds of vendors and manufacturers to build a wide selection of smoking items and accessories and we are applying all our industry experience into becoming one of the biggest online smoke shops in the Southern California area.

How Much Do Bongs Cost at Smoke Shops?

One of the most popular items in a 420 smoke shop is the bong. Everyone wants to have a bong and with the growing smoking community and glass artists, there is a wide selection of bongs, all in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Since a majority of bongs are made with borosilicate, heady, or silicon, the prices on the product may vary.
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Normal glass bongs can vary depending on size and accessories. The smallest bongs can go for as little as $15 and the most intricate and well-designed ones can go up to $1,000. Since heady glass is easily attainable and even easier to shape and mold, cheap bongs can be found anywhere, making the search for a quality bong impossible. At Slyng we work with manufacturers from the US, working closely with artists, sellers, and only working with the best brands to offer a selection of bongs for a reasonable price. Shop anywhere from our best selling Beaker Bong to our affordable yet elegant SOS Glass Bong.

Do Smoke Shops Sell Wax Pens?

Wax pens are slowly gaining popularity because they are discreet, reliable, and odorless. It seems like every smoker nowadays has their trusty pen, with a cartridge of their choice. Since it is a smoking product, does that mean smoke shops sell them?
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The answer is a resounding yes. Sure, you can go to any smoke or glass shop locally and buy the batteries and charger, but when it comes to the most important part of the wax pen, you can only find them in online smoke shops and dispensaries. Slyng offers plenty of wax pens, both original design and innovative dual designs like the Duo Pro Dip & Dab. If you’re looking for a little bang for your buck, we have the Dipper Vaporizer that offers all the fun of dabbing without the mess or need of heat or dab tools. If you have any questions or doubts, contact Slyng and we will be sure to answer all of your questions.

Do Smoke Shops Sell Grinders?

Grinders are an underrated part of a smoker’s essentials, especially if a flower is their preferred smoking method. Since they are an essential part of every smoker’s setup, they are easily attainable at any local smoke shop or online smoke shop. smoke shop Are you tired of always switching out your grinder? Then you need this 4 piece aluminum grinder, that resists wear and tear, the Diamond Grind 4 Piece. This herb grinder comes in an array of color options and a lifetime warranty. It has everything you would need from a grinder and more.

Do Smoke Shops Sell Wax Liquidizer?

A newer method of smoking in vaping/wax pens, the wax liquidizer turns from shatter into e-juice to help you with getting the perfect hits from your vape. They are a newer item and can be hard to find but they are usually found in most online glass shops. It’s hard to find a reliable smoke shop, especially an online smoke shop that offers wax liquidizer. Slyng is always looking for the latest and trending products and we offer some of the best brands and names in the industry. For all these products and more, visit the best online smoke shop on Slyng and get all your needed smoke items. Shop at the best online smoke shop that doesn't take shortcuts and provides you with the best products for the best prices.