What Is Maeng da Kratom?


Maeng da kratom is grouped into three main categories: green maeng da kratom, red maeng da
kratom, and white maeng da kratom. Each group can be distinguished by color and effects.
Sometimes, the manufacturing process of kratom leaves—how they’re dried and
processed—will impact the strain's color. But the significant difference is defined by the timing of the

As a kratom plant matures, it produces different alkaloids within the leaves. It’s these
alkaloids that determine the effects and also give the kratom products their unique properties.
• White-vein kratom is harvested as a young plant
• Green-vein kratom is a plant still maturing
• Red-vein kratom is a fully mature plant

While this typically holds throughout the industry, genetics is also becoming more important to
farming. Manufacturers prefer green-vein kratom; for example, they can breed the plant to
display that trait throughout the growing cycle.

What Is Maeng Da?

maeng da kratom

Maeng da kratom is also sometimes referred to as MD. It’s the most popular variety of kratom
on the market today. Maeng da is a Thai word for consistency and means “enhanced” in
English. Both sellers and buyers have differentiated MD from other varieties based on potency.
Maeng da is highly potent. The two primary alkaloids in kratom include 7-hydroxymitragynine
and mitragynine, which are more abundant in MD than in other varieties. Maeng da is not a
specific plant, tree, or leaf type. Instead, it’s about the processing, which is unique to the maeng
da strain.

Almost all kratom strains are derived from red-vein leaves. Farmers watch the

kratom crop carefully, waiting for it to be at its healthiest point. Once ripe, they carefully harvest the
leaves by hand, pinching off each leaf one at a time.
• Green vein kratom is dried in a dark, fully conditioned room. The leaves are brought
outside into the sunlight to soak up UV rays for one hour.
• White-vein kratom is dried indoors in the dark and then put into the sun for more
extended periods. If UV rays aren’t available, UV lamps are used instead.
• Red-vein kratom is dried in direct sunlight or under UV lamps. Farmers may also place
the leaves in bags, allowing them to ferment.
When the leaves are thoroughly dried, the veins are removed, and the dried leaf material is
ground into powder.

A Deeper Understanding of Alkaloids

Alkaloids are what give kratom its punch. All plants are made of natural chemical compounds
referred to as phytochemicals. Alkaloids are a particular class of chemical compounds that tend
to have strong physiological effects when ingested. Depending on the alkaloid concentration,
the results can vary widely.
Caffeine is an alkaloid commonly found in coffee beans and tea leaves. It’s widely used
because of its stimulant effects. Morphine is also an alkaloid derived from opium poppies,
known for its sedative and pain-fighting effects.

Research with kratom has uncovered various alkaloids within the leaves, though mitragynine
and 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloids are the most significant. As the growing plant matures, the
balance of the alkaloids shifts over time. Mitragynine is most potent in a young plant, while 7-
hydroxymitragynine gradually increases with maturity. The veins are white at its earliest harvest
stage, moving toward green when the plant fully matures.

The balance of alkaloids varies significantly between strains. Even within a strain, levels can
change considerably based on ecological and human factors such as weather, soil, time of
harvest, and acidity. Individual growers and manufacturers also add their unique touch to the
production, making the powder or capsule you select unique to the brand.
Notable Effects Between Green Maeng Da Kratom and

Red Maeng Da Kratom

Green maeng da kratom is processed from mature leaves, while red maeng da kratom is made from leaves processed sooner. Green Maeng da is most often described as highly stimulating and euphoric. People say Green maeng da may increase mood and energy levels.

The effects are said to last above-average duration. Red maeng da is often described as moderately stimulating and relaxing. While it may initially seem to energize, it levels off and becomes more relaxing over time. It also has euphoric qualities that may elevate one’s mood in the short term. A moderate amount can last up to five hours.

Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules or Powder

What’s your preference, powder or capsules? Some prefer using as much or as little as they
choose, which makes the powder more convenient. You never have to think twice about how

much to measure out. Capsules are the most convenient and easiest way to enjoy green maeng
da kratom, especially for new users.

You'll generally receive a more potent green maeng da kratom powder formula.. The powder
can be prepared in several ways:

Your method of preparation usually depends on your experience with kratom. New users often
prefer capsules for exact formulation. As you gain experience, you can use the powder form for
better control. It’s ultimately a matter of personal choice. You can experiment with different
methods to find one that suits you best.


While green maeng da and red maeng da are well-known kratom strains, they differ in several
ways. Each has its properties, so deciding which is best for you is a personal choice. Green
maeng da is a favorite for a midday energy boost, while Red maeng da may be a wiser choice
to relax and unwind.
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