What is a Dab Torch?


Dabbing is the latest cool thing with a dozen handy dab accessories. As a result, Dab Torch is becoming increasingly popular. Here we answer common questions such as what is a dab torch, why and how to use it, etc.

What is Dabbing?

Dabs are cannabis concentrates of butane hash oil (BHO). Dabs are also known as 'wax,' 'amber,' or 'honey comb' because they are yellow, gummy, greasy. Rick Simpson oil can also be used to dab. Dabs are four (4x) times stronger than other forms of marijuana.

what is a dab torch
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What is a Dab Torch?

For 'dabbing,' you need special tools. A dab torch is an important dab tool. Dabbing torches come in a variety of sizes. A dabbing torch is a propane or butane torch with mighty flames meant to heat the 'dab' or 'cannabis concentrate' in quartz banger of a heating element and nails of a dab rig. Heating the dab with a dabbing torch causes it to bubble and smoke. This smoke has cannabis concentrates, giving you that instant hit of 'highness.'

What does a Dab Torch Look Like?

A Dab torch is a small handheld device that looks almost like a 'normal blow torch' used by chefs to caramelize the sugar for your desserts. They have a small gas cylinder, broad base, flame nozzle, and a switch for turning it on and off.                                     

How Hot is the Flame?

The flame blazing out from the torch nozzle may reach temperatures as high as 3500 degrees Fahrenheit, or 1370 degrees Celsius. This scorching heat makes the glass of banger or nails red hot very quickly.

Temperature control is very important when the wax is heated because if you over-heat your dab, it will turn into a thick dark mess and ruin your smoke experience. Since the flame has such a high temperature, you must be extremely cautious while handling it. Otherwise, you might end up starting a fire!

How Long to Heat the Dab?

The duration of the heating process is significant for the production of proper smoke and vapor. Small bursts of 30 seconds to about a minute work well. Heating the wax for too long might burn it. The heated wax is allowed to cool for 30-45 seconds before inhalation.

You might want to adjust both heating and cooling times according to your personal preference.

Does Temperature Control Matter?

When it comes to the overall dabbing experience, temperature matters the most. A low-temperature dab makes the wax more flavorful but takes a long time to vaporize. Conversely, a high-temperature dab makes the quick, thick, more potent vapor that will punch you up higher and longer.

what is a dab torch
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Types of Dab Torches

Dabbing torches come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The market has a lot of options you can select according to your choice. Let us tell you about some of the popular types of torches.

Butane Torch

This torch uses butane as fuel to heat the dabs. It is the most commonly used type of torch because it is smaller, easy to use and butane is free from impurities usually found in propane torches. In addition, a butane torch is the best option because butane does not change the aroma and flavor of your wax when you inhale it.

Propane Torch

Propane torches are generally larger than their butane cousins. Still, they might reach very high temperatures (3500 degrees Fahrenheit) relatively quickly, which may 'burn' your concentrates without producing much 'vapor.' This is why more experienced dabbers must only use a propane torch.

Single Jet Torch

Most torches on the market have a single outlet for that hot flame. As a result, they work well for personal use and group activities.

Multiple Jet Torch

If you have a banger made of thick glass and want to heat up your dab quickly, then multiple jet torches are your best partners. They become extremely hot fairly quickly, thus rapidly helping you save time and effort.

How to Use a Dab Torch?

Using a dab torch and making smoke from your dab is pretty simple. Let's take a quick look into the heating process. Always start with a clean banger. Use a soft cotton piece to get rid of any particles sticking to the banger from previous use.

  • Fill some dab or wax in the banger with the help of a small spoon or spatula.
  • Turn on the flame and aim it directly at the quartz banger.       
  • Keep moving the flame around for even heating of dab.
  • Turn off the torch.
  • Allow the glass banger to cool slightly.
  • Start inhaling the cannabis concentrate smoke.
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Different Dab Torches Brands

If you are keen to buy a dab torch you might want to know about the various products available for sale in the smoke shops. We are providing you with a list of some of the popular products

1. Hemper Torch Lighter

This small butane torch lighter is the best thing if you look for cool dabbing accessories. This torch's most significant advantage is its very reasonable price and ease of carrying around. It also makes a nice consistent controlled flame.

2. Errlybird

This is a torch with a cylindrical body and rectangular base for stability. This torch comes in bright colors and funky designs; you should go for it if you want the coolest-looking torch in the gang. It has a flame lock and adjustable flame for better temperature control.

3. Newport Medium Torch

It comes in two sizes, a' mini' option and a 'medium' size. It has an adjustable flame, sleek body, firm grip, and self-ignition. It comes in different colors and has beautiful patterns on the cylinder.

4. Special Blue Terminator

This is one of the best quality torches. It comes with automatic ignition, adjustable nozzle and excellent temperature control for low-temperature dab.

5. Blazzer GT8000 Butane Torch

This dab tool is not just your average thing. It has a big heavy-duty butane cylinder, perfect for long sessions, and can produce a continuous flame for up to 60 minutes.

6. Higher Standards x Blazer Big Shot

This bad boy is the BOSS TORCH! It gives you a powerful flame for quickly heating the dab. It has a piezo crystal igniter, which means you have to press a button on the back after starting the gas flow to ignite it. This super torch even works upside down and has an anti-flare design, making it safer than other torches on the market.

Go Buy A Dab Torch Now!

If you want to buy yourself a new dab torch, always check for the following features:

  • Temperature control is the key to making flavorful smoke from your dabs
  • Safety features like locking buttons to avoid accidental fires.
  • Before purchasing a dab torch, make sure that it is lightweight, has a nice grip, and is easy to use.
  • The type of gas in the cylinder is also important. Butane ones are better for various reasons we have discussed above.
  • The number of jets is something you must consider before making the final choice for this dabbing tool.

Dabbing is impossible without a dab torch. Purchase products wisely to enhance your dabbing experience!