What Is Delta 11?


In the last few years, we have been introduced to new and effective cannabis strains known as cannabinoids. The beauty of cannabinoids is that they are already part of the cannabis plant and are extracted to create more of an effect than standard THC.

These THC metabolites may appear scary because little is known about them, but rest assured, they are safe and efficient. One new cannabinoid, Delta 11 THC, has been the subject of debate, and as one of the unique cannabinoids in the market, there isn't a lot of info out there.

So today, we will talk about Delta 11 and why it's different from other cannabinoids. So Stay tuned and keep reading.

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What are cannabinoids?

delta 11

Cannabinoids are a wonder in the cannabis world. Not only are they found naturally in the world around us, but we've identified nearly 70 specific chemical compounds under this umbrella term!

Though cannabis is often known for its primary cannabinoid, THC, CBD (the second-most prominent compound) has recently surged for its potential therapeutic properties. From helping address physical pain and sleep aids to anxiety relief and reducing inflammation, cannabinoids have earned quite a reputation amongst medical professionals.

What is Delta 11?

Delta 11 THC is an elusive naturally occurring cannabinoid shrouded in mystery and rarely spoken about. Often overshadowed by the more popular tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), delta 11 is one of the few naturally occurring cannabinoids known to have psychoactive properties.

First referenced in the early 1970s, this rare cannabinoid still eludes many – but its ability to arrange molecules from other forms of THC and CBD at a faster rate makes it a potential powerhouse for hemp enthusiasts. Don't let its mysterious reputation fool you. Delta 11 has the power to surprise!

Delta 11 Effects

While other delta cannabinoids come in many forms, Delta 11 stands out from the rest. It has a unique combination of effects that target both mental and physical health. Users of Delta 11 often experience a solid chilling sensation and a boosted sense of relaxation and happiness.

On top of its anxiolytic properties, taking Delta 11 can relieve you from even the most persistent stresses in life. With these incredible health benefits and more, it's no wonder why other delta cannabinoids are continually put to shame by this one-of-a-kind powerhouse!

Different methods of consuming Delta 11

Cannabis is becoming an increasingly popular way to enjoy and experience relief and its benefits — therefore, it's no surprise that the cannabis industry has introduced different delta 11 products.

From vapes and beverages to gummies, there are a variety of cannabis edibles now available on the market. Not only do these cannabis edibles come in multiple forms, but they also feature more prominent cannabinoids. They allow users to experience cannabis differently, leading to even more enjoyable cannabis experiences!

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Is Delta 11 Safe?

It's easy to feel concerned about the safety of delta 11, but there's no need to be: nature is on our side here! After all, this cannabinoid is naturally synthesized from the hemp plant. So it would appear that Mother Nature has already done its due diligence in ensuring this cannabis compound is safe.

As a bonus, modern science has found no toxic compounds in even the most concentrated forms of the hemp plant. So while you may experience some mild and temporary side effects, rest assured that delta 11 is safe!

Is Delta 11 Legal?

No laws on the books specifically address this form of THC, so you don’t have to worry about being branded a criminal for taking advantage of its many health benefits. That’s not to say that all states offer this protection, though.

In places where delta 8 THC has been banned, delta 11 is probably also illegal by default; better check the regulations in your area

Where to find the best Delta Products?

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What is Delta 11 - Final Thoughts

Delta-11 is a cannabinoid that should not be ignored. It has many benefits for the mind and body and is here to stay. If you haven’t tried delta-11 yet, we highly recommend you do so today. You won’t regret it!