What to Know When Buying CBD Products

CBD is the new hot item when it comes to the cannabis community. Because it has no THC, it's also popular among those who don’t like the psychological effects of weed.  While everyone is excited to try CBD, many companies have been creating subpar products to push into the market for a low cost. This means that the low priced CBD oil you picked up from Amazon might not even be real CBD. That is dangerous seeing as anything could be in that product. That is why here at Slyng, we want to give you a pro guide to buying the best and most authentic CBD products out there. There are many things that go into buying CBD products which is why we are here to help!

Does it Contain THC?

CBD products are able to be sold the way they are due to the low or nonexistent THC percentage within the product. The amount of THC that is allowed in a CBD product depends on the state, but it ranges from 0.5 or 0.3 percent of THC content or lower. This limit is considered safe to consume without experiencing any psychoactive effects that THC usually provides. Any higher than this though, and it is an illegal product unless being sold by a marijuana dispensary. All legitimate CBD products will state if they contain any THC oil and the percentage. If not on the bottle, then it should on the companies website. If you cannot find this information anywhere, you might want to steer clear of that company or product.

Do They Show Detailed Lab Results?

Honestly, if you listen to nothing else in this article, please follow this top. Always, and I mean always look for the lab results for the CBD products on the companies website. They are usually in the description of the product or at the bottom of the web page in a PDF file. The report will be certified by a chemist who tested the CBD thoroughly and approved the product for proper usage. This means there shouldn’t be any extra chemicals or unknown metals within the product. If the company you are looking at doesn’t offer their lab results on their page, do not buy their products. A good CBD company should have nothing to hide. Regardless if it is cheap, this product is going into your body and you don’t want to ingest anything harmful.

Isolate Vs. Broad Spectrum Vs. Full Spectrum

There are three types of CBD that you will encounter called CBD Isolate, CBD Broad Spectrum, and CBD Full Spectrum. Each one is different which is why it might be priced differently than another product. To make sure you know the differences, here's a little cheat sheet for you. CBD Isolate- This means that it is just the CBD component in the product. The extraction process happens multiple times to remove everything but the CBD. This includes all cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, chlorophyll, etc. Because an Isolate is just the CBD component, these products won't offer the effects of Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum products. CBD Broad Spectrum- This type of CBD oil has gone through an extraction process, but the only thing taken out is THC. This means there are about 100 other compounds within the product that are highly beneficial to you. CBD Full Spectrum- This means that the CBD product has gone through an extraction process but all of the compounds including THC are still in the product. The only thing removed have been unwanted components like chlorophyll. It's important to note which form of CBD you will be purchasing because Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum are better alternatives to the Isolate.

Know the Amount of CBD

CBD products such as pills and edibles will tell you exactly how much is in each dose, but for oils, it can be tricky to know what you're taking. Tinctures or vape oils will usually tell you how much is in the bottle, not what is in each dose. That’s why it's important to know how to determine the amount of CBD you will be getting per dose. You can figure this out by dividing the total CBD in a bottle by the number of servings per bottle. For instance, if your CBD tincture contains 1000mg of CBD per bottle and has 30 servings per container, that means it contains 33.33 mg of CBD per serving. This is important to know in case you can only take a certain amount.

Beware of Health Claims and Read Reviews

It's important to note that CBD companies are not allowed to make health claims under the current laws. This is because CBD is considered a food supplement and not a medication. Trustworthy companies will not post false claims on their products. If you see things like “this will cure anything!” I would steer clear of them. And if you are ever unsure about a product or company, head to the review section. When it comes to products like CBD every person will feel differently, but you can always see if they were scammed, got sick, or didn’t like the customer service they were provided. No matter what, make sure you do your research and only buy from companies you trust. Here at Slyng, we have partnered with some amazing CBD companies that you can trust. Check them out on our products page.