What is an Ash Catcher?

what is an ash catcher

We're all aware of how famous bongs are. They are known to give cool and smooth hits, but cleaning them might be tough, especially when bongs are relatively bigger in size.

But there's good news for you as there's at least one way to minimize your efforts in cleaning the bong. That's right—an ash catcher.

But, what is an ash catcher? Let's find out!

So, What Is An Ash Catcher?

An ash catcher is a bong accessory designed to filter smoke and reduce tar levels entering the water pipe. It's an attachment made out of glass that can be easily attached to the bong joint.

Ash catchers are attached to the joint so that the resin and ash don't end up in water inside the bong. You can attach or detach the ash catcher whenever you want.

Now that we know what we are talking about, let's find out more about how an ash catcher works and why many people have started using it.

Does An Ash Catcher Work?

Every smoker must know that the water pipe can get pretty dirty after smoking. That does not only make your classy-looking bong ugly, but it can also make the entire thing smell filthy.

On the other hand, as smokers, we all agree that nobody likes to be hit by a dirty pipe. So that's where they come into play. Ash catchers are made to catch the smelly residues and other nasty byproducts formed in the smoke.

In other words, ash catchers are attached to the bong as they filter a significant amount of combusted material formed in the smoke before reaching your bong.

Do You Still Need to Wash Your Water Pipe?

Since an ash catcher doesn't have 100% filtration capabilities yet, yes, you will still need to wash your bong and water pipe now and then. So that's kind of a downside to it.

Why Should You Use An Ash Catcher?

Small bongs with small water pipes don't need ash catchers, but if you own a big bong, cleaning the entire thing can be a tough job.

On the bright side, it can prove to be a valuable asset as it can help in keeping the tool debris-free for longer. And that means that you can keep the smoking sessions going, for longer, with lesser worries and interruptions of taking time out to clean your bong.

Moreover, ash catchers also help keep your bong upgraded, and you won't have to look around all the time and buy expensive replacements for your bong.

Like people who own acrylic bongs because they are relatively easier to use and are much more durable than regular glass bongs, the smoke seems to be a bit harsh as compared to glass bongs. Acrylic bongs can also tend to give smokers an unpleasant feeling or taste. The smoke cools down a bit if you're using an ash catcher with one of those bongs. And it feels much better going down your throat.

Using an ash catcher will help your bong stay cooler and won't heat up too much, while you will get a much cleaner smoking experience.

What is an Ash Catcher
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What are the Benefits of Ash Catchers?

Here are some of the most prominent features of ash catchers.

Save time

It's 'bong clean' time again. Smokers know the importance of this as the thought of first cleaning the bong before you can have a quick smoking session can be a total turn-off. Using an ash catcher in your bong's joint will help save time as your bong will stay cleaner for a long while.

Extended smoking sessions

Longer and uninterrupted smoking sessions? That's every smoker's dream! Ash catcher is perfect if you like to have longer and uninterrupted smoking sessions.

Big bongs Need More Cleaning

People who have massive bongs know that the bigger ones can get dirtier. There's more room for the smoking byproducts to stick onto. You'll need a 'big' chunk of time to clean the tool properly. Using an ash catcher will help in the longer run, especially if you are a proud owner of a big bong.

Cleaner Hits

Perhaps the sole purpose of ash catchers is an extra filter so that the smokers have a better smoking experience. As already explained earlier, a perfect ash catcher will help in letting the smokers have a much more relaxed, cleaner, and smoother hit experience. Ultimately it will prove that going for an ash catcher was a great call.

Save Your Water Pipes

One of the rare ash catcher's benefits that not many people are aware of is that it can help save the water pipe for longer. That's right. Know that there's a wide variety of pipes available in stores and online.

But as a smoker, there are a few things that you are in love with. A d there are fat chances that one of your favorite bong parts is your water pipe. Think of it as an added benefit.

The right ash catcher will enhance the life of your water pipes. Owning such an attachment will give you the pleasure of smoking without even thinking of replacing your favorite water pipe with a new one.

So all this makes an ash catcher one of the must-have smoking accessories.

How Does An Ash Catcher Work?

Now that we have a much clearer idea of what an ash catcher is and its benefits let's know how it works.

To help you better understand the practicality, think of an ash catcher as a bit of bong connected to the primary bong. Now think of a male joint and a female joint. For example, I have two joints; one goes in the bowl, while the other is for the bong stem. The entire thing, including the main chamber, will quickly help you identify the joint gender: a male joint and a female joint.

Learning how to attach a new ash catcher can be tricky. Carefully go through the rest of the article to know how to fit your ash catcher perfectly into your bong.

What is an Ash Catcher
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Things to Consider When Purchasing an Ash Catcher

There are mainly four things to consider when buying an ash catcher for your bong: angle, size, weight, and gender.


Bongs have two joint angles, i.e. 45 degrees and 90-degree angles. The idea is to match the joint angle of the ash catcher to the bong's joint. Looking at the joint size, they should be the same size.

As mentioned above, bongs have two joints, i.e. 45 degrees and 90 degrees, so for example, your bong has a 45 degree joint; you should buy your new ash catcher with a 45-degree joint and not 90 degrees joint.

Ensure that you're not buying your new ash catcher with a 90-degree joint when your bong has a 45-degree joint. Similarly, you can buy a 45-degrees ash catcher when your bong has90-degree joints.


Forget the small water pipe; it's time to know your joint size.

Most joints come in 3 sizes: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm, which means your ash catcher joint should be the same size as your bong's joint.

If you buy one bigger or smaller, you can use a slide adapter to get rid of the situation.


While you're purchasing products, make sure that the weight of the ash catcher (that you're planning to buy) isn't more than the weight of your bong. Like large ash catchers are much heavier in weight. T is a weight difference that can destabilize your bong, and that doesn't know how it works.

When buying your ash catcher, know that the bigger the ash catcher is, the heavier it will be. So it is essential to buy such an ash catcher that doesn't destabilize your entire bong.


Similarly, bongs are usually available in both male and female slides. As many ash catchers are available in the market, buy the ash catcher of the opposite gender of the water pipe. For example, male joints go inside the female joints.

How to Use An Ash Catcher Bowl Piece?

The ash catcher bowl sits on top of the ash catcher before it slides right into it. J st light up the weed in your bowl (like you usually do), and enjoy smoother hits, knowing that the exciting new accessory is there to keep everything clean and filtered.

Do Ash Catchers Need Water?

Yes, they do but make sure not to put a lot of water as the dirty water might flow back to the bong or the pipe. Too much water can spoil the party. Keep the waterline just below the down-stem.

Do Ash Catchers Need To Be Cleaned?

Yes, all parts of the bong need cleaning, including ash catchers.

Ash catchers can be detached from the bong and put back there after cleaning. To clean your glass ash catcher, you can use isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt to clean your ash catcher.

Ash catchers - Are they worth it?

The correct answer is yes. They are originally designed to keep your bongs cleaner for longer and make it easier to clean your bongs. Also, the intended idea of extra filtration will capture debris so that you have a smoother and cooler hit every time. And smoother hits signify that the ash catcher is doing its job right. So what are you waiting for? It's time to buy yourself a new piece of the finest quality.