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Before cannabis or before the convenience of picking up cigarettes for tobacco users, people would use pipes to smoke their tobacco and it proved to be a good method that was convenient and virtually odorless. SlyngNowadays we have all these ways to smoke and hand pipes are just a novelty item….at least that’s what you would think. Glass smoking pipes are among the most versatile and convenient ways to smoke flower. Due to the fact that glass pipes are compact and only need a lighter and ground herb, hand pipes work well for any situation, no matter where you are. With hand pipes increasing in popularity due to its convenience and unique designs, several smokers are making the switch. For first-timers or those of you who are new to the smoking community, it might be confusing to see all these smokers with their handcrafted pipes and cool smoking pipes, but shopping hand pipes online is now easier than ever, thanks to quality online smoke shops like Slyng.

Smoking Pipes for Sale

We stock a variety of cool smoking pipes made from other materials including metal, ceramic, and wood, with a popular option often being the glass pipes. Buy Smoking Pipes These classic pipes offer a smooth, reliable way to smoke your favorite herb, and are usually small enough to fit in your pocket. They are also designed with different designs and colors, which is perfect for collecting or showing off your favorite fandom.
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Whether you want a simple design like our affordable K.Haring Spoon Pipe that has a wide-rimmed base perfect for stuffing with flower and the beautiful and unique artwork that just adds an amazing touch to the handcrafted smoking pipe.
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If you have a bigger budget and want some state of the art smoking pipes, we also have the innovative Scorpion Hand Pipe, complete with a pick piece and a swivel cover. This award-winning pipe is not only designed by a reputable brand but it has everything you need for smoking on the go.

Glass Smoking Pipes for Sale

Hand pipes are made in various different shapes, and within those shapes are endless choices of color, style, theme, and size combinations. The most popular shapes for hand pipes are: Spoon: With their sleek profile and ergonomics, spoon pipes are the most popular hand pipe option, and they look the most like the standard hand pipes used for tobacco back in the day. Metal Pipe: Similar to the spoon or Sherlock, these pipes are designed to look with long handles and a flat base. Usually made of aluminum, brass, or steel, they have a wooden or rubber exterior that prevents the metal from getting hot and risking injury. Metal smoking pipes come in many different colors and designs, and it’s all about finding which one fits your needs!
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Steamroller: With a front-facing carb hole, steamrollers are great at providing larger hits with minimal materials. Ideal for veteran smokers, the bigger hits lead to some of the best seshes between friends or on the go. A common steamroller is our very own Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Steamroller, made with hand-blown glass and an elegant wooden mouthpiece. Sherlock -Named after the famous detective due to his signature smoking pipe, the Sherlock Pipe has a long vertical handle and a flat base which allows them to stand upright, which is great for security and keeping your herb from falling out. Chillum - A small yet simple design, these straight tube pipes are lit from the front and feature no carb hole, like a cigarette or blunt. Many smokers making the transition from blunt or joints prefer chillums or “one-hitters” due to how easy it is to pack and light.

Hand Pipes for Sale Online

Sure you can shop at an online head shop to find hand pipes online or the cheap deals, but like anything, you have to be careful you’re getting what you’re paying for. At Slyng we handpick all our hand pipes and make sure that everyone is perfect to sell and distribute. Whether you want a cool smoking pipe, a jumbo smoking pipe, or a simple design to get started, we carry many options made of all different types of materials. Shop from the best brands for the best prices and find the right-hand pipe for you, with hassle-free shipping and careful and discrete packaging. Find the right-hand pipe for your needs with Slyng.