What Type of Bong Hits the Smoothest?

What Type of Bong Hits the Smoothest

If you've never bought a bong before or you're just looking to upgrade to the very best, there are a lot of different options out there to choose from. It can be confusing if you're not familiar with all of the different types of bongs.

Before you pick one out, it's a good idea to know the basic differences so you can make an informed decision. After all, some of them do hit smoother than others. The ultimate question is what type of bong hits the smoothest?

What are the Different Types of Bongs?

There are four main types of bongs to choose from.

  • Silicone bongs
  • Glass bongs
  • Ceramic bongs
  • Acrylic bongs

They are each a little bit unique in their own way so let's break it down a bit further for you.

Silicone Bongs

Silicone bongs are a big hit because they are really easy to clean. They give you some versatility as opposed to other models out there. However, they are also popular because they come at a good price and they hold up well over time.

You don't have to worry about accidentally dropping or breaking your bong with this material. No glass to worry about here! It's flexible, it's durable, and it is super easy to work with. Does it really get any better than that?

If you like these characteristics, a silicone bong is probably right for you. Here's another hint. Silicone bongs are pretty smooth and you can almost guarantee great flavor.

Glass Bongs

Glass bongs are probably the classic bong that everyone knows about. Chances are, you've used a glass bong. Maybe you've even broken a glass bong before. These will always be king and most people prefer them. If you get quality glass, you won't have as many issues with breakage.

When it comes to the glass bong, you will find there is more than one type of glass. Scientific glass bongs were specifically designed to aid in the cooling and filtering process. These glass bongs are known for delivering a smooth hit.

Heady glass bongs are not as much about smoothness. They typically are just to make a decorative statement and are designed for style. They are intricate and can be incredible art pieces. If you're worried about breakage, you definitely want to use scientific glass bongs instead when it comes to a glass bong choice.

Ceramic Bongs

Ceramic bongs are again about style. It's not necessarily just colorful but more likely you have fun colors, shapes, and styles from the ceramic bong category. We've seen them made to look like chimeneas or even plants. The ceramic bong will always keep it interesting.

Here's the thing. Ceramic bongs are artistic too. They use a ceramic material so they are often handmade. Chances are you're going to use ceramic bongs to display rather than to smoke.

However, if you do want to smoke with ceramic bongs, you should know there are two types. you've got traditional straight tube bongs but you've also got percolator bongs that are a slightly different style.

Ceramic bongs can get hot when you use them and they are also known for being on the potent side rather than the smooth side.

Acrylic Bongs

Finally, you've got acrylic bongs. These are going to be comparable to silicone bongs in that they tend to be more durable. An acrylic bong selection might also be found in plastic bongs, depending on the distributor.

If you're a beginner, acrylic bongs might just be your style. They're cheap and they are really easy to use. You don't have to worry so much about breakage. These plastic bongs are built to last too. If for some reason you break something, it's easy and cheap to fix usually too. It will probably be your water pipe if anything.

These come in tons of styles and different color options. They are definitely not boring, although not a work of art. Now in an effort of full disclosure - if you're looking for smooth or really great flavor, acrylic is unfortunately not the best. An acrylic bong could be prone to harsh tastes and odors.

What Type of Bong Hits the Smoothest
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How to Hit a Bong?

If you want a smooth hit, you also have to know how to properly use your bong. The best bong hits come from skill and practice but the basics will get you well on your way!

Check out these quick steps.

  1. Prep the bong with your cannabis of choice in the glass bowl
  2. Use a liter on the appropriate tube.
  3. While the lighter is heating, begin inhaling slowly.
  4. Your inhalation and the heat will cause hot smoke to accumulate and rise.
  5. Once your bong has enough smoke, you can set the lighter aside.
  6. Use the water pipe to inhale some from your smoke chamber. Inhale deeply.
  7. Pass to a friend.

This is the typical use but it might vary slightly depending on the bong design. A multi-chamber bong will also hold more smoke. Some people even opt for a homemade bong but the concept is similar with each of these types of bongs.

How Does Each Bong Hit?

We talked about four different types of bongs earlier. But if you're looking for the smoothest hit, which type of bongs will deliver?

Silicone Bongs

These are a top choice among the different types of bongs for a smooth hit. They are second only to a really great borosilicate glass bong in comparison. It doesn't matter if it's a percolator bong or a gravity bong, this simple style is always smooth. Silicone bong is definitely among the winners!

Glass Bongs

Glass bongs will always remain a fan-favorite among the different types of bongs. It's smooth, it's got great flavor, and it's a classic winner. Of course, you want to be sure you have borosilicate glass or scientific glass as opposed to something fragile and delicate.

Ceramic Bongs

Ceramic is not so smooth. While they sure are one of the best-looking types of bongs, they don't deliver well on your smoking experience. You're more likely to experience bitterness or strong flavors that are just too much. If you're looking for a smooth smoking experience you won't get that here.

Acrylic Bongs

Finally, acrylic bongs are also not known for providing a smooth smoking experience. The thing is these are cheaply made and while they are popular bong materials, smoking marijuana is simply not as smooth or flavorful with this option.

What Type of Bong Hits the Smoothest
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Which Bong Hits the Smoothest?

Research shows that high-quality glass will always be the winner when it comes to a great smoking experience on the bong. You get smooth smoke, great flavor, and a reliable design no matter what type of style you go with. Just be sure you get durable glass so it holds up.

We will say that silicone bongs certainly make for a close second when it comes to the type of bongs that bring you a smooth smoking experience.

What Bong Should You Buy?

If you're looking for the best bong or a new bong, you're almost guaranteed a great smoking experience with either a glass option or a silicone option. Take those two types of bongs and make the decision that's right for you. Don't forget your smoking accessories while you're at it!

Remember that we've mostly discussed bong materials here. You can always select different styles, sizes, and even bong accessories based on your own preferences in the category.