What is a Plasma Bong?


Regardless of whether you are new to the world of cannabis and the wonders it can perform or if you are an experienced individual thinking of changing your ways, a plasma bong could be the right fit for you.

However, it is important to do your due research before investing in any product, and thus we are here to provide you with all the required information about a plasma bong!

what is a plasma bong Flux Plasma Water Pipe
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What is a Plasma Bong?

To understand what this type of bong is, it is important to understand both of those words separately. A bong is a device used for filtration when smoking any herbal substance, could be weed or tobacco, or anything else.

Plasma, on the other hand, is another state of matter. Plasma is created when gas is heated enough that it turns into a mixture of free-roaming electrons and ions, which are just positively and negatively charged particles. The charges cancel each other out so technically plasma is neutral, but even through the neutrality, the plasma looks beautiful when paired with the mechanics of a bong.

So, essentially, a plasma bong is a device that you can use to smoke weed and other herbal options that you may have, by taking water bongs to a completely new level.

They are made out of glass so you can see the beauty of the plasma light. They need electricity to work, which is why they are equipped with batteries (if they are portable) or a wire (if they require to be plugged in a socket).

How Does a Plasma Bong Work?

Well, a plasma bong works in a very interesting way. The package includes the bowl, separate two mouthpieces, and also the main unit. Although the main unit looks like it is what would hold water, that's the site of the plasma fun.

The down stem attached to the main chamber is the actual water reservoir, which is where the water goes and the bubbling happens. A small place to add your weed, or whichever one of the herbal options you prefer, is on top of the water reservoir.

That's where you will burn your cannabis, which will be filtered by the water. It will go through the main plasma chamber where the device does a show of light in style. Finally, it goes up the mouthpiece where you can smoke your weed and get high in style. For this to work, the device has a base with batteries in it, which are rechargeable. Electricity is required for the light magic to happen.

what is a plasma bong Flux Plasma Water Pipe
Photo Credit: Flux Plasma Water Pipe

What are the Features?

A plasma bong offers many cool features, some of which enhance the smoking experience, and some of which enhance the visual experience.

Glass Light Show

Since this bong is made of glass, it essentially looks like a light show if you turn off all the lights and enjoy the bubbling plasma. If you are sitting with your friends, trying to get high, use a plasma bong to enjoy not just cannabis but also a beautiful show of lights! Beautiful multicolor lights will go up each time you drag while smoking, and thanks to the glass design, you'll be able to see it like fireworks encapsulated in a bottle!


Since the plasma bong fits in any normal-sized bag or case, you can take the product with you wherever you want and use it whenever you want! If you want to be the life of the party or want to smoke on a picnic with your friends, the plasma bong is small enough to add to your list of items you're taking along.

Make sure to take the USB cable along with you so you can plug it wherever you want. The cable comes with the product in all orders, included in the set of things you get when you buy it.

One of the coolest features about it being portable is that if you ever take it to a party or a place with a dedicated smoking area, you do not need to worry about your bong not favoring your decision. Wherever you go it'll come with you, so that you and the people you are partying with can share and watch the action live and find it beautiful together.

Multiple Mouthpieces

Depending on what you or your friends enjoy, you can use two different options for mouthpieces, both of which are included in the package. Whether you enjoy a sweet 45-degree angle for inhaling or a straight pipe, both can easily be adjusted! And, if you read any review of a bong online, you'll find that experimenting with different mouthpieces can change your experience altogether.

what is a plasma bong Flux Plasma Water Pipe
Photo Credit: Flux Plasma Water Pipe

The Perfect Weight

Not too heavy, not too light. The bong found the perfect balance, and since it has a nice base to support itself, it does not tip over once it is placed somewhere. Meaning the product design can ensure it will not fall.

Why Choose a Plasma Bong?

It may seem like a lot of money at first, but as a cannabis user, it's one of the best investments you can ever make. In the long run, it will help you cut down immensely on costs, including materials such as papers to roll or blunts. Within the very first few months of using a plasma water bong, you will realize how you barely need any other things to complement your weed smoking experience.

Furthermore, using a bong is said to make your experience very smooth, as compared to rolling a joint. When you smoke through a bong, you typically get a cooler and creamier feel, as compared to a dry and harsh feel of direct smoking. So if you like the way weed makes you feel but don't like rolling joints or the harsh smoking, choose this bong!

what is a plasma bong Flux Plasma Water Pipe
Photo Credit: Flux Plasma Water Pipe

Where Can You Buy Plasma Bong Online?

Many places have a plasma bong for sale, but if you are on the search for the best one on the market which is also one of the affordable plasma bongs, halt your search and purchase the Flux Plasma Water Pipe! The box comes with two mouthpieces, curved and straight, both made of glass. The Flux also has, obviously, the main waterpipe unit, and finally a charger to keep your bong ready to roll.

The charger is what makes this particular plasma bong the world's first-ever plasma bong that is portable! Perfect for both Flower and Concentrates, and although this particular bong does not have free USA shipping, your brand new Flux Plasma Water Pipe will ship within 5 working days of buying.

You can buy your bong on the website using the connected links. Simply put the bong in your cart buy, and then follow the instructions on the website's checkout to enter your information so that you can buy the products you want and finish your orders. Soon the products you ordered will be at your doorstep, and you too can enjoy the world's first portable bong with a touch of plasma magic.

Not only will it impress your friends, but it will give you a great high! Imagine being stoned with great company and having a bong that gives you a light show through its plasma feature! Go to Slyng.com and buy a Flux Plasma Water Pipe today!